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Elected Leaders still have designated authority to carry out their mandated function and this should not be interrupted

*** The National Newspaper Should Not Politicize Public Servants ***

The Chief Secretary to Government, Amb. Isaac Lupari CBE, has cautioned editors to not politicise public servants in coverage of the upcoming elections, and to check their facts before going to print.

“Today, the National newspaper has published an inaccurate and very misleading story under the headline: Civil servants’ ‘role is to back PM,’” the Chief Secretary said.

“This headline is misleading with a fake quote that was never made.

“The Prime Minister, Ministers and the Opposition Leader remain in their positions until the next Parliament convenes, and still maintain support from administrative staff and police.

“Elected Leaders still have designated authority to carry out their mandated function and this should not be interrupted.

“Is the National suggesting that the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader should not have security during the election period? That is absurd.

“This is the established procedure for all elections past, and is in line with Commonwealth standards in the conduct of elections.

“The National further stated that it is ‘understood,’ as in a rumour, that the Prime Minister travels with 10 protocol officers and uses the official Falcon jet to travel election functions.

“This is absolute rubbish and if the National had cared to check facts this would have been clear.

“Public Servants carry out their official duties for the Prime Minister, Ministers and the Opposition Leader, and do not have any involvement with politics.

“In a world where social media rumour is in abundance, the people look to established media to set high standards, to report fact and to cross-check those facts before going to print.

“The National must retract this story and apologise to their readers.”


PNC Ialibu-Pangia Peter O’Neill June 6, 2017 at 3.49 pm


Buai Ban only Partially Lifted

***Official Statement Regarding Status of Buai Ban***

Ever since the Koki betel nut market was opened last year we have only partially lifted the betel nut ban. This was announced last year. It’s not a decision made now as reported in the national. The news in the national is incorrect.

We also have not allowed betel nut to be sold everywhere in the city as reported by the national. The revised strategy is to only allow regulated sale on a wholesale and retail basis that is to be sold at approved locations in the city. There has been some locations identified already and has been officially designated as vending sites. Our management is also in the process of identifying new locations. Announcement has been made in the past and others will be announced later when locations are identified and confirmed.

Please note that there will be no sale either in wholesale or retail at major shopping malls and public places.

The revised strategy will also include spraying and cleaning the roads and surrounding walls of betel nut spittle. This will be rolled out soon when the cleaning products are in country. It’s a shame for us to have to do this clean-up of our own filth but some of our people are still letting us down. I wish people learn to chew responsibly.

Despite what critics say the city is much better now due to the ban. We never promise an overnight success but we promised a journey. And we are getting there. Behaviour and habits takes time to change but we will surely get there. Change is inevitable.

This new strategy is an opportunity for all of us to show that we care for our city, our health, our image and our city as a national capital and as the face of PNG. Let us take ownership and responsibility for its well-being so it can give us a foundation for a better future

Thank you

Hon. Powes Parkop LLB LLM MP

Statement Release: Be Very Mindful of your Actions During these Last 3 Weeks of Campaigning

*** Statement from the People’s National Congress, General Secretary, Mr. Joseph Kup. ***

“The 2017 National Elections are a time for the people of Papua New Guinea to decide who is the best equipped and most capable leader for their province or district.

“The people of Papua New Guinea deserve correct and factual information to make informed decisions before going to vote on the 24th of June.

“It is not fair or right that during this election campaign, our people have been bombarded with numerous lies, false stories, and claims of pending court cases.

“During these past five weeks of campaigning, I have seen the increasing number of personal attacks and the increased number of fake stories appearing on social media.

“In some cases, this has been the lowest forms of gutter politics used to try and discredit contesting candidates and sitting members.

“This simply disgusts me, and it is not becoming of potential candidates or sitting MP’s to behave in this fashion.”

“I am placing a call out to all party Presidents, General Secretaries, party executives, sitting members, and candidates, to be very mindful of your actions during these last three weeks of campaigning.

“I have extended the same sentiment to all PNC sitting members and candidates.

“Our Party Leader, Hon. Peter O’Neill and I will not tolerate any low-level gutter politics within the PNC. We will win on our delivery and merit.

“I ask that all candidates focus on your policies, what you have achieved, what you want to deliver, and the strategies you will employ for the people within your province or district.”

“The people and supporters of PNG are bright and intelligent, and they know when they are being deceived. I ask you to trust in your campaigning abilities, and continue to deliver your message.”

“You will not see the PNC behave in any other manner than professional and providing quality leadership credentials. We look forward to a fair and challenging last three weeks of campaigning with the respect that all parties deserve.”

