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Women’s Seats On Card

August 18, 2017
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PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill wants to bring back for debate the proposal to reserve 22 seats in Parliament for women.
He told a breakfast meeting with the business community in Port Moresby yesterday that he would bring it up with his coalition partners and Opposition MPs.
The proposal is to have two governors – one male and one female – in each of the 22 provinces. It guarantees at least 22 women in the House.

He said it should not stop women from contesting the other 89 Open seats.
“I’m quite disappointed that there is no woman is in this parliament,” O’Neill said.
“Woman’s representation in parliament has been a subject of discussion for many years. Even the previous government had tried to do some legislative reforms to bring more representation of women into parliament. But those who objected most were women themselves.”A motion to have 22 reserved seats for women in Parliament was defeated in the House in 2014 after intensive lobbying.

But O’Neill said he would discuss the idea again with his coalition partners and Opposition MPs before it could be re-tabled in Parliament.
“I can assure you that I will be discussing this with our coalition partners and see if we can get the reserved seats – bring some women representatives into parliament as appointed members,” he said.

Digicel Foundation chief executive Beatrice Mahuru brought up the issue during yesterday’s breakfast. She asked O’Neill what his government planned to do before the next general election in 2022 to address the lack of female representation in Parliament.
O’Neill said “going forward, we need to have a long-term solution”.
“Just appointing members to reserved seats is not the way to go into the future,” he said.
He said he supported the idea of having one male governor and one female governor “but elected by everyone” in each province. It will mean expanding to a 133-member Parliament.

“I’ve been personally supportive of that option because that immediately gives 22 women to go into parliament,” he said.
“That option does not restrict the women from running in the open seats. They can compete with their male counterparts for the open seats.

“But for the regional seats at least, you can have some fair representations.
“Those are the options we will look at over the course of this term (of parliament). I will prefer a bipartisan approach in this regard. We will start talking with our colleagues on the other side and see how we could go.”


Child Health Nurses Society Launched



Child health nurses in the country now have a society that will ensure the nurses professional development needs are met and supported especially those in the greatest need in professional knowledge and skills improvement.

Child Health Nurses Society of PNG, president Sr Agnes Agebigo who is also the co-ordinator paediatric unit at the Port Moresby General Hospital said their main aim is to promote a healthy child to be tomorrow’s adult.

This society was launched last Friday at the Port Moresby General Hospital by the hospital’s deputy chief executive officer Dr David Mokela.

Acedemic representative from the School of Medical and Health Sciences, UPNG Paediatric department Sister Gebuo Nanu said, she feels that it is the clinical nurse responsibility to feel this gap.

“Be reminded that from now, society is not a union but it is something to do with professional development and personal development in your career as child health nurses.

“In 2012, the concept of this society came about; it did not eventuate till now. We also must reflect on the National Health Plan 2011 to 2020, as it talks about the Key Responsible Areas (KRA’S) and KRA 4 states that improve the survival of a child,” Sr Nanu said.

She said the infant mortality rate at the national level is between 30 to 100 per cent varying from province to province.

“So with that KRA 4 in mind, we will move things forward so we can have an impact in the reduction of infant mortality rate.

“That comes in partnership with the paediatric medical society and doctors in the country as well,” she said.

Sr Nanu challenged young and upcoming nurses to be committed and dedicated in moving PNG were told observe their practice ethically, she said.

Disciplinary force members called to demonstrate maturity

By Sally Pokiton

Members of the disciplinary forces must demonstrate maturity when dealing with domestic issues, a judge of the National Court said.

“Assaulting wives and partners is a sign of sick and weak intellect and far too many soldiers and members of the disciplined force are doing that to their wives and partners.”

Justice Panuel Mogish of the Waigani National Court today made these remarks when delivering his decision on a sentence against a soldier with a 20 year service record.

He said soldiers who assault their wives and partners are a disgrace to the uniform they wear and should be dismissed as a matter of urgency to protect the integrity of the army.

“You abused your training when you assaulted your wife. You treated her like an enemy and applied brutal force to attack her, leaving her with fractures to her arms and legs,” he told George Hanio in court.

