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Proposal eyed for Motu Koitabu seat

August 18, 2017  
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Prime Minister Peter O’Neill (pictured) says he will ensure that the Motu Koitabu people in the National Capital District have
a voice at national level.

O’Neill was responding to a query during a breakfast with the business community in Port Moresby yesterday whether there was a legislation that the government could use to ensure a seat for the

Motu Koitabuans in the 2022 election.
“I made a firm commitment during the elections that we will certainly introduce legislation to capture one seat for Motu Koitabu alone in the city,” he said.

“I will be putting that proposal together and, of course, I’m certain that is the commitment PNC (People’s National Congress) has made, you can be rest assured of PNC’s support.

“But again it will require legislative numbers which will require support from our friends on
the other side, but we will talk to them.
“I have made a firm
commitment and I will follow it through.”


Mt. Hagen Show 2017


The 2017 Hagen Show is expected to take places in Mt. Hagen, August 19th-20th.

Tribes from all over the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea and other neighboring provinces from the Highlands region will gather in the township of Mt. Hagen to put on exciting cultural performances involving traditional dances, singing and ritual – rivaling that of the Goroka Show.

The Hagen Show was first before PNG’s Independence as an event to unify tribes.


The first Mount Hagen Cultural Show was staged in 1961, while PNG was still under the colonial rule of Australia. Many different tribes from the Highlands gathered together in an effort to share their cultural experiences with each other, bringing a calming effect to inter-tribal conflicts and animosities.

Since the first show, there have of course been technological advancements, political developments, and major paradigm shifts; namely, PNG’s independence from Australia in 1975. Mount Hagen has boomed in the past 40 years, and is now the third largest city in PNG. While the tribal focus of the show remains the same, the event has been made more tourist-friendly. A mix of tribal traditions and modern entertainment are designed to attract international and domestic travelers, and there is now a monetary prize for the winning cultural group. This ensures that the singsings are a colorful, competitive affair, with performers drumming, chanting and dancing at a pace that leaves even the audience breathless.

Now local entertainers from the modern music scene also perform during the show.  Arts and crafts will also be on display apart from the cultural groups which will be preforming

Don’t miss out on this exciting cultural event in one of the Highlands regions biggest commercial township!


Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority

Visit Papua New Guinea:

Photo credit : Cultural Show Tours Packages in Papua New Guinea.

Crocodile Festival

Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA)

The Sepik River Crocodile Festival is a three-day cultural celebration staged annually in Ambunti, East Sepik Province of Papua New Guinea.

The Sepik River Crocodile Festival highlights the importance of the crocodile and its cultural significance to the people of the Sepik River.

The Sepik River is one of the largest rivers in the Asia-Pacific region and is home to some of the world’s largest freshwater and saltwater crocodile populations.

In Sepik culture man and crocodile share a special bond. The Crocodile symbolizes strength, power and manhood.  Skin-cutting initiations continue in Sepik River communities where men proudly wear scars cut into their skin during the rite of passage. These scars, resembling the back of a crocodile, run from the shoulder to the hip.

Crocodiles are significant to the Sepik culture where they have cultural traditions, beliefs and legends based on this ancient animal.

The festival is usually held every first weekend of August.  For 2017 it was held last weekend from August 5th – 7th. You had to be there to experience the culture and beauty from one of Papua New Guinea’s fascinating tribal heartlands in the East Sepik, Momase Region.

If you missed out this year, not to worry, there is one next year and it gets better every year.

For updates follow the Sepik River Crocodile Festival Facebook group page.

To find out more on accommodation and adventure tour agents that operate inline with the Crocodile Festival you can click in the link below which is the source of our story.


Court Reserves Ruling On Gumine Case

Sally Pokiton


The Waigani National Court has reserved its ruling on two applications that was moved this afternoon surrounding the legal declaration of the Gumine seat.

Presiding judge, Justice Collin Makail this afternoon heard the two applications that was moved by lawyers representing Dawa Lucas Dekena and Nick Kuman.

The case returned following the restraining orders that were issued on Aug 2, stopping Kuman from making the declaration of office taking part in the election of the Speaker and Prime Minister.

However, the restraining orders were not served in time to the Speaker and Clerk of Parliament, in order for it to take effect against Kuman.

The orders were issued at 11:50am, Kuman made declaration at 12:03pm

Dekena’s lawers submitted in court today that the original writ that was issued by the Electoral Commission on April 20, was signed by Max Yomba, the appointed Returning officer.

It was also put before the court that another writ, issued on April 26, was the one issued by Freddy Yuan.

