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First Batch Of Refugee’s Leave For US

September 27, 2017

Source: Post – Courier

Photo: Brian Cassey via The Daily Telegraph


The first group of asylum seekers from Australia’s offshore detention centreshave flown out of the country for a new life in the US.

25 men from Manus Island and Nauru facilities left Jackson’s airport on Tuesday (Sept 26) bound the US soil.

Another 27 are due to leave later this week.

The men had arrived in Australian waters by boat years ago and were transferred to the Manus and Nauru centres under a strict government policy not to allow these refugees to set foot on Australian soil.

The 25 men where recently cleared by US authorities for resettlement under a deal struck between the former Obama administration and the Turnbull government.

In total, up to 1250 asylum seekers are expected to be resettled in the US.



Papua New Guinea Expresses Gratitude for Australian Support


The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, has welcomed ongoing partnership activities between Papua New Guinea and Australia that are building capacity in healthcare, and providing ongoing support for the hosting of APEC in 2018.



Following a courtesy call by H.E. Bruce Davis, Australia’s High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea on Friday, PM O’Neill said the bilateral relationship with Australia continues to strengthen.



“The ongoing co-operation between our two Governments is very strong which is also enhancing business links, and delivering capacity building support,” PM O’Neill said.



“Australia’s commitment to improving healthcare in Papua New Guinea is delivering tangible results, particularly in dealing with diseases such as HIV/AIDs and tuberculosis.



“Co-operation activities are underway, together with World Bank support, to deal with TB in areas that include Western Province, Gulf Province and Port Moresby, and this is saving lives.



“We thank Australia for this ongoing healthcare co-operation that is also strengthening infrastructure and service delivery.



“Current projects include the new nursing school, dental clinic and maternal and child health ward at Angau Hospital.”



PM O’Neill said Australian support and co-operation is particularly important as Papua New Guinea prepares to host APEC.



“In 2018 the leaders of APEC’s 20 other Member Economies, together with more than 15 thousand delegates, will come to Papua New Guinea.



“This is an enormous logistical undertaking, and Australia is providing support that is building our capacity, particularly in the area of safety and security.



“I have expressed my appreciation to High Commissioner Davis for the support that Australia is providing, including the allocation of Australian Federal Police in a training and mentoring capacity.



“Papua New Guinea will deliver a very safe and successful APEC year and Leader’s Summit in 2018, and we thank Australia for their ongoing contribution.”



During the courtesy call the Prime Minister and High Commissioner further discussed the closure of the Manus Regional Processing Centre, that is underway as planned, and the outcome and processes of the 2017 National Election.



The Prime Minister advised that a review of the election is due to begin, from which lessons learnt will be considered.



As part of this review the Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission will seek perspectives and advice from its counterpart, the Australia Electoral Commission.

PM O’Neill to Discuss Issues Affecting All Papua New Guineans at the APEC Summit in Peru

By: PM’s Media 

The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, will enter into discussions with his 20 counterpart APEC Leaders on how the region will deal with the impact of slowing global trade, and other issues such as enhancing skills development in a digital age.

As he prepares for his arrival in Lima, Peru, on Friday, the Prime Minister said APEC is the the premier forum in the Asia-Pacific for advancing trade, creating jobs, and sharing skills and technical knowledge around the region.


“The place where we have the greatest opportunity to sell our products, and attract investment, is the Asia-Pacific region,” PM O’Neill said.

“The APEC Region accounts for half of global trade and 40 percent of the world’s population and consumer market.

“The opportunities that we have before us through APEC are great, and our engagement in APEC affects every man, woman and child in Papua New Guinea.

“There is not an economic sector in our country that is not relevant to the APEC policy and development agenda.

“Through the breaking down of trade barriers through APEC we sell our farm products, fish and mineral resources to the largest economic region in the world.

“As an APEC Member we also have access to technical information, data and skills training relevant to key areas for our economy. For us this is includes agriculture, marine resources, tourism and SME’s, and many more sectors.

“This helps us to produce more efficiently and to be more competitive.”

The Prime Minister said the agenda for the APEC meetings in Peru will involve discussion with global business leaders and the Managing-Director of the International Monetary Fund, followed by substantive discussions on key issues confronting the nation and the region.

“I will speak at the CEO Summit on the issue of pathways to sustainable development, that for Papua New Guinea involves broadening our economic base, and delivering key services of our people including healthcare and education.

“There is interest in Papua New Guinea’s experience in the current global economy, and we have a lot to learn from countries that have been through similar challenges.

“Through the APEC Business Advisory Council I will raise and discuss issues including how we can stimulate innovation in small business, promote the health of our workforce and facilitate the development of the mining sector including downstream processing.

“Then with Leaders we will finalise the APEC work agenda that covers areas such as food security, climate change, and access to water, as well as expanding access to free trade and investment.

“This APEC Summit is important for Papua New Guinea as we prepare to take leadership of the regional policy agenda in just over one year from now when we host APEC in 2018.

“As the smallest APEC economy, and the only Pacific Island Nation in APEC, Papua New Guinea is in a privileged position to contribute to development and trade in the Asia-Pacific, and to bring home befits for our people and businesses.”