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Abel Eyes New School At Alotau

The people of Alotau in Milne Bay will soon have a new school at Cape Vogel,


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Treasury Charles Abel said there was so much to be done and so much had already been achieved including the opening of the James Charmers Memorial High School in Suau.


He added that they have secured the funding and have begun the process of building the school.


Abel said beside Cape Vogel High School, there were plans for another two- at Maramatana and Daga.

“The challenges are when we take on too many things we may not complete the project properly,” said Abel.


“There’s no doubt that the James Chalmers Memorial High School needs a science laboratory and a library.”


“We have built a road for Suau, a Digicel tower, an ambulance and we have funded the elementary and primary school there too.” he said.


The development now enables the people of Suau to drive to Faiv Bay for the first time, and also having access to communication and other transport services.


via : The National – 14th August 2017.


Borrowing for Progress

Highway redeveloped at K145m and renamed Sir Reuben Taureka


The Government will continue to borrow and invest in infrastructure despite “negative criticisms” on more international borrowings, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said yesterday.

Mr O’Neill said this during the opening of the redeveloped Six-Mile to Bautama section of the Magi Highway from Moresby South to Central Province which he renamed Sir Reuben Taureka Highway.

This 12km stretch cost more than K145 million to build.

Highway open1

“When you make such a negative criticism that is not constructive, then all you simply do is make me more stubborn. That means I’m on the right path, so I will build more roads, schools, hospitals, airports, and infrastructure for our people,” the prime minster said.

“We are borrowing more money because we are able to repay that money; we have never defaulted on all our loans all this time since independence in 1975. Our economy has almost doubled over the last five years, meaning that we have the capacity to repay those loans.”

Mr O’Neill said bankers would not lend PNG money if PNG did not have the ability to repay the loan – “that is common sense, not only for government but businesses as well as. That’s why Papua New Guineans must not be afraid of this issue about loans,” he added.

He said 99 percent of the countries in the world borrow money to build infrastructure to grow the economy and develop their country, and Papua New Guinea was no exception.

“They don’t do it any other way if there is any other solutions, believe me I would have already found out. I’m not blind, I am not stupid. I know exactly what I am doing, and that is why we are continuing to build infrastructure to serve you,” Mr O’Neill said.

“The construction industry employs thousands of Papua New Guineans, that is why we must put more money into construction, not only in Port Moresby but right throughout the country.

“We know that Highlands and some of our national highways are big problems. Two weeks ago our government gave a contract to Dekenai Constriction to maintain the road from Laloki Bridge to Kerema.

“Today you can ride from Port Moresby to Kerema on a sealed road, but potholes are still there.

“We want zero potholes on all these highways throughout the country. That’s the beginning that we have partnered with World Bank to do so,” he said.

Prime Minister O’Neill said his government had delivered a lot in terms of infrastructure and basic services in the past five years, compared to previous governments.

“In the last government between 1999 and 2011 when the country had so many trust accounts and so many billions of kina sitting in these accounts, what did they build?

“These same people want to lead your country; you ask them what they have built. They have built nothing, zero; not one road, bridge, school, hospital.”

PNG can be a tourism hub

PAPUA New Guinea can be one of the best tourism hubs for the Southwest Pacific region if more emphasis is placed on air and sea routes.

And PNG could earn an estimated K20 billion each year if its travel and tourism industry was given priority.

Philippines under secretary for Transportation Artemio U. Tuazon, Jr and Indonesian officials presenting their country’s reports said they stand ready to assist PNG as one of the members of the Southwest Pacific region.


Mr Tuazon said that travel and tourism industry in his country contributed a total of P1.43 trillion or 10.6 per cent to the Philippines GDP in 2015 (World Travel and Tourism Council).

He said there was an immediate attention to improve market access, connectivity and destination infrastructure improvement and rehabilitation of existing airports, improvement of passenger terminal buildings, expansion of apron and landside areas, construction of new runways, asphalt overlay of runways, improvement of other domestic airports to have night-rated facilities, conversion of domestic airports to international airports, tourism destination areas and provision of new air traffic control equipment to integrate with communication navigation surveillance/air traffic management (CNS/ATM) system to name a few.

“PNG needs to expand capacity and improve levels of service to international standards, upgrade its cruise tourism ports, construct additional roll-on roll-off ramps, wharf expansion, upgrading of bollards to accommodate big cruise ships,” he said.

“But all these cannot be achieved in a year, you need political leadership, the finance and many negotiations including the effort from responsible stakeholders. But PNG is rich and just needs to prioritise.

“We can help by sharing ideas and of course we can help in other sectors with counterparts,” he said.

Lae death toll increases to 7

BY: Bustin Anzu

The death toll in Lae’s tragic road accident has risen to 7.

