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MoU Signing Ceremony between Pacific Adventist University and Enga Provincial Government/Enga College of Nursing

Another milestone achieved for Enga’s human development under the leadership of Enga Governor GC Sir Peter Ipatas and fully backed by Wabag Open MP Dr. Lino Jeremaih Tom as Sir PI signed the MoU paving way for students at Enga College of Nursing and PAU.

Hon Dr Lino Moses in his speech thanked Sir Peter Ipatas for reviving the hospital and the school for the people. He also thanked Sir PI for placing him there to spearhead the project under the guidance of Enga Works/Engineering Unit before becoming MP. He also thanked PAU for the MoU.

Sir PI thanked Dr Lino Moses and all the people involved in this vital project. Together We Can Make a difference.

The biggest obstacle we have now is ‘looking after this vital project and many others in the province’. It is everyone’s duty to look after it so that our children’s children’s children can benefit in the long run so that in return those who graduate and work will look after us when the need arises in hospitals.



The First-Hoisting Ceremony for the Commencement of Construction Phase of the New Butuka School

A proud day indeed for the people of Moresby South as Construction phase begins at the New Butuka School.

This gift from the people of Shenzhen City, in the Peoples Republic of China is a ‘breath of fresh air’ for Kirakira, Joyce Bay, Sabama and surrounding area.

Butuka is a timely investment, especially along National Governments Education policy.
Facilities will include brand new classrooms to accommodate a total of 3000 students in both Elementary, Primary and Secondary, with high standard sports facilities, teachers apartments and amenities.

This huge investment by the the People’s Republic of China through Shenzhen City will impact the lives of so many children, who will in turn make a difference for themselves, their families, communities and the country as a whole.

Opportunities like this come once in a while, and I owe great gratitude to the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) and Governor Powes Parkop for the vote of confidence in ensuring that this investment was accorded to the people of Moresby South through Butuka.

China’s investment into Papua New Guinea, especially through Education and Health partnerships over the past years have come with great impact for our people, and for this we are grateful to the people of China.

Shenzhen Sez Construction and Development Group Co. Ltd in cooperation with China Construction Steel Structure Corp. Ltd are reputable construction specialists in China and around the world, and we look forward to the new school.

With a reputation that includes the successful construction of over 200 steel structured projects over 30 cities in China and throughout the world, there are high expectations for standards in Butuka.

The High standards and Technical requirements set for Butuka make this investment another monument of China-Papua New Guinea relationships.


Source: Hon. Justin Tkatchenko MP October 17, 2017 at 12.51pm

Kuman Confident Of Growth In Education

Source: Post-Courier



Education Minister Nick Kuman is confident that the education sector is rapidly advancing due to the government’s firm commitment.

Mr Kuman said this last week when wishing the Grade 10s around the country “best of luck” in their national exams while acknowledging the government’s firm support with the tuition fee free (TFF) policy over the years.

He said the continuing commitment of the government is reflected in the “follow-on national education plan” (NEP) which builds on the many successes that the government has achieved in education in recent years, as well as learning from its mistakes.

“The NEP provides a roadmap for implementing the government’s commitment by providing education and training in technical and vocational skills that are essential for human development and building the nation,” Mr Kuman said.

The minister also said the focus today is to ensure that all the people of Papua New Guinea have the opportunity to have access to education and training that they are entitled to as citizens.

“Papua New Guineans must not be left out on education because of various contributing factors such as age groups, everyone is entitled to education and learning does not stop there,” he said.

“Basically our point and focus is on improving quality of education standard and take into account of widespread consultation as well gender equality which is a cross-cutting issue reflected in the plan all for a positive outcome of quality leaning.”

4 Land Leases for West New Britain

West New Britain has received a land title and three state leases for the province.

The land leases secured are for the building of the new Caritas Girls Technical school campus in the province, the building of sporting infrastructure near the new stadium, a culture centre and a jetty and fish processing facility.

Governor Sasindra Muthuvel, when receiving the leases, said he was happy with the leases, adding that the acquiring of the leases would go a long way in securing economic empowerment for the people of the province.

Lands and Physical Planning Minister, Justin Tkatchenko, said the securing of the titles is long overdue.

“Public land should be secured for public purpose. These land titles will assist the province of West New Britain,” Mr Tkatchenko said.

“Give the land where it rightfully belongs and utilise it for the people of PNG.”

“In West New Britain, big parcels of land, and especially for the PNG Games, big internationally accredited stadiums have been built.