“What you did to your wife is disgraceful but is common among serving members of the disciplined force.

“Disciplined soldiers are trained to show restraint in volatile situation in war time. The application of force must be appropriate and relevant to the prevailing circumstances,” he added when sentencing Hanio to three years in jail.

That sentence was suspended and he was put on two years good behavior bond. He had initially assaulted his wife because she was having an affair and slept out of the matrimonial home.

They have since reconciled since he paid a compensation of K4000 to the woman.

Woman of many ‘firsts’ farewelled

By: Loop Author

A lady of many ‘firsts’ is what she is being referred to by family, friends, and all those who knew her and her contribution in the country’s development.

The Late Josepha Namsu Kiris (formerly Kanawi) was farewelled in Port Moresby today by all those who held her close to heart, including her former husband, Web Kanawi, in what was disappointingly a low key event for someone who had contributed a lot to the empowerment of women in the country.

Borne to a father from the East Sepik Province, who was a policeman, and Eastern Highlands mother, on 5 October 1952, the late Kiris was the first woman of many titles, who had colourful yet untold life achievements.    

She developed an early interest in Law from attending court with her father, who was a police prosecutor during her childhood.

She was among the first local women to graduate with a Law degree from the University of Papua New Guinea in 1976, a year after the country obtained Independence.

After attending Yarapos Our Lady of Mercy College from 1967 to 1970, she proceeded to UPNG where it took her six years, from 1971 to 1976, to complete her Law degree between having children.

Josepha Namsu Kiris

She worked part time with the Mining Department after graduating in 1976, where she was involved in years of negotiation work with the Bougainville and Ok Tedi mine.

In 1978, she got admitted to the bar where she did litigation work as lawyer till 1983.

She was later appointed to the post of Secretary for Land Reform Commission, a post she acted in for 13 years, from 1983 to 1996. She was the first woman to occupy that post.

From 1996 to 2007, she was the Chief Land Titles Commissioner from for 16 years, the first woman to hold that post also.

She was also the first female member to be appointed on the Land Board, where she acted as its Legal Advisor and also chaired sub-committees of the board.

At the time of her death (April 9, 2017), she was the Legal Advisor to the National Council of Women for 10 years.

She was also a technical legal advisor to Women Arise PNG, the National Haus Krai movement and actively advocated in pushing for PNG to sign the UN’s international treaty – CEDAW Convention, to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women.

Her former husband, Web Kanawi, was among those who paid tribute to her today during the service that was held at the St Joseph Catholic church.

“My dream for her though, was to see her as the first female PNG Judge on the bench. I am more than certain she was offered an appointment after her many years of hard professionally driven legal work in different legally oriented institutions; but she gracefully declined,” Kanawi said.

Kiris holds a master’s degree in Law from the Southern Cross University.

Kanawi said she retired after acquiring a great invaluable knowledge on lands titles, land management systems, customary land laws and issues – such as landowners’ rights and was a consultant in that area after leaving Government service.

Her brother and fellow lawyer, Alois Jerowai, also paid tribute to her at the funeral.

Jerowai said Kiris left behind a big mission, and will now look at other lawyers to continue her work, especially on empowering customary landowners on land registration.

“She took her knowledge with her but also left a number of written documents to assist those who will continue her work,” he added.

Amongst her national recognition for community service, she was awarded an Imperial Service Order by Buckingham Palace in early 2000. She was also actively involved in the codes of hockey and tennis in her younger years.


Picture: Former husband, Web Kanawi

Prime Minister Extends Condolences following the Passing of Susan Karike Huhume 

The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, has extended the condolences and sympathies of the Nation to the family of the Late Susan Karike Huhume.

“It is with sadness that we have learned of the passing of the designer of our Nation’s flag, Susan Karike Huhume,” Prime Minister O’Neill said.

“Her simple and very effective visual creation is one of the symbols that binds our people together and builds a feeling of unity.

“The fact that a fifteen-year-old girl, as she was in 1971, could design such an iconic image of our country speaks of the talent she had.

