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DEVELOPMENT in one of Port Moresby’s iconic area, Paga Hill, will be a “game changer” for the Capital city.

That’s from NCD Governor Powes Parkop when witnessing a historic agreement to begin stage one of the development on Paga Hill.

Governor Parkop, and Lands and APEC Minister Justin Tkatchenko, witnessed the signing by Paga Hill Development Company, and its Advisory Board, who will provide AU$20 million in offshore funding to commence construction of Stage one.

Paga Hill Development Company, led by its chief executive officer Gudmundur Fridriksson, signed the agreement before the two NCD MPs that will see the development of 1.7 hectares waterfront site, which will include restaurants, cafes, retail, commercial and residential apartments.

Advisory board director Peter Barge, the world renowned Australian property executive who was involved in Sydney’s Darling Harbour, Macau, Dubai and other major developments as Jones Lang La Salle Asia Pacific chairman and CEO, flew into PNG from Sydney this week to complete the agreement.

Mr Barge, who was joined in Port Moresby by fellow board members David Galvin and Simon Dulhunty, said the vision for Paga Hill “will help transform a city and country into an emerging tourism destination, while creating many local jobs and boosting the national economy”.

Governor Parkop said his vision is for “Port Moresby to be a model city in the South Pacific, leading the way in tourism and business”, with Paga Hill a key part of this strategy.

He is impressed to see the project now moving from design to construction.

Minister Tkatchenko expressed his appreciation at the amount of open space and discussed the opportunity of establishing a joint working group to ensure the best possible outcome for city and residents, as well as the developers.

Civil works on stage one are well underway with actual construction to commence in March 2018, with Mr Fridriksson saying Stage one will set the scene for what’s to come at Paga Hill Estate, “with waterfront retail, dining and entertainment, it will be an ideal place to live, work and play.”

Source: Post-Courier

Maru Confident Budget Will Sustain Economic Growth

Source: Post – Courier



National Planning Minister Richard Maru is more than convinced that the 2018 Budget will enhance the preconditions for sustainable economic growth in the short to medium term.

Mr Maru said that for the first time in many years, the Government has increased the economic sector funding from 6 percent in 2017 to 15 percent in the 2018.

He said this confirmed to the Alotau Accord 2 to make economic growth the number one priority.

He said the aggregate 2018 Capital Investment Budget is K4,643.92 million. This shows an increase of 15.7 percent compared to the 2017 original budget appropriation. He said the Budget was strategically focused to invest in enhancing the preconditions for economic growth and prosperity, which will build on the remaining few years of O’Neill Government.

“This Government will mobilise necessary resources within the tight fiscal envelope to provide growth conditions to set the pace for future growth and development. The 2018 Capital investment Budget consolidate key interventions that will encourage business activities, generate employment, increase both export and tax revenues, replace import, and broaden and diversify our economic base strengthening renewable sectors and manufacturing.

“The commodity price fluctuations in the global market have had an adverse effect in our economy in the last three years and in my view we as Government have done very little in addressing the declining trend. If the global commodity price remains suppressed over the medium term with no new projects in the mining and petroleum sectors coming on stream over the same period, our country will continue to face fiscal constraints, prolonged current foreign exchange problems, which will affect the Government’s ability to effectively deliver public goods and services to our people.

“The 2018 National Budget provides the appropriate response of this Government to the current domestic and global economic challenges, focusing on the new measures to stimulate the broad-based economic growth while maintaining fiscal and macroeconomic stability.

“To arrest the declining trend in economic growth, some deliberate attempts were made by this Government particularly to ease the current cash-flow problem with the 100 Day Plan and also the proposed Bill on the Public Money Management arrangement. While these revenue raising measures are important, this Government is looking at sustainable growth measures.”


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Culture Restored

Post Courier

Many aspects of the reformist project by the former Speaker of Parliament Theo Zurenouc should not be part of the restoration exercise as ordered by the National.
This includes the proposed unity pole to be introduced in the grand hall of the National Parliament.

The inclusion of the proposed unity pole would be unconstitutional because it represents the views of a sectarian group of evangelical Christians
This was highlighted yesterday by the founding father of the nation Sir Michael Somare when commending the Speaker of Parliament Job Pomat for taking action in compliance with an outstanding National Court order issued last year for the restoration of cultural decorations.

