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On schedule

Source: The National


Oil Search Ltd is confident the APEC Haus taking shape in Port Moresby will be completed well before the contracted deadline – July 31.
Its construction at Ela Beach is paid for through Oil Search’s tax credit scheme for K120 million and Construction Project Build (CPB) Company is leading the work.
APEC Haus project manager Peter Kearsley said 65 per cent of the building was completed.
“Yes, the project is on budget,” he said. “The next thing you will see is glass go up at the start of February.
“Now having had the roof on, we are able to work on the ground floor.
“Contracted deadline is July 31, the guys will definitely beat that. It will be finished before the end of July.”
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill yesterday said APEC Haus would be converted into a world-class museum after the leaders’ meeting in November.
He also highlighted that more than 80 per cent of the project workers were locals. “Many of our artefact, thousands of years old and held in museums (elsewhere), we want to bring back here,” O’Neill said.

Justin Tkatchenko Appointed Minister Responsible for APEC as 2018 Host Year Approaches

Approved for Release

19 October 2017

The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, has announced that Hon. Justin Tkatchenko BEM OL MP, has been appointed as Minister Responsible for APEC.

PM O’Neill said with less than two months remaining before the start of APEC 2018, it is timely for the Minister to resume the portfolio he held before the National Elections.

Responsibility for APEC will be added to the Minister’s current portfolio of Lands and Physical Planning.

“Minister Tkatchenko has substantial experience in the co-ordination of major events at the ministerial level,” the Prime Minister said.

“As minister he oversaw the successful delivery of the Pacific Games and the Pacific Islands Forum.

“Hosting APEC is of much greater magnitude, and Minister Tkatchenko is well placed to ensure the successful delivery of all of the components that must be delivered for APEC in the coming year.

“Over the past three years Minister Tkatchenko has had a core role in planning for APEC 2018 in Papua New Guinea, and particularly as APEC Minister prior to elections.”

The Prime Minister said the start of Papua New Guinea’s APEC year is only months away and Government preparations continue to increase.

“Beginning with the Informal Senior Officials Meeting in December, the focus of APEC Member Economies, and the regional business community, will be on Papua New Guinea.

“Through the year we will hold a range of technical and Ministerial meetings concluding with the APEC Leaders’ Summit in November 2018.

“In this time there will be substantial attention on the delivery of major projects including the construction of APEC Haus, the Hilton Hotel and the renovation and upgrade of Morauta House and the National Convention Centre.

“In the delivery phase of APEC we will see the ongoing increase in personnel and the training regime for staff who are delivering APEC logistics, security and the policy agenda.

“Papua New Guinea will experience significant gains from hosting APEC that will not only include the promotion of trade, investment and tourism, but in capacity strengthening in economic sectors.

“The APEC policy agenda and technical support covers a wide range of areas critical for development and the creation of more jobs.

“This includes agriculture, forestry, transportation, tourism and resources, that are all essential for future economic growth in the country.”

Speech by Hon. Justin Tkatchenko – 10th APEC Transportation Ministerial Meeting

– Ministers;
– Head of Delegations;
– Excellences;
– APEC Officials,
– Chair;
– Moderators;
– Presenters;
– Ladies and Gentleman.

It is an honour to welcome you to Papua New Guinea for the 10th APEC Transportation Ministerial meeting.

I convey to you the best regards of our Prime Minister, the Honourable Peter O’Neill.

Papua New Guinea is very pleased to be hosting APEC in 2018.

This is part of our commitment as a member of the APEC community of economies.

We look forward to receiving delegates, ministers and leaders over the coming year.

The policy agenda that we support will be very productive and meaningful for the region.

And we hope that you all enjoy the experience of visiting Papua New Guinea.

As the Prime Minister has said, APEC in Papua New Guinea will be very Pacific in style and hospitality.

This will be with world class logistics and security.

It is also very pleasing to be hosting this Ministerial Meeting.

The agenda before you today is very relevant to the people of Papua New Guinea and all APEC Member Economies.

The agenda on ‘Regional connectivity through inclusive, resilient and sustainable and innovation in the Digital age’ is highly relevant.

Capable transportation networks determine the quality of life for millions of people in the APEC region.

Particularly in regional areas, efficient land, sea and air transportation infrastructure is fundamental to economic growth and community development.

However, we are faced with a different range of challenges and all of us in this room have a responsibility to be proactive.

All of our economies have different challenges, but for all of us ‘complacency is not an option’.

In the modern digital age, we cannot respond to these challenges alone.

The challenges we face in the transportation sector are not just domestic, they are regional and global, and require multilateral action.