“It is also very fitting that the flag of a new country, with young leaders and great aspirations for the future, could be invented by someone who was so young.

“To Ms Huhume’s Husband Nanny, and their children and extended family, we thank you for the beautiful design that the Late Susan Karike Huhume created for our people.

“The symbol of her creation will live centuries beyond her years, and be flown on our flag poles for generations to come in Papua New Guinea and around the world.”

Prime Minister’s Office PNG April 12, 2017 3.39 pm

PNG’s flag designer in critical condition

BY: Carmella Gware

The designer of Papua New Guinea’s national flag is currently in critical condition at the Port Moresby General Hospital.

Susan Hareho Karike (now Mrs Huhume) is on life support at the Ward 7/Intensive Care Unit.

Susan Hareho Karike

Her eldest son, Philip Huhume, is concerned that his mother has been overlooked for almost 30 years.

“Will the government recognise her while she’s still alive?”

He told Loop PNG that people know the flag but have no idea of the woman behind it.

“Bikpla samting mi laikim em i mas gat luksave lo mama.” (Most important thing I want is recognition for mother.)

Philip has also asked for the country to support his mother in prayer.

Susan Huhume fell ill last week.

From Meii village in Gulf province, Susan designed the flag in 1971 while she was a student at the Sacred Heart Mission School on Yule Island.

On 16th September, 1975, the new PNG flag carrying Susan’s design was raised at the Independence Hill at Waigani, in Port Moresby.

Married to Nanny Huhume from Goroka, EHP, Susan has four children and 12 grandchildren.


(Susan Huhume, PNG’s flag designer – Anatman Pictures)

Lynda Babao–O’Neill Launches Vaccine to Prevent Cervical Cancer

The wife of the Prime Minister, Mrs. Lynda Babao-O’Neill, officially launched the release of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccine for Papua New Guinean girls at the Parliament State Function room today.

The launching is the start of the pilot program to vaccinate girls aged fourteen to nineteen, nationwide in the following years.

The vaccination program will start in the National Capital District in 65 Primary Schools, covering 20,000 girls, beginning in the first week of April, and then will be rolled out across the country in 2018.

Mrs. Babao-O’Neill said she was pleased to be a part of the Launch of the HPV vaccination project, noting that Cervical Cancer is the number one cancer amongst women in Papua New Guinea and it results in an estimated 1,500 deaths each year.

“For several years, particularly being part of the Cancer Foundation, work with the Hospital and being involved with the Women Doctor Association, it has been truly heartbreaking to see the plight in which our women have suffered from cervical cancer,” Mrs. Babao-O’Neill said at the program launch.

“It has been heartbreaking to witness the emotional, physical and financial challenges women, along with their families, have all faced from diagnosis to treatment.

“It has been heartbreaking to see the family the woman leaves behind, particularly the young children, after losing their battle against cervical cancer.

“Today’s HPV Vaccination launch brings so much hope and lifts the helplessness.

“The HPV Vaccinations will go a long way to prevent the next generation, our girls, our daughters, from suffering from cervical cancer. They do not have to go through what my generation and the generation before us had to endure.

“By taking preventative measures, they can help to avoid this cancer and can grow up and to see their own children grow up.

“We must also work to provide awareness on what people can do to prevent cancer through a healthy lifestyle and routine doctor check-ups for early detection.”

Mrs. Babao-O’Neill is appealing to all parents of girls in the vaccination age-group to make sure that they take the opportunity for their daughters to be vaccinated.

“Help our girls to have a healthy life and vaccinate against cervical cancer.”

Mrs. Babao-O’Neill thanked all stakeholders and sponsors of the program saying that it takes communities working together to make meaningful change.

“I would like thank the tireless work and generosity of Rotary Boroko and Rotary International for making the project possible. I would also like to thank the Department of Health, the Department of Education, NCD Health and all our development partners.

“It is further appreciated to have Colgate Palmolive, Paradise Foods, Team PNG and the Miss Pacific Island PNG Pageant team to provide gift packs, snacks and support to our young ladies being vaccinated.”

Prime Minister’s Office PNG March 23, 2017 7.40 pm



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