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No Evidence of Development from the more than K40 Million in DSIP Delivered to the Kavieng District

*** Serious Questions Remain About the Use of Kavieng K40 Million DSIP ***

The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, has raised serious questions about what happened to more than K40 million delivered to the Kavieng District over the past four years.

PM O’Neill said District Services Improvement Program (DSIP) funding has delivered great change for many other districts around the Nation, but not in Kavieng.

“It is within my right to say that there is no evidence of development from the more than K40 million in DSIP delivered to the Kavieng District over the past four years,” PM O’Neill said.

“Why has the K40 million given to the Kavieng District not been spent on improving Kavieng?

“Ben Micah’s focus should be on serving the neglected people of Kavieng, instead he is being driven by selfish grandstanding that is driven by ego. A leader should be able to accept any criticism leveled against them based on fact, instead of crying foul and lashing out with unsubstantiated criticism against others.

“A leader should be able to take criticism, learn from it, and strive to do a better job at delivering development and services for the people.

“When I went into Parliament in 2002, the Somare Government did not give any support to districts in the country. Not even a Toea went to Kavieng District, not a Toea from the Government went into my district of Ialibu-Pangia.

“That is why all the services were run down right around the country. All the roads were run down, law and order was a big issue, schools were run down, health services and everything was run down.

“But when we went into government in 2012, we changed all this and now all districts receive direct funding in our country.

“For the first time in the history of our country, funding is going straight to the districts because I want it to reach people.”

The Prime Minister said the personal attacks by the Kavieng member are unfortunate, but that is the way he has handled himself since leaving Government.

“Ben Micah really should remember that in 2011, when he was bankrupt and jobless, I picked him up from nothing and gave him a second chance.

“The bad decisions he has made in recent years have led him to where he is today – alienated in his own party and disowned by his people.

“His troubles today are a demonstration of disloyalty and ego, and he has a price to pay.

The Prime Minister said despite questions over the use of Kavieng’s DSIP, the National Government has continued to directly fund projects in New Ireland Province.

“We are about to finish work on the road going down to Buluminski, and we have completed renovations of the Kavieng Hospital and airport fencing, and many roads and jetties and other projects were directly funded by the National Government. All school fees and hospitals have been funded by the National Government.”


PNC People’s National Congress June 5, 2017 at 7.38 pm


PM highlights irony of Micah’s Apec snubbing

The National

IT is ironic that Kavieng will host an Apec tourism ministers’ conference next year, and yet Kavieng MP Ben Micah wants to cancel the Apec summit, the prime minister says.
Speaking to supporters at Ela Beach on Tuesday, Micah said he will  cancel the summit if his People’s Progress Party forms the next government after this month’s general election.
“The world is looking at us,” O’Neill told hundreds of people at Cartaret Oval in Kavieng during a campaign rally for People’s National Congress candidate Martin Aini yesterday.
“Your member was in Port Moresby and gathering all kinds of people together (at Ela Beach), and telling them that he will cancel Apec.
“You must know that in Apec 2018, tourism ministers with more than 200 delegates, will be here in Kavieng.
“We try to promote tourism, and here, we will have tourism ministers from 21 of the most-powerful countries in the world here in Kavieng.
“What a great opportunity for you to display the tourism potential of Kavieng and New Ireland.
“But here, we have someone who is painim toktok (looking for something to say).
“Em painim toktok (he is looking for something to say).
“We are talking about the good of the country, where education is going to go, where health is going to go, don’t talk about self-interest and ego.
“Ego never achieves anything, pride never achieves anything – it only causes problems.”
O’Neill said Aini, who was Kveing MP before losing to Micah in the 2012 general election, will be their next representative in Parliament.
“Martin Aini doesn’t have a house in Singapore, Martin Aini doesn’t have a house in Australia, Martin Aini lives in the village,” he said.
“This is the kind of leader that we want.”

Hosting an APEC Meeting is a very Effective way to Promote Tourism & Culture

*** Regional APEC Meetings to Deliver Real Benefits Around the Nation ***

Tourism will generate thousands of jobs in the coming years, and the hosting of APEC events in growing tourism hubs will make an important contribution to this growing sector.

The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, was speaking with around two thousand PNC supporters in Kavieng when he assured them that their current local member’s threat to cancel the hosting of APEC next year is just hot air.

He said the election of Martin Aini as the PNC Candidate for Kavieng Open is the only way the district can advance with a dedicated elected leader who is committed to the interests of the district and the country.

“These claims by a single opposition member that he would cancel APEC cannot be taken seriously,” the Prime Minister said.

“I have already had to assure our APEC partner economies that he is just one opposition member from 111 in the Parliament, and has a record for making highly questionable statements just to get attention.

“If you ask almost any other member of the Parliament if they agree with Papua New Guinea hosting APEC in 2018, they would be supportive.

“The Kavieng Member’s threat to cancel APEC has also backfired because it would mean cancelling the APEC Tourism Minister’s meeting, part of which will take place in his district.