Lawyer for the Electoral Commission told the court that the application by Dekena’s lawyers should be refused in order to maintain the status-quo, as Kuman has already made the declaration of office.

Kuman’s lawyer at the same time this afternoon, also asked the court to dismiss the case, sighting unreasonable cause of action by Dekena as his client has already been sworn in.

His lawyer said that the case is an abuse of process now that a member has been declared and the only way to challenge the result is by way of election petition.

But Greg Egan, who represented Dekena said it is important that the duly elected member for Gumine represent them on the floor of parliament.

He also asked for an expedited hearing of the case.

Counting for the seat ended on July 26, however the declaration was made two days later on “different results”.

Health Centre In Dire Straits

Post Courier Author 

BWAGAOIA health centre on Misima island in Samarai-Murua, Milne Bay province has been closed down due to drug shortage, limiting people’s access to medical services.

This was revealed by MP for Samarai-Murua, Isi Henry Leonard.

Mr Leonard has already made arrangement for a medical doctor to be on Misima to provide the medical service and expertise.

“My challenge now is to look at alternative sources where I can draw medical drug supplies and have them supplied to four LLG areas which are Gwasopa, Jinzo on Rossel island, Nimoa on Sudest Island, Bwagaoia at Misima and Samarai health centre.

I need to provide drugs immediately, to the health centres” he said.

A few patients and villagers from Kimuta island which is about 30 minutes dinghy ride from Misima also reported a similar issue and that they were not seeking medical services.

Mr Leonard said the geographical remoteness of the electorate is making health service delivery “most challenging” and that he would address this as his first task in office.

“We are so remote and cut-off to vital services and that our people are suffering. There are deaths that should have been prevented but are happening due to lack of medicine and medical professionals,” Mr Leonard said.

Snake Bite Awareness Vital

Post Courier Author 


St John Ambulance PNG is looking at focusing its emergency medical technician (EMT) and ambulance operator team training to deal with snakebites.

According to St John Ambulance PNGs’ chief staff officer, Matthew Cannon, the prevalence of snakebite related deaths in PNG is extremely high and warranted greater attention.

“On average, about three people in PNG die of snake bites everyday, which is equivalent to about 1000 a year. In Australia they only get one snake bite related death a year. That is equal to about 1000 times the snakebite related deaths for a population that is about 33 times smaller,” he said.

Statistics have indicated a higher occurrence of poisonous snake bites along the coastal regions of PNG, especially along the Papuan coast.

Gapi Mala, a 56 year-old from Kore village in Rigo was bitten by a death adder a month ago while working in his garden.

According to Mr Mala, he had not felt the bite, but realized something was wrong when he started coughing up blood.

The prompt actions of his family members who took him to Kwikila station hospital and then to Port Moresby general hospital saved his life.

According to Mr Cannon there needs to be awareness of how to deal with snakebites.

“We need to dispel some rumors; firstly, sucking the venom out of the bite wound doesn’t work and in some cases may even make things worse. Cutting the wound also and tying off the limbs to restrict blood flow doesn’t work.”

“The first thing you should always do is call an ambulance. After that, you need to put a compression bandage on the wound and try not to move the patient around as much as possible. This can increase blood flow, causing the venom to spread much faster through the body. If the patient starts experiencing nausea, vomiting or drooping eyelids, put them on their side to clear their airways,” he said.

Mr Cannon said it was important to identify the type of snake that bit you, as some snakes have a dry bite and are not venomous.

“It is helpful if you can take a photo of the snake to help identify it, but about 90 per cent of all snakebite cases we deal with are caused by the Papuan Taipan or Papuan Black. We deal with several snakebite cases in a week in Port Moresby.”

Gazetted Position Allow Teachers To Find Top Jobs

14th August 2017

Source:The National

Teaches in Morobe will now have the chance to apply for more than 4000 positions gazetted by the Teaching Service Commission for the 2018 school year.


The position are for primary, secondary and technical vocational education and training school (TVET) teachers currently teaching in the province.


Provincial Appointment Officer Paul Tayang on Saturday said teachers now have the opportunity to be promoted as the positions have been gazetted.


He said in 2014, the only positions available for them to apply for were senior position but this year all positions had been gazetted and it was an opportunity for teachers to apply for positions that they were eligible for.  Morobe has 3,471 primary school positions, 519 secondary school positions and 167 TVET teaching positions gazetted for the next year.


Meanwhile, Tayang said application for schools closed on July 7, however, schools on remote locations still have till Friday.


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