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Policemen Tarnishing the Reputation of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.

***Port Moresby General Hospital Doctor Beaten by Police***


A medical doctor doing his residency at the Port Moresby General Hospital Labour ward was beaten by Policemen on Wednesday night.

The young doctor will not be assisting mothers and babies in the Labour ward, because his eyes are completely shut and he has become partially deaf as a result of the beating.

Senior doctors say there is a shortage of doctors working with mothers and babies. Dr. Berry Newman’s inability to work will cause complications at the Labour ward.

This morning Professor Ikau Kevau, Dr. Osborne Liko and other senior doctors condemned the beating of the young medical officer.

The doctors collectively demanded action from the Police Commissioner and his deputies.

They’ve made the call after one of their own was badly beaten by cops in Tokarara.

“I dropped my sister and was turning back to Tokarara, they approached me when I stopped to change my tyres, they said I dropped off criminals and six of them punched and one kicked me on the right side of my ear,” said Dr. Newman.

Dr. Newman is now nursing serious injuries which will stop him from working at the Labour Ward.

He is part of a team of young doctors being trained to save the lives of mothers and babies.

But after the beating, he is deaf in the left ear and his eyes are completely shut. The injuries could become permanent.

“My right ear is not working anymore, I cannot see anymore. I don’t know why i was beaten up, I chose this career path to serve the people of this country,” the Labour ward trainee says.

Dr. Newman told EMTV News that he was taken to Waigani Police station where a policeman told him he could pick up his car in the morning after he pays the boys.

” They told me to go wash my face and treat myself, and then bring some money [so that] I can get my car,”  Newman said.

Senior doctors at Port Moresby General Hospital say the matter will not be taken lightly. It will be taken to the Police Commissioner for the matter to be addressed.

Doctors are respected in the society for their services to health. The incident has brought disgrace to the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.

Members of the public have gone on social media outraged by the actions of a few policemen tarnishing the reputation of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.

Police Commissioner Gari Baki was approached for a response.


EMTV News Online  June 3, 2017


Police Commissioner Baki receives new police station in Wapenamanda


Monday 10 April 2017

Police Commissioner Gari Baki took delivery of a brand new police station and a new police vehicle in Wapenamanda District of the Enga Province last week.

The police station and vehicle was the support given by the local Member of Parliament and Minister for Foreign Affairs Hon. Rimbink Pato through his District Services Infrastructure Program (DSIP).

wapenamda police station

Commissioner Baki, Foreign Affairs Minister Pato, Assistant Commissioner of Police for Logistic Tony Duwang and the Provincial Police Commander George Kakas were in Wapenamanda to officially receive the new police infrastructure and vehicle.

Two new police stations are still under construction in the Lower Lai and Tsak valley. Both buildings are expected to be completed before the end of June.

The people in the Tsak valley were without a police station for the last 25 years after a tribal fight which saw the closure of the police station and withdrawal of police officers.

The Police Commissioner was pleased to see the local member and the people’s cooperation to bring police presences back into the Tsak valley.

He told the crowd that he was no stranger to Tsak valley because he spent his young days in the early 1970’s as the commanding officer of the Enga mobile squad. He was based in Konemanda to curve tribal fights in the valley.

During the visit the Tsak valley local councillor and landowner gave five hectares of land in the Tsak valley to the Police Department as an incentive to bring police services back into the valley.

Police Commissioner Baki instructed Assistant Commissioner Duwang to immediately send his officers to survey the land boundaries and prepare the land to construct police barracks and other police facilities in the valley.

At the Wapenamanda station Commissioner Baki told the crowd to cooperate with electoral officials and the security forces in the coming 2017 National General Election and make it their business to have a safe and free election.

Foreign Affairs Minister Pato has pledged his support behind the Law and Justice Sector to make Wapenamanda District a peaceful and safe place in the Enga Province.


Photo: Assistant Commissioner of Police for Logistic Tony Duwang, Foreign Affairs Minister Rimbink Pato, Police Commissioner Gari Baki and Enga Provincial Police Commander George Kakas in front of the new Wapenamanda police station (left to right).

Picture by Police Media Unit.

Reintroduction of Joint Forces College step in the right direction – Commissioner


Media Statement
Tuesday 11th April 2017

Commissioner of Police Gari Baki said the reintroduction of the Joint Forces College was a step in the right direction for the three disciplinary forces.

Commissioner Baki made this comment when he farewelled a total of 15 police officer cadets at a dinner at the Police Officers Mess at the Bomana Training College last week.

Commissioner Baki said, “I can attest to the fact that many police officers who joined the Constabulary and were a part of the JSC program, were closely acquainted with their counterparts from the other two disciplinary forces.

