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Political Stability Needed for Continuation of Development

***PNC-Led Government to Bring New Era of Growth***


PM O’Neill was speaking with the people of Wiabo in the Obura Wanenara district of Goroka yesterday, where he committed to continue road construction in the province.

“In only five years, we have delivered on our promises in our simple policies, which you have seen all around you,” the Prime Minister said.

“Give us another five years, and you will see this country transform. Road infrastructure is the key to economic development and has been our government’s priority in ensuring the rural population have access to better services.

“Road infrastructure is essential for the delivery of healthcare and education so that services reach rural communities easily and on time.

“We will further continue funding for more classrooms and make sure educational materials reach the schools.”

The Prime Minister was campaigning with Obura Wanenara candidate John Boito, where he urged the people to vote for Mr Boito so that he can continue building the road from where it was left.

“There has been so much negativity during this campaign from the opposition, they have made wild accusations. But action speaks louder than words, and this has been demonstrated in the last five years.”

Village leaders in Wiabo applauded the commitments from the Prime Minister and Mr Boito after so many past decades of being neglected.

“In five years, we have delivered proper classrooms, and your children are going to school.

“Before we came to government, this was just a dream.

“Free education to continue under a PNC-led government, but it would be cancelled if the opposition had a chance to form government.

“The benefits of free education are clear for your children, particularly families in villages with parents who could not afford school fees.

“Our government will keep your kids in school so they can have better lives as they grow into adults.”

The Prime Minister was accompanied by PNC candidates including, Governor Julie Soso, Minister Nick Kuman and Minister Benny Allan.


Post-Courier June 7, 2017


Hosting an APEC Meeting is a very Effective way to Promote Tourism & Culture

*** Regional APEC Meetings to Deliver Real Benefits Around the Nation ***

Tourism will generate thousands of jobs in the coming years, and the hosting of APEC events in growing tourism hubs will make an important contribution to this growing sector.

The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, was speaking with around two thousand PNC supporters in Kavieng when he assured them that their current local member’s threat to cancel the hosting of APEC next year is just hot air.

He said the election of Martin Aini as the PNC Candidate for Kavieng Open is the only way the district can advance with a dedicated elected leader who is committed to the interests of the district and the country.

“These claims by a single opposition member that he would cancel APEC cannot be taken seriously,” the Prime Minister said.

“I have already had to assure our APEC partner economies that he is just one opposition member from 111 in the Parliament, and has a record for making highly questionable statements just to get attention.

“If you ask almost any other member of the Parliament if they agree with Papua New Guinea hosting APEC in 2018, they would be supportive.

“The Kavieng Member’s threat to cancel APEC has also backfired because it would mean cancelling the APEC Tourism Minister’s meeting, part of which will take place in his district.

“The Member for Kavieng would take APEC away from his own electorate just political mischief.

“His four party members do not support him, and even the Opposition Leader is against such foolish tactics.

“Hosting an APEC meeting is a very effective way to promote tourism and culture in regional centres, as well as encourage skills transfer and local capacity development.”

The Prime Minister said people around the country are tired of candidates who are standing without any clear policies and who just want to run the country down.

“The only people who are knocking the economy are in the opposition.

“They have spent this whole campaign making false claims, talking the economy down, and never offering any real alternatives.

“The current Member for Kavieng has demonstrated that he is not in this election for his people, but for himself.

“That is another reason why the people of Kavieng need to elect an intelligent and balanced leader, and that is what you have in Martin Aini.

“Martin Aini is a leader who will work hard in his electorate and work in the interests of his people and the nation.”

The comments by the current Kavieng Member are at odds with his earlier statements where he embraced advancing national economic development through deepening engagements with APEC.

Prime Minister’s Office PNG June 1, 2017 at 5.41 pm

Ela Beach Development: Reclaim the Glory of the Past

***K48mil for Ela Project***

The National Capital District Commission has invested K48 million to transform Ela Beach in Port Moresby into a beautiful city landmark.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop said the Bank of South Pacific provided a loan to develop the beach as part of the city’s development.

“It is part of the large transformation of the city to meet the increasing population’s social and economic demand,” he said.

The beach, after it is completed next year, will be in three stretches – one for family outings, one for sporting activities such as beach volleyball and one called the Lakatoi Beach for young people to hang out and have a bit of fun on.

The beach will have facilities such as parking spaces, restaurants and cafes. Parkop said Ela beach used to be the best in the city but was neglected.

“So we are now developing it to reclaim the glory of the past. The Ela Beach development is a massive investment,” the governor said.

“Port Moresby is expanding, physically and socially, economically and the population is almost a million.

“Every weekend, the beach is full and there is no parking space. So we are investing funds into the development to have a top class beach which it will benefit everyone.

“It is uplifting for our families, city residents and tourists too.

“Hiri Moale will have a good place where all the traditional activities will take place.

“It will be an amazing place for us to showcase our culture.”

 June 1, 2017

O’Neill: While many Commodity-Exporting Countries have faced Similar Economic Decline, PNG has Been Able to Maintain Positive Growth

*** PM O’Neill Calls for Greater Intervention to Strengthen Papua New Guinea Industry ***

The Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has outlined a plan for greater government involvement in Papua New Guinea’s industrial development.

In a speech to the Australia Papua New Guinea Business Forum & Trade Expo in Port Moresby last week, O’Neill outlined how to broaden the industry base and move some industries up the value chain.

O’Neill told the forum that both PNG and Australia have experienced economic stresses because of adverse movements in commodity prices.

‘There is no doubt that the past few years have been challenging for both economies as we weather this,’ he said.

O’Neill claimed the PNG economy had performed well despite the downturn in commodity prices.