“The Member for Kavieng would take APEC away from his own electorate just political mischief.

“His four party members do not support him, and even the Opposition Leader is against such foolish tactics.

“Hosting an APEC meeting is a very effective way to promote tourism and culture in regional centres, as well as encourage skills transfer and local capacity development.”

The Prime Minister said people around the country are tired of candidates who are standing without any clear policies and who just want to run the country down.

“The only people who are knocking the economy are in the opposition.

“They have spent this whole campaign making false claims, talking the economy down, and never offering any real alternatives.

“The current Member for Kavieng has demonstrated that he is not in this election for his people, but for himself.

“That is another reason why the people of Kavieng need to elect an intelligent and balanced leader, and that is what you have in Martin Aini.

“Martin Aini is a leader who will work hard in his electorate and work in the interests of his people and the nation.”

The comments by the current Kavieng Member are at odds with his earlier statements where he embraced advancing national economic development through deepening engagements with APEC.

Prime Minister’s Office PNG June 1, 2017 at 5.41 pm

Charles Abel: My People are Seeing Developments

*** PNC Government Touching the Ordinary People, says Abel ***

Alotau Open MP and Minister for Planning Charles Abel says he has given his heart and soul for his people over the last 10 years.

Abel told The National that his people were seeing developments and their member visiting them regularly for the first time had made a difference.

“We also have a PNC-led government that is touching the ordinary people,” Abel said.

In the Alotau Open seat, Abel will be facing a strong challenge from lawyer Allan Baniamai and Lisia Ilaibeni. Both had contested the last two elections.

Abel said that in 2007 he was the last person to be nominated and he was on second place to Ilaibeni on primary count by 105 votes out of 39 candidates.

He won by 305 votes only after preferential voting on the last elimination.

“Certainly, I never saw myself as being a politician nor expected to win,” Abel said.

“The Lord gave me an opportunity and I’ve tried to repay Him through a total commitment to service to our people.”

Abel, who is currently travelling the length and breadth of his electorate, mainly in the hinterlands of Rabaraba, said it was one of the privileges of his job to spend time with people.

“One of the privileges of my job is I get to spend a lot of time in the villages, washing in the river, sleeping and eating with people.

“As I visit them yet again in this campaign and listen to the elders and community leaders speak, I wish that I could somehow convey some of their sentiments to those in the urban centres.

“I honestly feel overwhelming, emotional support from the people.

“I will always remember these days as the best part of the job.”

The National Newspaper May 25, 2017

E- Library Named


Chayil Information Technology founder Shane Chinau said his e-library initiative was first supported and funded by Lae district for the last two years under the political leadership of incumbent Lae MP Loujaya Kouza and administration management of CEO Robin Calistus.

Thus, Mr Chinau said in appreciation of their financial support to have e-library for staff and students in Lae schools, they have install for free wireless e-library at Butibam Resource Centre named after the Lae MP and recently launched the Robin Calistus e-library at Lae district office.

“The e-library contains information of education, health, agriculture and general knowledge that can be access within 150 radius coverage area of Lae district office.

17 Shot Dead In Buimo Breakout


SEVENTEEN prisoners have been shot dead after a mass breakout of 77 prisoners at Buimo jail in Lae last Friday.
Their bodies are now at Angau Memorial Hospital morgue while Lae residents have been warned to expect an upsurge in crime in coming days.
The prisoners dashed for freedom about 11am on Friday after breaking out of the men’s detainee compound.
Lae police metropolitan commander Chief Super­in­tendent Anthony Wag­am­bie Jr said yesterday that of the escapees, 17 are dead, three captured and 57 still at large.
Mr Wagambie said details of how the escape happened would be released by the Correctional Services hierarchy.
He warned the public to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions when moving around during the national election campaign period. “These are undesirable people and will be a threat to the community,” he added.
Mr Wagambie called on family members and close associates of the escapees not to harbour them but to encourage them to surrender to police.
“If the escapees fear for their safety, they can go through their community leaders, church elders or family members to be brought to me so that I can ensure they are brought back to Buimo jail safely.
“I am warning them that they will be caught. They must do what is good for them and surrender,” he said, adding he had been in Port Moresby and only returned to Lae yesterday.
Mr Wagambie anticipates an increase in criminal activities in Lae as long as the 57 prisoners are on the run. “The public must be vigilant, but the escapees must surrender and not let us go after them.”
The bodies of the deceased are under heavy guard at Angau.
Buimo jail commander Felix Nomane refused to comment, hanging up the telephone when contacted yesterday.

Picture: EMTV online

Mass Jailbreak at Buimo


There was a break out Buimo CS in Lae just before lunch on Friday (12 May).

An officer on the ground confirmed this and said the detainees broke out from the male detainee compound.

It is not confirmed how many prisoners broke out and escaped but the CS officer said some were captured and the total number of escapees will be disclosed at a later date.

Police and CS personnel are searching the vicinity near Buimo for the escapees at Drai Wara.

The CS Commander could not be reached.

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