The matter became controversial in 2013 when former Speaker Theo Zurenuoc declared the cultural decorations evil and ordered their removal to cleanse the House from unclean spirits.

It sparked a legal challenge resulting in the court ruling which Parliament failed to comply in restoring the artifacts within six months of the decision.
On realization of the oversight Mr Pomat a week ago ordered actions to comply with the court orders to avoid Parliament being slapped with contempt of court charges.
Sir Michael hailed the actions of the Speaker saying the intention of the Constitution was to maintain the diversity of the nation’s cultural heritage.

He said as such the ruling does not cover retaining the additions including the unity pole.
He said fresh legal proceedings will have to be sought to retain them.
“The Court has ruled that this sectarian interest group of Christian evangelicals cannot impose their views on the freedom of thought, religion and conscience on the rest of Papua New Guinea. They would have to initiate a fresh legal proceeding to introduce the unity pole into the National Parliament,” Sir Michael said.

“The current Speaker has made a good decision to honour and comply with the decision of the National Court. However it must be made clear that the decision of the National Court does not mean aspects of the reformist project initiated by the Speaker will become part of the restoration work.

“When we wrote our Constitution, we consulted our people widely. We opened the preamble to our Constitution by acknowledging the worthy customs of our ancestors the source of identity and intellectual strength.
“When we built the National Parliament in the 1980s, we wanted it to be a monumental statement that captures the diversity of our cultural heritage.

“The design of the building reflected a process of us coming together as a nation of many and diverse cultures. We did this so that our children and their children will know where we came from and from there determine where we are to go.”

The former Director of the National Museum, Dr Andrew Moutu and the Grand Chief , challenged the actions of the Speaker in Court. In May 2016, the National Court ruled in favour of the two plaintiffs citing breaches to the National Cultural Property (Preservation) Act and the freedom of thought, religion and conscience enshrined in the Constitution.

The presiding judge, Justice David Cannings, issued several court orders including the restoration of the cultural decorations within 6 months of the decision. An appeal by the Solicitor General on behalf of the former Speaker was pursued with the Supreme Court. However, the appeal was thrown out of Court for want of prosecution.

Justin Tkatchenko Appointed Minister Responsible for APEC as 2018 Host Year Approaches

Approved for Release

19 October 2017

The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, has announced that Hon. Justin Tkatchenko BEM OL MP, has been appointed as Minister Responsible for APEC.

PM O’Neill said with less than two months remaining before the start of APEC 2018, it is timely for the Minister to resume the portfolio he held before the National Elections.

Responsibility for APEC will be added to the Minister’s current portfolio of Lands and Physical Planning.

“Minister Tkatchenko has substantial experience in the co-ordination of major events at the ministerial level,” the Prime Minister said.

“As minister he oversaw the successful delivery of the Pacific Games and the Pacific Islands Forum.

“Hosting APEC is of much greater magnitude, and Minister Tkatchenko is well placed to ensure the successful delivery of all of the components that must be delivered for APEC in the coming year.

“Over the past three years Minister Tkatchenko has had a core role in planning for APEC 2018 in Papua New Guinea, and particularly as APEC Minister prior to elections.”

The Prime Minister said the start of Papua New Guinea’s APEC year is only months away and Government preparations continue to increase.

“Beginning with the Informal Senior Officials Meeting in December, the focus of APEC Member Economies, and the regional business community, will be on Papua New Guinea.

“Through the year we will hold a range of technical and Ministerial meetings concluding with the APEC Leaders’ Summit in November 2018.

“In this time there will be substantial attention on the delivery of major projects including the construction of APEC Haus, the Hilton Hotel and the renovation and upgrade of Morauta House and the National Convention Centre.

“In the delivery phase of APEC we will see the ongoing increase in personnel and the training regime for staff who are delivering APEC logistics, security and the policy agenda.

“Papua New Guinea will experience significant gains from hosting APEC that will not only include the promotion of trade, investment and tourism, but in capacity strengthening in economic sectors.

“The APEC policy agenda and technical support covers a wide range of areas critical for development and the creation of more jobs.

“This includes agriculture, forestry, transportation, tourism and resources, that are all essential for future economic growth in the country.”

Traditional Carvings Removed from Parliament to be Returned

The traditional carvings removed from the Parliament House in 2013, will be restored, and returned.