And it gives me great pleasure in giving the state lease for the sporting stadium and all its surrounding stadiums.

“The State lease and title for the cultural centre that has been set up for 30 years, and the lease comes under the WNB government, securing the land to be further developed.

“The jetty and fish processing facility are important for starting up business activities under the provincial government. Under the provincial government, that land will see economic empowerment to the people,” Mr Tkatchenko said.

Mr Muthuvel said the land given to the WNB people belongs to the people and will be developed for future use.

Source: October 10, 2017

Applications open for Australia Awards Scholarship

Applications are now open for Papua New Guinea citizens to apply for an Australia Awards Scholarship.

Australia Awards Papua New Guinea is receiving applications for scholarships to commence study in Australia in 2019. Development priorities are aligned with the Government of Papua New Guinea, and the program is seeking candidates who can demonstrate an effective contribution upon their return.

This intake is targeting experienced professionals with a vision to drive change in the health, education, governance, law and justice, transport and infrastructure, agriculture or social support sectors.

Information sessions will be held in Port Moresby and throughout provincial locations in October, November and December 2017.

Previous awardees have made invaluable contributions to the advancement of Papua New Guinea and Ms Suzanne Edgecombe, Counsellor (Education) at the Australian High Commission, is confident that successful applicants for the 2019 intake will return from their experience with the tools to become equally great leaders in their fields.

“The Australian Government is working in partnership with the Government of Papua New Guinea to help build development capacity within the country’s working professionals,” she said.

“Australian Awards alumni are active agents of change and contribute wonderfully to the development of Papua New Guinea.”

The prestigious scholarships have been offered for over 50 years as a key part of the Australian Government’s commitment to partnering with the Government of Papua New Guinea to drive positive outcomes for the country.

Women, people living with a disability and residents of regional provinces are particularly encouraged to apply.

Applications will close on 28 February 2018.

Picture:(Graduate Certificate in International Trade and Graduate Certificate in International Relations course participants during a visit to the Australian Parliament House in July. L-R: Frederick Tamarua, International Trade, Jena Kuliniasi, International Relations, Nerida Kwarara, International Trade, and Londe Kalit, International Relations)


Wash Policy Attracting Donor Support


Source: Post-Courier


Picture: Loop PNG

The country’s first water, sanitation and hygiene (WaSH) policy has attracted the support of various development partners since its introduction in 2015.


With the national government’s commitment in having such a policy, it has since enabled focus areas identified to be addressed with increased expression of interest from development partners in the form of water and sanitation projects.


Program management unit co-ordinator, Takale Tuna said this when speaking at the Yumi Olgeta media event organised by the United Nations and European Union last week in Port Moresby.


As the result of the policy being passed by government we have actually been able to put together a lot of the development partners like World Bank has provided us a loan, EU has provided us some funding through UNICEF to address WaSH in schools and WaSH in health centres.”


“Also ADB is looking at peri-urban, which is basically the settlements, but also towns as well.”


“Also DFAT (Australia’s Department of Foreign Affair and Trade) have expressed interest and JICA (Japan’s aid program). So just because of the policy and the wash PMU (program management unit) that I head, there has been quiet great interest of the development partners to come around and help us address our water sanitation hygiene access.”


The WaSH policy aims to reduce water-borne diseases, reduce the amount of time that women especially spend their time collecting water, and equity issues to marginalised group in accessing water sanitation.


“Those are the main goals in terms of government improving the quality of life for Papua New Guineans,” Mr Tuna said.


PNG has never had a WaSH Policy and approaches to achieving national targets have been random and unco-ordinated.


As a result, access to improved water sources and safe sanitation has been declining in recent years as services fail to keep up with population growth and demand.

TVET Education Boosted In Bougainville


Source: Post-Courier



Fifty teachers have upgraded their teaching qualifications by participating in an Australian and internationally recognised course at the Bougainville Technical College.



Speaking at the graduation, Nicola Simpson, Second Secretary (Education) from the Australian High Commission commended the graduates for their commitment to improving vocational and further education in Papua New Guinea and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.


“This graduation is special because it marks an important step forward in strengthening the capacity of the country’s technical schools, business colleges and polytechnics,” Ms Simpson said.


The fifty participants include eighteen women, almost one-third of the cohort.



The Papua New Guinea-Australia partnership strongly endorses gender equity in Papua New Guinea’s education sector because it has proven benefits for individuals, communities and the nation.

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