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Justin Tkatchenko Appointed Minister Responsible for APEC as 2018 Host Year Approaches

Approved for Release

19 October 2017

The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, has announced that Hon. Justin Tkatchenko BEM OL MP, has been appointed as Minister Responsible for APEC.

PM O’Neill said with less than two months remaining before the start of APEC 2018, it is timely for the Minister to resume the portfolio he held before the National Elections.

Responsibility for APEC will be added to the Minister’s current portfolio of Lands and Physical Planning.

“Minister Tkatchenko has substantial experience in the co-ordination of major events at the ministerial level,” the Prime Minister said.

“As minister he oversaw the successful delivery of the Pacific Games and the Pacific Islands Forum.

“Hosting APEC is of much greater magnitude, and Minister Tkatchenko is well placed to ensure the successful delivery of all of the components that must be delivered for APEC in the coming year.

“Over the past three years Minister Tkatchenko has had a core role in planning for APEC 2018 in Papua New Guinea, and particularly as APEC Minister prior to elections.”

The Prime Minister said the start of Papua New Guinea’s APEC year is only months away and Government preparations continue to increase.

“Beginning with the Informal Senior Officials Meeting in December, the focus of APEC Member Economies, and the regional business community, will be on Papua New Guinea.

“Through the year we will hold a range of technical and Ministerial meetings concluding with the APEC Leaders’ Summit in November 2018.

“In this time there will be substantial attention on the delivery of major projects including the construction of APEC Haus, the Hilton Hotel and the renovation and upgrade of Morauta House and the National Convention Centre.

“In the delivery phase of APEC we will see the ongoing increase in personnel and the training regime for staff who are delivering APEC logistics, security and the policy agenda.

“Papua New Guinea will experience significant gains from hosting APEC that will not only include the promotion of trade, investment and tourism, but in capacity strengthening in economic sectors.

“The APEC policy agenda and technical support covers a wide range of areas critical for development and the creation of more jobs.

“This includes agriculture, forestry, transportation, tourism and resources, that are all essential for future economic growth in the country.”

The First-Hoisting Ceremony for the Commencement of Construction Phase of the New Butuka School

A proud day indeed for the people of Moresby South as Construction phase begins at the New Butuka School.

This gift from the people of Shenzhen City, in the Peoples Republic of China is a ‘breath of fresh air’ for Kirakira, Joyce Bay, Sabama and surrounding area.

Butuka is a timely investment, especially along National Governments Education policy.
Facilities will include brand new classrooms to accommodate a total of 3000 students in both Elementary, Primary and Secondary, with high standard sports facilities, teachers apartments and amenities.

This huge investment by the the People’s Republic of China through Shenzhen City will impact the lives of so many children, who will in turn make a difference for themselves, their families, communities and the country as a whole.

Opportunities like this come once in a while, and I owe great gratitude to the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) and Governor Powes Parkop for the vote of confidence in ensuring that this investment was accorded to the people of Moresby South through Butuka.

China’s investment into Papua New Guinea, especially through Education and Health partnerships over the past years have come with great impact for our people, and for this we are grateful to the people of China.

Shenzhen Sez Construction and Development Group Co. Ltd in cooperation with China Construction Steel Structure Corp. Ltd are reputable construction specialists in China and around the world, and we look forward to the new school.

With a reputation that includes the successful construction of over 200 steel structured projects over 30 cities in China and throughout the world, there are high expectations for standards in Butuka.

The High standards and Technical requirements set for Butuka make this investment another monument of China-Papua New Guinea relationships.


Source: Hon. Justin Tkatchenko MP October 17, 2017 at 12.51pm

4 Land Leases for West New Britain

West New Britain has received a land title and three state leases for the province.

The land leases secured are for the building of the new Caritas Girls Technical school campus in the province, the building of sporting infrastructure near the new stadium, a culture centre and a jetty and fish processing facility.

Governor Sasindra Muthuvel, when receiving the leases, said he was happy with the leases, adding that the acquiring of the leases would go a long way in securing economic empowerment for the people of the province.

Lands and Physical Planning Minister, Justin Tkatchenko, said the securing of the titles is long overdue.

“Public land should be secured for public purpose. These land titles will assist the province of West New Britain,” Mr Tkatchenko said.

“Give the land where it rightfully belongs and utilise it for the people of PNG.”

“In West New Britain, big parcels of land, and especially for the PNG Games, big internationally accredited stadiums have been built.

And it gives me great pleasure in giving the state lease for the sporting stadium and all its surrounding stadiums.

“The State lease and title for the cultural centre that has been set up for 30 years, and the lease comes under the WNB government, securing the land to be further developed.

“The jetty and fish processing facility are important for starting up business activities under the provincial government. Under the provincial government, that land will see economic empowerment to the people,” Mr Tkatchenko said.

Mr Muthuvel said the land given to the WNB people belongs to the people and will be developed for future use.

Source: sasimuthuvel.com October 10, 2017

Speech by Hon. Justin Tkatchenko – 10th APEC Transportation Ministerial Meeting

– Ministers;
– Head of Delegations;
– Excellences;
– APEC Officials,
– Chair;
– Moderators;
– Presenters;
– Ladies and Gentleman.

It is an honour to welcome you to Papua New Guinea for the 10th APEC Transportation Ministerial meeting.

I convey to you the best regards of our Prime Minister, the Honourable Peter O’Neill.

Papua New Guinea is very pleased to be hosting APEC in 2018.