Decision that You make in terms of Engaging in Social Media really Depends on Your Value

***Meeting to Discuss Social Media***


Papua New Guinea is among Pacific Island countries that will develop a policy regarding the impact of social media on the public service when the next Pacific Public Service Commissioners’ Conference convenes in Noumea, New Caledonia, next year.

“So the theme of the conference in 2018 is going to be around open and transparent government and leadership, but we will be looking at specific issues like social media and its impact on transparency and the role of government,” Personnel Management Secretary John Kali said yesterday.

Mr Kali said social media, like Facebook, was influential, and the idea was for the public servants to develop values and ethics as guides for them to be responsible in their conduct when dealing with social media.

“We are trying to tell public servants that these values are important in your conduct; conduct is about decision making, so the decision that I make in terms of engaging in social media really depends on my value.

“If I have weak or no values, I’m going to engage in anything, but if I have strong ethical values, I exercise honesty, integrity, accountability, respect, transparency and wisdom,” Mr Kali said.

His counterpart, Vaosa Epa, who is the head of the Public Service Commission of Samoa, reiterated similar challenges the public service in other Pacific island countries faced.

Both acknowledged that social media, including Facebook, could misrepresent the public organisation or government’s stance on issues, and could have drastic negative impacts on other people, waste working hours and adds to unnecessary cost, and the conference next year is aimed at finding ways to address these issues for effective service delivery.

Mr Kali said the conference will also discuss on how the public can be engaged in influencing government policy development among other issues, like gender at the workplace.

Post-Courier  Tony Sii May 31, 2017

Graduates’ network to host election march

BY: Annette Kora

A tertiary graduates’ network in Port Moresby is organising a march to spread the word to PNG citizens to make wise decisions when voting in the elections.

This will be a first-of-its-kind event for the PNG Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship Graduates Network (PNG TSCFGN), Port Moresby Chapter.

Chairman of the Port Moresby Chapter, Conrad Kumul, said the main aim of the march is to emphasise the importance of this election, to educate and encourage the citizens not to just pray and stay away but take action by voting.

“It is also for the churches in the city to take a stand and to inform the general public to be patriotic and vote with a good, clear conscience.”

PNG TSCFGN will be hosting a press conference today at the PNG Bible Translation Association, located at Waigani, where the organising committee will officially announce the purpose of the of the White Shirt march that will take place on Saturday, 27th May, 2017.

“Our vision is to positively influence Papua New Guinea and beyond through an effective Christian professional network that strictly forbids politics and its association,” stated Kumul.

(Waigani, Port Moresby)

Leo Dion nominates for ENB Regional

The Evergreen sleepy town of Kokopo in the East New Britain Province turned RED today!

Deputy Prime Minister and Governor for EastNew Britain today nominates and turned the streets RED with his Party PNC colours!

Hundreds of City Residents all turned up to show signs of support that they will bring him back for another term in the Parliament.




Judiciary launches online case listings

BY: Sally Pokiton

Court users who don’t have access to emailed copies of the National and Supreme Court diary can now access that online on the PNG Judiciary website.

Chief Justice Sir Salamo has launched the online Case Docketing System (CDS) for Court Listings via the PNG Judiciary website and is encouraging court users to make use of the online listing services to improve on their case preparations and attendance in court.

He said online posting of the cases lists for both the National and Supreme Court is the first step the Judiciary is taking in introducing the e-filing which the Supreme Court will introduce later this year.


The PNG case list contains cases that are progressively listed before judges in both the National and Supreme Court for hearing on a daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly basis.

Basic and necessary information concerning each case such as parties, lawyers representing the parties, type of matter set down for hearing, the presiding judge, date, time and location of the hearing will be on the case list.

Sir Salamo said this is a step taken to modernise the judiciary’s case management system where technology is important in helping improving the efficiency of court case management systems.

“It’s a first time we done this by posting our case list online and we are quite pleased to achieve that,” he said.

“Posting of the case listings online is part of the court’s program to modernize the courts so that court services and court information are readily accessible to our court users.

“It gives us the opportunity also to build up our staff capacity and to train our staff to be able to make the necessary input of data and the technical requirements that go with it to be able to these products,” The Chief Justice added.

A third court, which is the Court of Appeals case listings will be included online too as and when the Appeal Court bill is passed by Parliament.

“We will upgrade the technical requirements and the data base so that the court of appeals can be included for its case listings,” Sir Salamo further added.

This Bill will see the Court of Appeals come between the National and Supreme Court. The third and final reading of the Bill was supposed to have gone through in the last sitting of Parliament however that was not done.  It remains on parliament’s list of unfinished business.



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