The theme on sustainability and innovation in the digital age complements the global call for sustainable development beyond boarders.

For our region, this is all about exploring innovative opportunities through modern technology platforms – while ensuring that we are still resilient and being inclusive with no one left behind.

We must embrace new and innovative products and services.

And we need to implement projects that will promote sustainable development while promoting inclusiveness in regional supply chains.

As an APEC region, the convergence of infrastructure and services will enhance mobility and improve supply chain connectivity.

We are here today to share ideas, suggestions and solutions to promote connectivity in our region.

I would like to acknowledge the Ministers and CEOs Dialogue that took place this morning.

This focus on reducing emissions and promoting sustainable travel is highly relevant to all of our peoples.

As APEC economies, we are very well aware of the 2016 ICAO Resolutions which was passed at it’s 39th Assembly.

This includes action to formalise future standards and recommended practices on sustainability, and the Carbon Offsetting Scheme for International Aviation.

A number of APEC economies, including Papua New Guinea, have supported it’s voluntary implementation which starts in 2021.

I must say these requirements are not easy but are essential.

As we implement reform, consultation is essential, so that we carry stakeholders with us and undertake reform together.

The Ministers and CEOs dialogue this morning has generated constructive ideas on how we can capitalise on innovation and technology.

As part of the specific issues being addressed in the three modes of transportation, the APEC region is also faced with a number of other cross-cutting challenges.

This includes the role of women, support for SMEs, and concerns surrounding trafficking in human and wildlife.

Global efforts have been undertaken to raise awareness and advocacy.

I am happy to see that our region is taking action to give prominence to these issues, and I know there will be further discussion on these matters today.

While we are all gathered in Port Moresby today, I also hope that this will also be an opportunity provided for meaningful bilateral discussion amongst our economies.

Discussion on issues of common interests at this level will only add to engagement through this Transportation Ministers Meeting.

The people of my economy and yours depend on us to deliver tangible results from our meeting here today.

In the transportation sector we hold the keys to greater opportunity for people throughout our region.

I hope the outcome of the discussions here today will contribute to making transportation safer and more efficient.

I also hope the discussion here today will help to improve lives and promote small business engagement.

I commend the work of our officials in developing the policy agenda before ministers today.

May the discussion that takes place in this meeting be fruitful and relevant.

I commit our Government to implementing reforms and measures that will enhance the transportation sector in our region.

APEC economies represent more than half of global trade.

And the billions of people in our region depend on us to deliver efficient transport systems that will promote investment, enhance business and create jobs.

I wish you well in your discussion today.

Finally, on behalf of the people of Papua New Guinea, our 8 million people from one thousand tribes, I welcome you to our land.

I hope you have a highly enjoyable stay.

Those of you who travel to Alotau tomorrow will have the opportunity to see more of our country.

And I hope all of you return again in the future.

With these remarks, I now officially announce the opening of the 10th Transportation Ministerial Meeting.

Thank you.

Speech by Hon. Justin Tkatchenko BEM OL MP Minister for Lands – Representing Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, Prime Minister At the 10th APEC Transportation Ministerial Meeting, 7th October 2017

O’Neill And Exxon CEO Meet In US

Source: Post Courier



Papua New Guinea and ExxonMobil are working together to expand Investment and create more jobs, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said from the United States last night.


Mr O’Neill has expressed confidence in the ongoing strength of the commitment by ExxonMobil in Papua New Guinea’s economy, saying there is scope for greater investment and job creation from the company that is one of the largest foreign investors in Papua New Guinea.


He made the comments after meeting ExxonMobil chairman and chief executive officer, Darren Woods, and Senior Vice President, Jack Williams, at the company’s global headquarters in Dallas, Texas, on Thursday.


“The contribution that the PNG LNG Project has made to our economy has been substantial, and this will continue to grow,” Mr O’Neill said.


“ExxonMobil has demonstrated their continued commitment to Papua New Guinea through the delivery and management of the PNG LNG project, together with ongoing exploration activities.


“We look forward to continuing to partner with ExxonMobil to advance projects and create more jobs for Papua New Guineans.”


ExxonMobil PNG Limited is the operator of the US$19 billion PNG LNG Project, the largest private sector investment to date. Additionally, ExxonMobil is working with partners to expand LNG processing at the existing PNG LNG plant site near Port Moresby.


“Papua New Guinea is an important country in ExxonMobil’s global portfolio, and we are committed to making our business successful for all parties,” Darren Woods said.


“We are committed to working with the government to support economic growth and provide long-term, sustainable benefits to the people of Papua New Guinea through workforce, supplier and community development programs.