Speaker of Parliament and Manus MP, Job Pomat, said the Court has ruled for the return of the totems and masks.

Currently the carvings are being kept at the National Museum and Art Gallery. Mr. Pomat told EMTV News that the Court decision must be followed, despite much criticism and discussion surrounding the issue.

The totem and carvings were removed by former Speaker, Theo Zurenuoc in 2013.

However, former East Sepik Governor, Sir Michael Somare, challenged the matter in Court. In May 2016, the matter was pushed to the Supreme Court, but was dismissed.

The Speaker said the House will liaise with the National Museum and Art Gallery, to have the carvings returned. The Speaker is also concerned with the amount of money used in the exercise between 2013 and 2016.

He said an inquiry will be established before a report is tabled.

And, with the totems issue being close to settlement, there is still the question about the Unity Pillar.

Speaker Pomat said the structure’s status in the house will also need to be discussed.

Source:  Jack Lapauve Jnr – EMTV Online

Bilum Industry Weaves Own Market


The Papua New Guinea bilum industry wants the government to set up proper markets for the majority of female vendors to sell their products.

Florence Jaukae Kamel, managing director and principal artist of the Jaukae Bilum Products and founder of Goroka Bilum Weavers Co-operative and Goroka Bilum Festival, said this.

When speaking at the recent Bilum Fashion Show, Ms Jaukae said the Jaukae Bilum Products and Cooperative have been supporting the 80 per cent of rural mothers in the Highlands region and country for the past 15 years to help generate income to sustain their families.

“This will be my ninth year in the bilum fashion show business apart from taking part in overseas festivals and shows, which have been very life-changing experiences for me and other PNG mothers,” Ms Jaukae said.

She said bilums have been transformed from traditional baby carriers to a modern concept of weaving and designing to suit the international standards and markets.

She said the bilum has featured in poems, legends, and history; it has been displayed as traditional twines and as dyed bilum wear in clothing contests and as carrier bags competitions. The latest appearance was at the “Lord of the Ring Dress” fashion show.

“This dress featured on the runway in New York and in Sydney,” Ms Jaukae said, adding that the show captured the global attention of fashion designers that gave them an opportunity to see and experience the hidden talents of bilum makers and different patterns found in PNG; but uniquely, the Jaukae bilum dresses were on display.

She said the fashion show and the festival are expected to attract more people and tourists, who are flocking into Goroka for the annual Goroka Show. There was now a demand for a proper market avenue.

“I am calling on the government to see what I am doing and establish a PNG bilum industry and create a central market venue for PNG women to showcase, display and sell their products.

“We are also looking forward to the 2018 APEC Leaders’ Summit in Port Moresby next November – there is an opportunity for the growth of the PNG bilum industry,” Ms Jaukae said.

This year’s Bilum Fashion Show was sponsored by the Pacific Trade Invest Australia.

APEC To Open Doors For PNG Bilum Industry

September 26, 2017.

BY JERRY SEFE of Post – Courier 

Photo Courtesy of Alamy Stock Photo



Since Papua New Guinea’s APEC 2018 Coordination is on track to deliver its target outline, businesses are also preparing to gain direct benefits and long term business opportunities from the event.



Unlike other business organizations in the country the PNG Jaukae Bilum Products and Goroka Bilum Cooperative are calling on the national government to make the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)  leaders summit an avenue to recognize and establish a Bilum Industry in the country.



The call was made by Florence Jaukae Kamel, Managing Director and Principal Artist of the Jaukae Bilum Products and Founder of Goroka Bilum Weavers Cooperative and Goroka Bilum Festival.



Kamel said Papua New Guinea Bilum Industry is one of the least growing industries that require government attention to establish proper market venues for the 80 percent of PNG women who sell their products.



“I believe the APEC will open doors for us and the government to recognize what we are doing as a way forward in creating more employment opportunities, improve living standards and ultimately alleviate poverty in PNG communities” Kamel said.



She said APEC will highlight a variety of opportunities that the business sector can adapt to capitalize on and Bilum which is one of the country’s very own pride and product must be given an opportunity.



Kamel said she was also advised that the direct benefits for businesses in PNG will go to the private sector according to the APEC committees and either way a Bilum Industry must be established.



“We have done our best by showcasing PNG bilums in a variety of products that have captured global attention while traveling the world and it is time our government make a stand with us” she said.