“I came from the old school and we operated differently because the JSC in my time provided the leeway for my fellow officers to acquaint themselves professionally with our colleagues from the other disciplined services.

“We enjoyed the feeling of esprit-de-corp and camaraderie and shared many issues together concerning our career and more importantly our country’s national security issues,” Commissioner Baki said.

police and defense in Hela

He said today, that mutual trust and understanding amongst the officers of the three disciplinary forces is absent because those who joined after the abolishment of the JSC were not trained together.

“I can confidently announce that the JSC is a place where leaders are produced, because I went there and I am now serving my second term as Commissioner of Police. In fact nearly all of my squad mates at the JSC have become CS of Police Commissioners while few others have come as far as Assistant Commissioner or were elevated to the rank of Deputy Commissioner. Others became Commanders in in the PNGDC because they acquired a wealth of skills and knowledge from this highly commendable concept.

He said JSC is a viable initiative because officers of the three disciplinary forces were able to relate well and understand each other especially in times of major joint security operations.
The JSC was purposely set up to train, nurture and groom ambitious young men and turn them into professional officers and to promote a general sense of unity among the three disciplinary forces.

Commissioner Baki said as a sovereign nation, Papua New Guinea will continue to co-exist and trade in the global arena but the country cannot efficiently venture into the economic pathway, unless there is absolute stability in terms of national security.

He said that stability can only be enjoyed or achieved if our disciplinary forces are operating on the same wave length.

He told the new cadets that as commissioner he expected them to reopen that pathway so they can reconnect themselves with the other counterparts from the military and correctional services and foster a better relationship orientated on mutual trust and understanding

“Our relationship at the professional front is absolutely essential and therefore it is imperative for police, military and correctional officers to share common bonds in all aspects of their operability for the benefit of our national security.”

The 15 cadets have been flown to Lae on Sunday and were taken to Igam Barracks. They will undergo 18 months of rigorous physical training and they will also be exposed to the military culture.


The Police Association of PNG, its Executives and its 3000 plus strong members nationwide strongly condemn Sir Mekere Morauta’s criticism of the current government not paying police personnel’s salaries on time (the national, 14/02/2017). We do not have such problem and are paid regularly every fortnight.

Our members prefer to maintain impartiality in their conduct, hence would not want to be used to promote such gibberish political propaganda in any circumstances.

The current government is adequately addressing all welfare and employment issues within the police force and these includes; the massive police modernization program funding in collaboration with the Australian Government worth millions of Kina, provision and funding for Life and Medical Insurance Cover worth K5million, consecutive and sustained pay rise for the police officers, funding of the public servants home ownership scheme which all police officers are eligible to participate, elevation and upgrade of Bomana Police College to the Centre of Excellence, re-establishment of the Joint Forces Academy in Lae and many others that critics like Sir Mekere have to step out of their comfort zones, travel to PNG and see for themselves.


In fact, the O’Neill and the Somare government had given more industrial awards worth millions of kina to all the public servants in the country than when Sir Mekere was the Prime Minister. We do not intend to politicize this but Sir Mekere’s current media outburst provokes the police personnel’s nightmares, when young UPNG students protested the unpopular land mobilization policy in 1996, these youths became so emotional when they learned that their birth right, customary land, was about to be sold off by Sir Mekere and therefore, confronted the police. Innocent student died.

Sir Mekere, as you have stated in the media, please enjoy your retirement, your re-appearance in the political scene won’t affect the phase of development that is being experienced throughout the country by all citizens under the current government. All eligible voters in this country have reached certain level of intellectual consciousness, thus they will clearly judge all the candidates, political parties and their leaders in the coming elections based on their performances, achievements in the past four years and standing in the society.

Do not use the workers in all sectors of the public service to gain political milestone. All police personnel and their families throughout the country have had enough of these planning rhetoric, academia criticism and analysis, economic text book literature used to measure and compare PNG Economy with other economies of the world, these bring nil to none tangible or radical economic benefits. Five solid years in office can be expedited worthlessly dreaming of a utopia that PNG will never become.

Our members have expressed their desire for radical, guided and sustained infrastructure development to drive the economy that will change the mindset of the all the citizens, embrace change in all aspects of their lives and eventually with such positive perspectives, there will be obvious reduction in crime, whereby police officers will work in harmony with the people.

Finally, police officers in NCD are very critical that in the past when Sir Mekere was an MP for Moresby North West, he was very hard to reach when he was holed up in his Ivory Towers at Touaguba hill. People in this electorate couldn’t have any opportunity for an audience with their MP to air their needs for services, etc. for the ten years he was in office. Therefore, it is incumbent for tangible developments taking place in the city under the O’Neill government. They want this trend of service delivery to continue for the next five to ten years, not for Port Moresby only but for the entire country.



