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29 youths graduate with certificate to deliver health services

TWENTY-nine young men and women were the first to graduate from the Kungumanda Foursquare Community Health Workers Training School in Wapenamanda, Enga, last Friday.
Their qualification is recognised by the PNG Medical Board.
It was the school’s fifth commencement exercises – those who graduated in the first four years were unlucky as they did not receive a nationally recognised CHW certificate but still served in the health sector. Enga Governor Sir Peter thanked the Foursquare Gospel Church for partnering with the provincial and national government to train health workers.
He admitted that there is an acute shortage of the health workers in the country and churches play a huge role in bridging that gap.
He called on the new community health workers to serve with love, commitment and dedication. Enga health authority chief executive Aaron Luia presented the certificate of registration recognising the Kungumanda school as an institution with the licence to conduct private health training.
Church of the Foursquare Gospel in PNG president and Foursquare national education agency secretary Rev Timothy Tipitap said it was relief for the school which had copped criticisms in the past 10 years with claims it was not a recognised institution.
Principal Sr Marivic Serafina said Kungumanda was an institution of excellent standards that will administer the holistic approach on basic health education of the highest order.
“Go out and be the light that the world wants to see. You are representing Jesus,” Serafina told the graduates.
“The people that you touch and give medicines will receive healing.”

Source: The National

O’Neill urges nations to be proactive with issues

Source: The National

PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill has called on the big nations to be more proactive in dealing with global issues which impact on developing countries, such as climate change and refugees.

In his address to the United Nations General Assembly on Saturday in New York, O’Neill said many of the challenges which confronted smaller nations today “are not of our making, but we bear the consequences of actions by other larger and developed countries”.

“We live in a rapidly globalising world, where many events and influences are beyond national borders. The challenges we face are unlikely to be overcome by any individual country,” he said.

“All nations, large or small, rich or poor, weak or strong, must strengthen our resolve and work together.”

O’Neill said global factors had undermined growth in developing countries, which should be considered by larger countries.

“One of the biggest threats to humanity comes from within our global community of nations.  Climate change is real, and it is taking lives and destroying communities,” he said.

“PNG and other Pacific island nations remain highly vulnerable to the adverse impacts of climate change.

“This includes extreme tropical storms, severe droughts and seawater inundation in coastal communities.

“The chances for development in smaller countries have been harmed by the mess created by the more powerful nations.”

2017 Easter Message From Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea 12 April 2017

My Fellow Papua New Guineans.

As a Christian nation, Easter has special significance for Papua New Guinea.

Throughout Christian communities in cities, towns and villages around our Nation, we celebrate our Faith.

This Easter we will again be reminded of the enormous sacrifice that Our Lord, and Saviour, made of the cross on the first Good Friday.

On Easter Sunday the sadness of his suffering will be replaced by the glory of his resurrection.

The good will overcome evil, which will strengthen the foundations for our Christian church, that serves our nation so well today.

In extending greetings to all our Christian communities, and families, I want to acknowledge with gratitude the wonderful contribution the Church, and the Christian community, make to so many aspects of our national life.

Without the services church organisations provide right across Papua New Guinea, the living standards in many communities and families would suffer.

I thank the Church school teachers, Church health workers, for the dedicated services you provide to our families right across the nation.

On behalf of our Government, I thank the leaders of all our Christian Churches for their commitment and great compassion.

I again wish to warmly congratulate our Catholic Archbishop, His Eminence Cardinal John Ribat, on becoming Papua New Guinea’s first Cardinal.

His historic elevation by Pope Francis is not just a tribute to Cardinal Ribat’s leadership, it reflects the Holy Father’s acknowledgement of the importance of Christianity in Papua New Guinea.

Across all denominations, our Christian Churches help to meet our real needs in our remote and regional areas.

Our Churches support family life, work to end violence against women, and to address the challenges posed by HIV/AIDS.

I also applaud the work of our churches in the growing area of trade and vocational training.

This vital work contributes to the skilling of our young people and employment growth in our economy.

Education is vital for healthier, safer and economically secure communities.

Our Government is committed to advancing education in our country.

Our free school education program might place a burden on Government expenses, but this is the best investment that we can make in our Nation’s future.

By education an entire generation, and placing more than one million additional students in school, most of them girls, we are laying the foundations for a stronger and more advanced Nation.

We will continue with our commitment to strengthen educated, along with our universal healthcare and law and order programs.

We will continue to work with our Churches in each of these areas and strengthen our communities.

Our Government will continue to advance the direct funding of our churches.

This funding assists church-run health and welfare services to be maintained and expanded, and it is a program we are committed to continue.

It is also appropriate to thank church based centres and organisations such as the Divide Word and Adventist Universities.

As well as the YWAM Medical Ships Program, that is helping to meet the healthcare and training needs of communities around Papua New Guinea.

We are truly blessed with the wide-ranging, compassionate, and growing work of our churches, and church organisations.

This is work that is being undertaken in communities across Papua New Guinea today.

Our Nation is changing, it is growing and developing, and we must continue to advance Papua New Guinea.

As we celebrate the great Christian Festival of Easter, I know you join with me in giving thanks for this work in all its forms, and we pray that it will continue to grow.

My wife Lynda, and our family, wish you, your families and your friends, a Happy and Safe Easter.

May the true message of good over evil remain with us this Easter, and throughout the year ahead.

May God Bless Papua New Guinea.

PNC Ialibu-Pangia Peter O’Neill April 12, 2017 3.40 pm


EAST NEW BRITAIN finally welcomes its son Cardinal John Ribat who arrived in the province to an overwhelming crowd who welcomed him on his arrival.

Accompanying the Cardinal was Deputy PM Sir Leo Dion, Archbishop of Rabaul Francesco Panfilo, former Archbishop of Rabaul Karl Hesse, Rabaul MP Dr Allan Marrat and Pomio Mp Elias Kapavore who made sure Cardinal Rivat’s arrival in the province was well met by his people.
Cardinal Rivat will visit various Church run institutions during his stay in East New Britain