This is part of our commitment as a member of the APEC community of economies.

We look forward to receiving delegates, ministers and leaders over the coming year.

The policy agenda that we support will be very productive and meaningful for the region.

And we hope that you all enjoy the experience of visiting Papua New Guinea.

As the Prime Minister has said, APEC in Papua New Guinea will be very Pacific in style and hospitality.

This will be with world class logistics and security.

It is also very pleasing to be hosting this Ministerial Meeting.

The agenda before you today is very relevant to the people of Papua New Guinea and all APEC Member Economies.

The agenda on ‘Regional connectivity through inclusive, resilient and sustainable and innovation in the Digital age’ is highly relevant.

Capable transportation networks determine the quality of life for millions of people in the APEC region.

Particularly in regional areas, efficient land, sea and air transportation infrastructure is fundamental to economic growth and community development.

However, we are faced with a different range of challenges and all of us in this room have a responsibility to be proactive.

All of our economies have different challenges, but for all of us ‘complacency is not an option’.

In the modern digital age, we cannot respond to these challenges alone.

The challenges we face in the transportation sector are not just domestic, they are regional and global, and require multilateral action.

The theme on sustainability and innovation in the digital age complements the global call for sustainable development beyond boarders.

For our region, this is all about exploring innovative opportunities through modern technology platforms – while ensuring that we are still resilient and being inclusive with no one left behind.

We must embrace new and innovative products and services.

And we need to implement projects that will promote sustainable development while promoting inclusiveness in regional supply chains.

As an APEC region, the convergence of infrastructure and services will enhance mobility and improve supply chain connectivity.

We are here today to share ideas, suggestions and solutions to promote connectivity in our region.

I would like to acknowledge the Ministers and CEOs Dialogue that took place this morning.

This focus on reducing emissions and promoting sustainable travel is highly relevant to all of our peoples.

As APEC economies, we are very well aware of the 2016 ICAO Resolutions which was passed at it’s 39th Assembly.

This includes action to formalise future standards and recommended practices on sustainability, and the Carbon Offsetting Scheme for International Aviation.

A number of APEC economies, including Papua New Guinea, have supported it’s voluntary implementation which starts in 2021.

I must say these requirements are not easy but are essential.

As we implement reform, consultation is essential, so that we carry stakeholders with us and undertake reform together.

The Ministers and CEOs dialogue this morning has generated constructive ideas on how we can capitalise on innovation and technology.

As part of the specific issues being addressed in the three modes of transportation, the APEC region is also faced with a number of other cross-cutting challenges.

This includes the role of women, support for SMEs, and concerns surrounding trafficking in human and wildlife.

Global efforts have been undertaken to raise awareness and advocacy.

I am happy to see that our region is taking action to give prominence to these issues, and I know there will be further discussion on these matters today.

While we are all gathered in Port Moresby today, I also hope that this will also be an opportunity provided for meaningful bilateral discussion amongst our economies.

Discussion on issues of common interests at this level will only add to engagement through this Transportation Ministers Meeting.

The people of my economy and yours depend on us to deliver tangible results from our meeting here today.

In the transportation sector we hold the keys to greater opportunity for people throughout our region.

I hope the outcome of the discussions here today will contribute to making transportation safer and more efficient.

I also hope the discussion here today will help to improve lives and promote small business engagement.

I commend the work of our officials in developing the policy agenda before ministers today.

May the discussion that takes place in this meeting be fruitful and relevant.

I commit our Government to implementing reforms and measures that will enhance the transportation sector in our region.

APEC economies represent more than half of global trade.

And the billions of people in our region depend on us to deliver efficient transport systems that will promote investment, enhance business and create jobs.

I wish you well in your discussion today.

Finally, on behalf of the people of Papua New Guinea, our 8 million people from one thousand tribes, I welcome you to our land.

I hope you have a highly enjoyable stay.

Those of you who travel to Alotau tomorrow will have the opportunity to see more of our country.

And I hope all of you return again in the future.

With these remarks, I now officially announce the opening of the 10th Transportation Ministerial Meeting.

Thank you.

Speech by Hon. Justin Tkatchenko BEM OL MP Minister for Lands – Representing Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, Prime Minister At the 10th APEC Transportation Ministerial Meeting, 7th October 2017

Ela Beach Development: Reclaim the Glory of the Past

***K48mil for Ela Project***

The National Capital District Commission has invested K48 million to transform Ela Beach in Port Moresby into a beautiful city landmark.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop said the Bank of South Pacific provided a loan to develop the beach as part of the city’s development.

“It is part of the large transformation of the city to meet the increasing population’s social and economic demand,” he said.

The beach, after it is completed next year, will be in three stretches – one for family outings, one for sporting activities such as beach volleyball and one called the Lakatoi Beach for young people to hang out and have a bit of fun on.

The beach will have facilities such as parking spaces, restaurants and cafes. Parkop said Ela beach used to be the best in the city but was neglected.

“So we are now developing it to reclaim the glory of the past. The Ela Beach development is a massive investment,” the governor said.

“Port Moresby is expanding, physically and socially, economically and the population is almost a million.

“Every weekend, the beach is full and there is no parking space. So we are investing funds into the development to have a top class beach which it will benefit everyone.

“It is uplifting for our families, city residents and tourists too.

“Hiri Moale will have a good place where all the traditional activities will take place.

“It will be an amazing place for us to showcase our culture.”

 June 1, 2017