Task Force Sweep to continue



A COURT has allowed the Investigation Task Force Sweep Team to continue operating by granting a stay on a decision to disband it.

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia granted the stay order to chairman Sam Koim (pictured) in Waigani yesterday.
Sir Salamo said the overall interest of justice favoured the granting of a stay order.

Sir Salamo said all investigation files needed to remain with the task force sweep team because it was better placed to ensure that the files were kept safe.

He said the safety of the files favoured Koim’s team compared to the interim office of anti-corruption unit Cabinet had set up on June 24, 2014, after it disbanded task force sweep.

Sir Salamo said submissions by respondents that the Independent Commission Against Corruption Bill would go through its final reading in the next Parliament were speculations at this stage.

He said there would not be any difficulty in re-constituting the officers from other agencies back to the Task Force Sweep Team pending the determination of Koim’s appeal.

The Court also ordered Koim to take all steps necessary to ensure the substantive appeal would be heard in April.

Sir Salamo said this was a case of national interest and he would give the appeal an expedited hearing.

Koim’s stay application stems from the decision by the National Court to dismiss his judicial review application on Dec 2 last year.

In the judicial review application, Koim had asked the Court to quash Cabinet’s decision in June 2014 to disband task force sweep and direct that all files be transferred to the interim office of anti-corruption.

But the National Court dismissed Koim’s judicial review stating that cabinet’s decision to disband the team was not reviewable by the court as it was a policy decision made by the executive government.

Mori Calls on RPNGPC To Ensure Elections Are Carried out Fairly

Wera Mori has called on the Royal Papua New Guinea Police Constabulary to ensure that the elections in four months are carried out fairly.

Mori’s comments come after he was arrested by Policemen from the Internal Investigation Unit.

He described the act as being rogue, and alleged that the Policemen were easily influenced by a fellow officer related to a former Chuave MP.

After speaking about his arrest, Mori said moving forward into the elections, candidates must not use the Police to suppress the rights of the people to vote freely.


PPC Manus raises concern about suggestions for a brothel on Manus

Friday Feb 3rd 2017

PPC Manus raises concern about suggestions for a brothel on Manus

Provincial Police Commander for Manus Province Senior Inspector David Yapu is concerned about a local landowner suggesting the establishment of a brothel on Manus Island only to cater for the 900 plus asylum seekers.

Mr Yapu said it will be illegal and also against Papua New Guinea’s Christian principles. The brothel will create more social problems and unwanted pregnancy including the spread of HIV Aids now prevalent on the Island.

“The brothel will become an issue affecting our traditional family morals and values with young girl and mothers servicing those asylum seekers for the sake of easy money,” say PPC Yapu.


PPC Yapu is aware of asylum seekers engaging local youths to buy home brew for them. However, he has not received any reports of local youths soliciting young girls for sexual favours with asylum seekers.

“This is news to me. I have not received any such reports,” Senior Inspector Yapu said.

PPC Yapu said the asylum seekers outnumber the local police with 911 at the Manus regional processing centre at Lombrum and 68 refugees at East Lorengau transit centre.

“We only have 55 police personal in Manus and should there be any unrest or riot the police will be out numbered,” PPC Yapu said.

The PPC is seeking 15 new police recruits who passed out from the Police College at Bomana recently to beef up the police manpower on the island province. He said accommodation for the news recruits is being arranged with PNG Immigration Department at the centre.

PPC Yapu said that 39 cases were reported to police last year 2016 involving asylum seekers and refugees. Such cases as consumption of homebrew and drugs, procession of pornographic materials, drunk and disorderly causing nuisances in public places, resisting police arrest, damaging properties and sexual touching and assault.

The court has convicted those found guilty in a form of fine, others were cautioned and discharge. But some cases were struck out because lack of evidence.

PPC Yapu said the police have no control over the movements of the asylum seekers after the Supreme Court ruled that the Refugee Centre is illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional.

He said given that freedom the asylum seekers have gone beyond the town boundaries into villagers and outer islands. The PPC is concern about their safety and the consequences that may arise if the asylum seekers are assaulted, injured or killed.

The PNG Immigration officers are responsible for the movements of the asylum seekers, but they are currently under staffed. The general feeling among the public is the movement of refugees especially at night which is not safe and they should be back in camp by 6pm.

The police have conducted awareness for the asylum seekers to respect the locals and the laws of PNG. But it seems to have fallen on deaf ears and social problems is now an issue with local police and the asylum seekers.

PCC Yapu has instructed his officers not to hesitate and deal with these asylum seekers if they come into conflict with PNG laws

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