“Businesses throughout the country can expect to find a wide range of opportunities in the lead-up to APE leaders’ summit over the years and it is a must that the country has its very own bilum industry by then”.



“The Industry once established will be generating revenue for the country while changing the phase of local bilum and fashion designers to join the industry and help grow with the outside business-world”.

​World Class Standard For National Institution

​Carolyn Ure

Plans to refurbish the National Museum and Art Gallery to world class standard in preparation for APEC 2018 are now underway.

The Museum has been working closely with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade through the PNG Governance Facility to activate part of the Museum’s master plan to cater for APEC.

The National Museum and Art Gallery is one of the few precincts in Port Moresby identified by the APEC Secretariat in 2015 to host the spouses of APEC Leaders.

Newly appointed Minster for Culture & Tourism, Emil Tammur, during his visit to the Museum yesterday morning guaranteed the Ministry’s support towards the plans and programs to improve and enhance the physical environment, accessibility, wider public engagement and profile of the cultural institution.

“The opportunity now is for NMAG to rise to the challenge, and being the premier cultural institution in the country, partner with the government to present to our international friends and visitors alike the rich diversity of our cultural and historical heritage of which memories of these are captured by the material culture repertoire represented by our National Collections here at the NMAG,” said Minister Tammur.

The refurbishment will see the interior and exterior revamped, beautification and landscaping of the surrounding and car park area.

Scoping of the project has already been completed with work expected to commence soon.

Once completed, the Museum will host a bilum exhibition for APEC.

The refurbishment has been made possible by the Australian government through the $25 million grant extended to NMAG for the implementation of its master plan.

DWU cultural day, extravaganza for Madang

BY ELLIOT DAWEA (DWU journalism Student)

The Divine Word University (DWU) annual Cultural Day at the Madang campus once again attracted a large crowd last Saturday at the DWU Madang campus.

Students from 22 provinces in Papua New Guinea performed on the day. Many students had their parents, guardians and extended relatives on campus to assist them with the preparations and performances as well.

The cultural day performance was preceded by a parade of costumes and dances by representatives of each group at the SVD Memorial Auditorium on Friday.

The neighbouring Solomon Islands also perform in this year’s cultural show. The audience dancing to the tune of international flavour, traditional attire, singing and dancing coming

Living up to the university’s slogan “Valuing our Culture and Heritage through Collaboration”, students from various provinces in PNG put on a lively display of their cultural heritage through their bilas (traditional regalia), dancing and singing at the Madang campus.

Many visitors, both local and international, were present for taking photographs or filming the dances and body decorations while some posed with the participants for that memorable photo opportunity.

The Cultural Day is a calendar event of DWU where the university encourages its students to value their indigenous cultural heritage. The event provides an avenue for students to come together to share the different cultures through songs, dances and enacted ceremonies.

The cultural celebration took place a day after DWU marks its 19th Foundation Day which commemorates the Papua New Guinea government’s declaration of the former Divine Word Institute (DWI) as a University on 21st August, 1996.

The 2017 event was organised and run by students with the support of the university administration.

Member of Parliament for Madang Open Bryan Krema was present at the show.

Photo credit: KEVIN PAMBA –

Tammur To Introduce New Culture

Cedric Patjole

Minister for Tourism, Emil Tammur, says he will be bringing a ‘result oriented’ culture to the three agencies under his portfolio.

With years of experience in the private sector, Tammur said he will instill timeliness and constant reporting to ensure government priorities are implemented.

Tammur said this when speaking during a hand-over, take-over ceremony hosted on Wednesday by the Tourism Authority Promotion (TPA) to welcome Tammur and farewell former Minister, Tobias Kulang.

He said a briefing will be held immediately where a review of policy and operational manuals will be done.

The three agencies under the Ministry include TPA, the National Cultural Commission (NCC) and the National Museum and Art Gallery.

Tammur also commended Kulang on a brief yet effectible stint.

Meanwhile, Kulang told Tammur that tourism had long been forgotten but now, with the downturn in commodity prices, the government is shifting its focus to broaden its revenue base by investing in tourism.

He said tourism had the potential to generate between 10 and 20 percent of total revenue for the country.

Currently, he says it sits at just above 1 percent.

Kulang urged Tammur to also pay special attention to the NCC and the National Museum and Art Gallery, which for years had been overlooked.

Photo credit : Loop PNG

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