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PM orders call-out expansion

August 18, 2017    
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PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill has ordered that the security call-out in Hela be expanded to address the unrest in Enga and Southern Highlands.

The call-out is allowed under the existing order for Hela, he said in a statement.
“Our patience has ended with troublemakers in both Enga and Southern Highlands,” O’Neill said.

“The call-out will enable defence and police personnel to work together to maintain order.

“There will be zero-tolerance for any further interruptions to law and order, and community safety.

“The behaviour we are witnessing by small groups is totally unacceptable and is impacting on the lives of men, women and children in these areas.”

O’Neill warned people seeking to cause disruptions that they would be arrested by the disciplined forces and tried for criminal acts.

He said the situation was so different to the relative calm experienced during the recent general election in the Highlands.

“Throughout the campaigning and voting periods, we saw a big change in attitude in these areas,” O’Neill said.

“It is disappointing that towards the end of counting, we are seeing this unruly behaviour. I call on community leaders to work with the disciplined forces, and help to prevent anti-social behaviour in your areas.”

The call-out for Hela early this year was to address the issue of illegal guns and tribal fights before the election process began.


PPC Manus raises concern about suggestions for a brothel on Manus

Friday Feb 3rd 2017

PPC Manus raises concern about suggestions for a brothel on Manus

Provincial Police Commander for Manus Province Senior Inspector David Yapu is concerned about a local landowner suggesting the establishment of a brothel on Manus Island only to cater for the 900 plus asylum seekers.

Mr Yapu said it will be illegal and also against Papua New Guinea’s Christian principles. The brothel will create more social problems and unwanted pregnancy including the spread of HIV Aids now prevalent on the Island.

“The brothel will become an issue affecting our traditional family morals and values with young girl and mothers servicing those asylum seekers for the sake of easy money,” say PPC Yapu.


PPC Yapu is aware of asylum seekers engaging local youths to buy home brew for them. However, he has not received any reports of local youths soliciting young girls for sexual favours with asylum seekers.

“This is news to me. I have not received any such reports,” Senior Inspector Yapu said.

PPC Yapu said the asylum seekers outnumber the local police with 911 at the Manus regional processing centre at Lombrum and 68 refugees at East Lorengau transit centre.

“We only have 55 police personal in Manus and should there be any unrest or riot the police will be out numbered,” PPC Yapu said.

The PPC is seeking 15 new police recruits who passed out from the Police College at Bomana recently to beef up the police manpower on the island province. He said accommodation for the news recruits is being arranged with PNG Immigration Department at the centre.

PPC Yapu said that 39 cases were reported to police last year 2016 involving asylum seekers and refugees. Such cases as consumption of homebrew and drugs, procession of pornographic materials, drunk and disorderly causing nuisances in public places, resisting police arrest, damaging properties and sexual touching and assault.

The court has convicted those found guilty in a form of fine, others were cautioned and discharge. But some cases were struck out because lack of evidence.

PPC Yapu said the police have no control over the movements of the asylum seekers after the Supreme Court ruled that the Refugee Centre is illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional.

He said given that freedom the asylum seekers have gone beyond the town boundaries into villagers and outer islands. The PPC is concern about their safety and the consequences that may arise if the asylum seekers are assaulted, injured or killed.

The PNG Immigration officers are responsible for the movements of the asylum seekers, but they are currently under staffed. The general feeling among the public is the movement of refugees especially at night which is not safe and they should be back in camp by 6pm.

The police have conducted awareness for the asylum seekers to respect the locals and the laws of PNG. But it seems to have fallen on deaf ears and social problems is now an issue with local police and the asylum seekers.

PCC Yapu has instructed his officers not to hesitate and deal with these asylum seekers if they come into conflict with PNG laws

Hela Call Out Progressing

Jack Lapauve Jnr

The Call Out Operation is progressing in Hela, with another notorious warlord surrendering his guns on Saturday.

Gigita warlord, Buka Miape, surrendered more than 15 homemade guns, with two being factory made. Miape and his community walked the streets of Tari town under the escort of joint forces to surrender their guns.


While surrendering his guns, Miape appealed to his enemy tribe to do the same. Governor Potape also echoed same sentiments for all warring tribes.

Praising the Gigita warlord, PNGDF Contingent Task Force Commander, Lt. Col John Manuai, says more guns are still in possession of warlords and must be surrendered.

This is the third gun surrender program so far since the Call Out was launched three weeks ago.

Hela Governor, Francis Potape, says a program will be drafted for each LLG’s to surrender before the Gum amnesty ends.

All weapons seized will be recorded by the joint forces, including names, and will be destroyed a day before the gun moratorium elapses.

Hela wants an end to illegal firearms

Villages hand over 9 to callout troops

LOCAL villagers in Hela who have had enough of gun toting criminals have rounded up 9 suspects involved in a recent murder to hand over to call-out troops in Tari.

On Tuesday, led by Tipa village chief and Hela election manager John Tipa, villagers of Munima, Tipa, Halengoali, Waralo Ula and Paibali said enough is enough of few gun toting criminals and they rounded up 9 suspects involved in murder of a young man in Tari town on the morning of the same day.


Tari Pori MP and Finance Minister James Marape who the day before during the call-out had called for his people to cooperate with police and military had praises for the majority of law abiding citizens who did not hide these criminals but assisted in chasing them down only hours after the murder took place.

“As Member for Tari Pori, I always believe in my people and our intrinsic values of our customs that has more goodwill than bad.”

“Hulis are forgiving, loving and caring people, but due to break down of the law and justice sector in Hela since 1997, the majority were fearful of few who had guns. Now with more police in Hela the tide is changing.”

Mr Marape said his long term solution is for immediate opening of Hawa CIS and for more than 500 new permanent police into Hela police structure.

“Before I was operating under the shadow of Governor Anderson Agiru and had to await his call on almost everything, today when he is not around I will take leadership not only for my district but Hela as a whole and restoring law and order stand as my number one priority”.