The latest victim died at the Angau Memorial Hospital after being admitted yesterday.

Six passengers, including two children, had died instantly after a 25-seater PMV bus plunged into a drain at Six-Mile yesterday afternoon.

He was reportedly one of the survivors who were thrown out of the bus before it nosedived into the drain. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries last night.

Eyewitnesses claimed the bus was travelling at high speed towards Nadzab when it came upon another vehicle in front. The driver tried to veer away from it when he lost control.

Residents have described it as one of the first nasty accidents along the newly built four-lane highway between Lae and Nine-Mile.

Police have already conducted an investigation into the incident, however, the crew is yet to be interviewed.

The other passengers are still nursing their injuries.

Meanwhile, a number of commuters have raised concern that the road has not been officially opened yet but accidents have already occurred.

“We have not done the grand opening of the multi-million kina highway but we have already had deaths along the highway and it’s very sad,” Marcus Gene, a Two-Mile resident, stated.


Charles Abel Helps Complete 2nd Vital Provincial Road in Milne Bay

Good news for those in Milne Bay. The road connecting the Rabaraba coast to the rest of the Province has finally broken through. This has been an ongoing and challenging project undertaken by Minister Charles Abel several years ago.

The project had faced many large issues during its lifetime, including the very difficult terrain and months of terrible weather. Minister Abel explained to a member of our team that this is one of the most important developments he could bring to Milne Bay.

He took to Facebook to say, “Don’t know whether to laugh or cry.. when I think of the suffering of my people of Dawawa, Kakabai, Kanasi… Umanakaina, daga..”

He has previously made promises directly to those living in the remote villages this road will service, that he will personally ensure the project was completed in his term. The road will create massive new economic opportunities, as well as connecting people to a far higher standard of education and healthcare.

A commenter by the name of Benedict Jainona shared his thanks on the Minister’s post, “I can imagine the joy for many on the north coast, just like the feeling we had when Fife Bay was opened up a year ago. You have done it again member, for Rabaraba. Well done you know it that in doing so you have created opportunities for thousands. Many good stories will definitely follow as thousands take advantage of the road infrastructure you are putting in place now. The challenge now and into the future would be to maintain and upgrade these roads to make them become all weather roads

Last year Abel invited a member of the Breaking News team to visit Milne Bay with him. During this trip we were meant to accompany him in the first trip to Rabaraba using the road but several weeks of bad weather set the project back many months. It is fantastic to see that persistence saw this project through to completion.

Congratulations to the Minister and the people of Milne Bay. 

PNG Breaking News February 22, 2017 1.37 am

Government to Partner with Companies to Fix National Highways

The National Government will go into Private Public Partnership (PPP) with mining and petroleum companies to upgrade and maintain all national highways in the county.


Minister for Works and Implementation Francis Awesa told Parliament today this is the long term strategy that will be used to improve the road conditions of all national highways.

Awesa said he will release a ministerial statement in this week’s Parliament sitting on how the PPP agreement will work.



Meanwhile, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill advised Parliament on Tuesday that Cabinet had approved an increase in infrastructure tax credit scheme from 1.75 to 2 per cent to support the PPP agreement.

He said talks will be held between the National Government and Ok Tedi Mining Limited, Oil Search and Exxon Mobil to start implementing the new Cabinet decision.

The roads when constructed using tax credit schemes will be managed by the financier.


Charles Yapumi  January 25, 2017 18.37

Government intervention on highway tolls needed


MAPAI Transport Limited has indicated that the Government and the laws are synonymous to the existence of the Highlands Highway, but it’s the implementing and enforcing of stringent regulations that has been missing.

Jacob Luke, managing director of Mapai Trucking Company, backed Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s call yesterday (Monday) on businesses to refrain from making payments to landowners in order to remove road blockages.

Mr Luke said though he welcomed the call by the PM that strict laws will be brought into force to prevent people from blocking the highways, he also (Luke) questioned when would be the right time to implement these measures.


Mr Luke said as a business, they have no issue with paying compensation, but the Government needs to show when is the right time for them to respond to disasters along the national highways.

He said if the Government can respond on time and tell the trucking companies or other businesses utilising the highway as to what is their plans are, then the businesses will not be forced to pay landowners to remove blockages.

He added that as a business, and the highway being their main lifeline, being inoperable after almost a week is non-economical.

He said there must be some level of guarantee to businesses by the Government, otherwise businesses will continue to pay tolls along various sections of the highway that has been destroyed by effects of climate change and the weather.

He said as a company, they are forced to do it (compensate) as the Government has failed and businesses are left to fend for themselves along the highway, including taking the necessary security measures, given that the expected security interventions from the Government has been delayed.

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