“ExxonMobil also congratulates Papua New Guinea on hosting APEC in 2018.


“We are working closely with PNG’s APEC organisers to make the event a success for the country.


“I look forward to returning to PNG to participate in the APEC CEO Summit.”

Police Women Part of APEC Operations

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary Water Police has trained two policewomen to be part of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders’ Summit maritime security operations next year.

First Constable Michaelyne Dukur and Constable Mayble Mission are currently undergoing training and rehearsal along with their male counterparts.

These officers are being supervised by Australian Federal Police adviser Inspector Terence Deltion.

Inspector Deltion was the former commander of the Sydney Water Police during the 2017 APEC meeting Australia.

“Through the engagement of experienced officers from the AFP, we are able to acquire first-hand skills and techniques, and that gives us an appreciation of what APEC maritime security operations will require,” First Constable Dukur said.

The female officers have been attached with the water police for some years without specific maritime security training.

Through the APEC preparation training, they are now more confident of performing better in the field once dominated by their male colleagues.

The PNGC Water Police has already started routine patrols along the Motuan coast, including the proposed APEC house and cruise ship sites in Port Moresby.

They will continue to conduct training and rehearsals up until the APEC Leaders’ Summit in November next year.

Police Gets Support for APEC

​The PNG Water police is able and prepared for the coming APEC event says the Commissioner of Police Garry Baki.

This follows AUD 3 million (Australian Dollars) worth of facilities and equipment was handed over today at the water police HQ at Konedobu in the Nation’s capital.

COP Baki said this presentation is part of strengthening and preparing the Water police for the coming APEC summit.

He says because this event will see global leaders enter the country there is a need for an increase in security alertness and preparedness.

The equipment includes two boats, six jet skiis, two buoys, two vehicles and a warehouse to house the equipment.

Baki aslo reiterated that the presentation only strengthens the ongoing relationship between the AFP – Australian government and the RPNGC.

Present at the event was the commissioner, ACP operations Jim Andrews, ACP David Manning, representatives from the AFP and the Minister for Police Jelta Wong who officiated at the event.


Meantime, the commissioner pointed out that this boost in water policing will go a long way in addressing many of the issues that have been faced in the past, including water piracy and other crimes committed via sea.

LOOP PNG Imelda Wavik August 23, 2017 at 6.52 pm

Security vital in event planning, Hawkins says

August 11, 2017

The National


Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) Authority chief executive officer Chris Hawkins said one of the most important elements about planning any Apec meeting is ensuring that its security is right.
Hawkins told a press conference in Port Moresby yesterday that partnership was vital in delivering such important meetings.


“One thing is, of course, to have the venue set and the meeting rooms but if we don’t have the security safety plan in place then we can’t have a successful meeting,” he said.
“We are working with our partners from around the region and it’s very important that we do so because you never do Apec alone. You need to do that in partnership.


“We’ve had great support from our friends in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada and Indonesia and we really appreciate that.”


Hawkins said that the first of many Apec meetings is just over a month away and there would be up to 200 meetings between October this year and Nov next year.
Hawkins said the first was a transportation minister’s meeting in October.
“That meeting will take place in Port Moresby and in Alotau, so we will have delegates and ministers going around the country,” he said.


“We will have regional meeting components so we will take Apec delegates and ministers right around the country so they get to see so much of the country.”


In terms of preparations, Hawkins said in Port Moresby the ApecHouse was ahead of schedule.


“The Apec House is couple of weeks ahead of schedule and we are looking forward to the first meeting in October.”


Hosting an APEC Meeting is a very Effective way to Promote Tourism & Culture

*** Regional APEC Meetings to Deliver Real Benefits Around the Nation ***

Tourism will generate thousands of jobs in the coming years, and the hosting of APEC events in growing tourism hubs will make an important contribution to this growing sector.

The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, was speaking with around two thousand PNC supporters in Kavieng when he assured them that their current local member’s threat to cancel the hosting of APEC next year is just hot air.

He said the election of Martin Aini as the PNC Candidate for Kavieng Open is the only way the district can advance with a dedicated elected leader who is committed to the interests of the district and the country.

“These claims by a single opposition member that he would cancel APEC cannot be taken seriously,” the Prime Minister said.

“I have already had to assure our APEC partner economies that he is just one opposition member from 111 in the Parliament, and has a record for making highly questionable statements just to get attention.

“If you ask almost any other member of the Parliament if they agree with Papua New Guinea hosting APEC in 2018, they would be supportive.

“The Kavieng Member’s threat to cancel APEC has also backfired because it would mean cancelling the APEC Tourism Minister’s meeting, part of which will take place in his district.

