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Ban On Issuing Firearm Licenses



BY MICHAEL ARNOLD via Post-Courier

In light of an unprecedented increase in gun- related violence and killings reported in recent months, Police Minister Jelta Wong has declared a ban on the issuance of new firearm licences.

Mr Wong made this declaration yesterday by virtue of the powers conferred under Section 5A (1) of the Firearms Act Chapter 310, and all other enabling powers bestowed on him under the Constitution.

In compliance with this government directive, Police Commissioner Gari Baki, who is also the registrar of firearms, will not entertain new applications for the purchase and issuance of new gun licences.

Mr Wong said the ban, which was instituted yesterday, October 4, will remain in effect for an indefinite period. He said the government is taking this measure because of the increasing number of gun-related violence and killings reported in certain parts of the country in recent times.

The death toll now includes the two police officers killed in Wabag, Enga Province, at the height of the recently concluded 2017 National Election in July, and two in Southern Highlands Province last weekend.

However, according to Mr Wong, the PNG’s disciplinary forces, which include the PNG Defence Force, Police and Correctional Services, are exempted from this ban. A similar moratorium on firearms was issued by the Government in 2000.

US agency funds K3.3m climate change projects

Source: The National
Photo: Mark Godfrey via Nature Conservancy

United State Agency for International Development (USAID) has funded four new community-based conservation and climate-change projects in the country at a cost of $US1.04million (K3.3million), a representative of the fund providers says.

During the project’s awards presentations to the four recipients in Port Moresby yesterday, Peter Collier, the chief of party at the Pacific-American Climate Fund which funded the projects, highlighted the strong partnership needed to produce durable results.

“The Pacific-American Climate Fund is committed to fund and improve environment protection and biodiversity conservation and climate change projects in the Pacific, including PNG,” Collier said.

“To realise tangible outcomes, all stakeholders and project partners at the national, sub-national down to the local communities need to work together to make it happen.”

Deputy managing director for the Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (Cepa) Dilu Muguwa said those donor agencies and multilateral partners were showing great interest in conservation efforts in the country though government support through funding allocation was less.

“The donor partners like USAID, United Nations Development Programme, Japanese International Cooperation Agency and other multilateral partners and donors are doing well to support conservation projects but the issue we have is working in parallel with the established state agencies like Cepa,” Muguwa said.

“So in the future, we are looking at addressing these issues so that there is proper management in place to ensure we have an effective and transparent management system in place so projects are managed well to tangible outcomes on the ground.”

Govt issues cyber warning

The National

THE PNG Government is warning business houses, critical infrastructure, system operators and the public to take measures necessary to protect their computer systems and other devices following global cyber-attack.
The attack hit more than 100,000 computer systems around the world, causing havoc among users.
The virus known as Ransomware, also known as Wanna Decryptor or WannaCry, has caused computers around the world to encrypt files
and locks up files, demands payment and prevents further access.
Department of Communication and Information acting secretary Paulias Korni said the National Information and Communication Technology Authority (Nicta) and the department with support from the International Telecommunication Union have commenced work on developing PNG’s National Cyber Security Strategy that should pave way for a nationally coordinated approach in responding to such attacks.
He said that a survey questionnaire on cyber security would be posted on the Nicta website and hardcopies could be collected from Nicta the head office in Hohola, seeking views on key issues to be addressed in PNG’s national cyber security strategy.
According to sources: “Ransomware is a programme that gets into your computer, either by clicking on the wrong thing or downloading the wrong thing, and then it holds something you need to ransom.
“In the case of WannaCry, the programme encrypts your files and demands payment in bitcoin in order to regain access .”
According to further reports, Ransomware attack has spread to at least eight Asian nations, a dozen countries in Europe, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates and Argentina and is likely to spread around the globe.
Researchers have advised users to be more careful when opening their personal computers and not to open emails, links or attachments that look suspicious and to further refrain from sending chain emails.



New Rules to Address Drones

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) will be introducing new guidelines and amending existing ones to regulate the use of drones in PNG.


Speaking to Loop PNG, CASA Executive Manager Safety Regulation, Rueben O’Conner, says the regulations are aimed to minimise safety risks posed by drones.

O’Connor says the increasing use of different types of drones in the country is inevitable and proper regulation needs to be established. Currently there is no regulatory framework in place.

CASA is now inviting the general public and stakeholders in the aviation industry to respond to a proposed amendment to CASA safety rule 101 and the proposed new safety rule 102 regarding drones.

“All non-commercial (drones) will be subject to the amendment of rule 101 and that’s something the public must take note of. Part 101 is coming out for consultation and will be on the CASA website.


“If you’re just a recreational user and you’re not doing any business and just flying for fun then rule part 101 we are inserting something on drones and your operational limitations, such as where you can fly and how high.

“But we have a new rule part 102 that is coming out that will guide the certification for commercial purposes.

“So that’s another interesting rule coming out so I advise the public and stakeholders to go on our website and download (the rules) and read; it’s going to be out for comment,” he said.

O’Conner said enforcement is another aspect they are working on, especially for drones used for commercial purposes.

He says they might introduce a tracking as well as licensing system to keep track of commercially license drones.

The rules are part of a major review of the safety guidelines which CASA enforces in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organizations (ICAO) standards.


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