‘While many commodity-exporting countries have faced similar economic decline, PNG has been able to maintain positive growth. With the global economic downturn, we had to make some tough decisions.

‘Our economy is growing in a positive direction, inflation is manageable and our debt levels remain sustainable—it is well within the limits of 35 per cent of GDP.

In a positive signal to the resources industry, O’Neill added that the government will ‘deliver’ Total’s Papua LNG project, and the proposed Wafi-Golpu and Frieda River mines.

Value Chain

O’Neill said that the economic downturn contained some important lessons for the country. He outlined initiatives designed to move PNG up the value chain in select industries. One of those is fishing.

‘Our plan is to ensure that all the fish caught in Papua New Guinea is processed in Papua New Guinea. Or, at the very least, will be processed onshore.

‘I have instructed the National Fisheries Authority to cease the current practice of discounting the sale price of vessel leases.’ O’Neill claimed this could create 16,000 new jobs in regional centres.

Another industry O’Neill believes should be targeted is logging. ‘By 2020, there will be no more round log exports,’ he said. ‘We will work closely with companies already located in Papua New Guinea.’

O’Neill added that there is an opportunity to add value in the petrochemical industry.

Broadening the Base

O’Neill said there is also a need to broaden PNG’s economic base: ‘moving away from this boom and bust cycle’.

‘We must manage our economy so it can continue to resist such cycles. We can’t continue to rely heavily on the resources sector forever.’

O’Neill pointed to agriculture as a potential growth sector. ‘We have great potential with millions and millions of acres of fertile land. But we have never been able to utilize that well. Instead, we import food instead of growing it ourselves.’

O’Neill nominated rice, coffee and copra as export commodities with potential to grow. He said the challenge is to improve the supply chain by building infrastructure so the commodities ‘can make it to the markets, not only in Papua New Guinea alone.’


Another sector offering potential is tourism, according to O’Neill. ‘We are one of the most diverse and spectacular countries on Planet Earth.’

He said the strategy is to work with the regional governments to create tourism hubs to ‘enable large scale tourism’, and also establish more air links.

The main target market is Chinese tourists. ‘There are more than 100 million Chinese people who visit countries all throughout the world. All we want is a small fraction of that market.’

 2017 via EMTV News Online May 18, 2017

E- Library Named


Chayil Information Technology founder Shane Chinau said his e-library initiative was first supported and funded by Lae district for the last two years under the political leadership of incumbent Lae MP Loujaya Kouza and administration management of CEO Robin Calistus.

Thus, Mr Chinau said in appreciation of their financial support to have e-library for staff and students in Lae schools, they have install for free wireless e-library at Butibam Resource Centre named after the Lae MP and recently launched the Robin Calistus e-library at Lae district office.

“The e-library contains information of education, health, agriculture and general knowledge that can be access within 150 radius coverage area of Lae district office.

Highlands Highway rehabilitation continues

BY: Sally Pokiton

Local Communities in the Henganofi district of Eastern Highlands province have been called on to support the rehabilitation of the Highlands Highway in the district.

Police Minister and member for Henganofi Robert Atiafa said local participation is important in carrying out the project which will cost over K81 million.

The signing of the project took place in Port Moresby this morning at Government house, and will see the Highlands Highway section of the Henganofi district to Lampo undergo rehabilitation over the next two years.

The Asian Development Bank and the Government of PNG are partnering in the road rehabilitation project, at a total cost of K81, 691,247.

Works Secretary David Wereh said this is part of the government’s ongoing Highlands Core Road Network efforts in the 10 year Highlands Highway rehabilitation work under ADB and European Union funding.

He said since the inception of the 10 year program in 2007, and under first tranche of the project sealed the Mendi to Kandep road, and the Liagam-Pogera road.

Other projects on various sections of the highlands highway are still being carried out.

Deputy General Manager of China Wuyi Co Ltd, Ding Hong Liang said despite this being their first project in the country, they are ready and will work closely with the locals to deliver it on time.

PNG’s WTO Representation


PAPUA New Guinea is amongst other Pacific Island countries excluding Fiji and Solomon Islands to have permanent representation in the World Trade Organisation.
This was revealed by the Secretary for Trade Commerce and Industry John Andrias yesterday.

Mr Andrias said however some are still in the process of establishing representation with the WTO.

He said PNG made a conscious decision to join the WTO and be part of the Multilateral Trading System (MTS) because it believes that the system provides security and stability in trade for all its members even more so for the smallest and most vulnerable economies.

“We believe the system was developed with the purpose of promoting prosperity for all its members,” he stated.

Therefore, Mr Andrias said Fiji and Solomon islands have a permanent representation in Geneva to help them so they have a mission.

PNG is represented from its Brussels mission and due to the distance they are not there on a day to day basis to attend to all the negotiations taking place in Geneva.

“We have done some submissions over the last three years, we have NEC endorsement but to date we are still looking at ways to get a mission established in Geneva because Geneva is a strategic location where you have the UN missions like WTO, ILO there so it will not be a mistake to have a permanent representation in Geneva where we will be able to safe guard our interests and also to look at ways to get more benefits and developments.

The rest of us who are members of WTO, rely on Pacific Islands Secretariat through Madam Mere Falemaka to represent us,” he said.

Mr Andrias said there is a small dedicated team in Geneva that monitors all the negotiations on all areas including export or fisheries subsidies issues which were not discussed or on the table over the last 16 years.

“So for us as a country and a region that that is dependent on fisheries, we are to ensure that there are proper rules and policies for us.

“Our interest is to be accommodated so we have to be in there to ensure that our interest in terms of policies and development aspirations are
all captured in the export subsidy rules that will be negotiated and accepted by all members once everyone agrees to it,” he said.

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