“The Member for Kavieng would take APEC away from his own electorate just political mischief.

“His four party members do not support him, and even the Opposition Leader is against such foolish tactics.

“Hosting an APEC meeting is a very effective way to promote tourism and culture in regional centres, as well as encourage skills transfer and local capacity development.”

The Prime Minister said people around the country are tired of candidates who are standing without any clear policies and who just want to run the country down.

“The only people who are knocking the economy are in the opposition.

“They have spent this whole campaign making false claims, talking the economy down, and never offering any real alternatives.

“The current Member for Kavieng has demonstrated that he is not in this election for his people, but for himself.

“That is another reason why the people of Kavieng need to elect an intelligent and balanced leader, and that is what you have in Martin Aini.

“Martin Aini is a leader who will work hard in his electorate and work in the interests of his people and the nation.”

The comments by the current Kavieng Member are at odds with his earlier statements where he embraced advancing national economic development through deepening engagements with APEC.

Prime Minister’s Office PNG June 1, 2017 at 5.41 pm

Australia Vows to Help PNG Deliver APEC, says Tkatchenko

Minister for National Events, Sport and APEC, Justin Tkatchenko says the Australian government vows to make APEC in 2008 a success for PNG and for the region in the pacific.

Tkatchenko made this statement to Loop PNG at the recent annual Papua New Guinea-Australia 25th Ministerial Forum held in Madang Resort Hotel.

The Forum provides an avenue for on-going dialogue on current or emerging bilateral issue of mutual interests and also to maintain a strong and strategic partnership.Tkatchenko said, the Australian government has confirmed to fund the security and logistics prior to APEC in 2018.

“Australia will play a major role in assisting PNG in logistics, ensuring our international visitors and friends coming for the APEC are safe,” he said.

He said Australia will be liaising with other countries like the United States of America to ensure security facilities is ready before APEC next year.

He said Australia and PNG have a fantastic relationship in all aspects not only in security but other areas too.

“They also have a strong and dynamic relationship based on close historical, economic and geographic ties.”

Tkatchenko told Loop PNG that one of the agendas discussed in the forum was about Australian Aid and how it goes to the future and where it supports.

“We would like to see AusAid budgetary support in national budget and there must be proper acquittals and must be accounted for making sure these funds Australia give to PNG must meet its intended purpose to benefit PNG as a whole.

“The budgetary support will assist the programme that the government trying to achieve such as in health, education and other activities that comes under PNG government radar.”

Loop PNG Elliot Dawea March 18, 2017 10.56 am

APEC SOM I in Vietnam – Papua New Guinea Presents Paper on Sustainable Tourism

Papua New Guinea is contributing to the development of sustainable tourism opportunities through APEC and is taking a community-level approach to develop tourism solutions.

Speaking at the Tourism Working Group workshop on sustainable tourism in Nha Trang, Vietnam, Ms. Alcinda Trawen, from the Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) provided two successful Papua New Guinea case studies to tourism officials from APEC’s 20 other Members.

The two community level case studies covered a sustainable tourism project in Kimbe in West New Britain province, and the other was the development of the Tupira Surf Club, on the North Coast of Madang province.

She said both projects have been developed under TPA’s authentic model called Community Based Locally Managed Area (CBLA), in that it promotes the protection of the environment and culture, and enhances tourism sustainability.

“We don’t proclaim to have the best community based case studies in the region, but our examples and case studies that are based on real-world experience and organic to our own environment,” Ms Trawen to the APEC meeting in Vietnam.

“In Papua New Guinea, our departments that are responsible for Climate Change and Tourism are working in parallel and are enhancing common strength between the two sectors.

“One of Papua New Guinea’s overarching characteristics is our culture, which includes a system of landownership, cultural obligations, decision-making.

“The Papua New Guinea sustainable development approach takes into consideration things such as community values as well as the broader distribution of benefits.

3IMG_1587 copy.jpg

“For example, the Kimbe community-based tourism project has four key areas in which they promote environmental sustainability.

“These are through marine education awareness, supporting eco-tourism initiatives and helping local people to create tourism business plans.”

“Another community level tourism project being advanced in Papua New Guinea involves the sustainable use of resources.

“With a great ‘surf break’ the Tupiri Surf Club in Madang has been attracting surfers from around the world.”

Tupiri Surf Club ill now host the Kumul PNG World Longboard Championships at Tupira on 18 to 25 March this year.

She said in the cases presented by Papua New Guinea, each of these are led by community, they maintain significant tourism interest and adhere to important environmental protection criteria.

PNC People’s National Congress February 27, 2017

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