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Political Stability Needed for Continuation of Development

***PNC-Led Government to Bring New Era of Growth***


PM O’Neill was speaking with the people of Wiabo in the Obura Wanenara district of Goroka yesterday, where he committed to continue road construction in the province.

“In only five years, we have delivered on our promises in our simple policies, which you have seen all around you,” the Prime Minister said.

“Give us another five years, and you will see this country transform. Road infrastructure is the key to economic development and has been our government’s priority in ensuring the rural population have access to better services.

“Road infrastructure is essential for the delivery of healthcare and education so that services reach rural communities easily and on time.

“We will further continue funding for more classrooms and make sure educational materials reach the schools.”

The Prime Minister was campaigning with Obura Wanenara candidate John Boito, where he urged the people to vote for Mr Boito so that he can continue building the road from where it was left.

“There has been so much negativity during this campaign from the opposition, they have made wild accusations. But action speaks louder than words, and this has been demonstrated in the last five years.”

Village leaders in Wiabo applauded the commitments from the Prime Minister and Mr Boito after so many past decades of being neglected.

“In five years, we have delivered proper classrooms, and your children are going to school.

“Before we came to government, this was just a dream.

“Free education to continue under a PNC-led government, but it would be cancelled if the opposition had a chance to form government.

“The benefits of free education are clear for your children, particularly families in villages with parents who could not afford school fees.

“Our government will keep your kids in school so they can have better lives as they grow into adults.”

The Prime Minister was accompanied by PNC candidates including, Governor Julie Soso, Minister Nick Kuman and Minister Benny Allan.


Post-Courier June 7, 2017


Policy of ‘Free Education & Free Health’ – Cornerstone of Developing PNG’s Next Generation and Securing the Future

***O’Neill: PNC Policies Vital***


Under the presence of local police, the Ialibu Pangia sitting MP and Prime Minister Peter O’Neill made a low-key arrival at the Kewabi local level government for his rally.

The People’s National Congress Party (PNC) parliamentary leader received overwhelming support and made his points clear to those who gathered.

He said the free education program is at its infant stage hence, the desired results will take time.

“The full potential of the Free Education Policy has not yet been reached”, said PM O’Neill.

“We are yet to see the fruits of this policy because it is at its infant stage.”

According to PM O’Neill, PNC will maintain its policies and move the country forward if its candidates get the desired numbers after polling despite the criticisms.

O’Neill made this statement during his campaign rally two days ago at Kewabi Village of Ialibu Pangia District in Southern Highlands province.

He says PNC’s policy of ‘free education and free health’ is the cornerstone of developing PNG’s next generation and securing the future.

Being challenged by 9 other candidates for the Ialibu Pangia seat, O’Neill is confident of returning, as polling looms.

“PNC will form the next Government”, reiterated O’Neill.

 O’Neill’s visit to the district is the 3rd during the campaign duration.


EMTV News Online   June 1, 2017

Parents and Guardians to Pay Extra Attention to their Children and Support them in their Studies because of the Election-Related Activities


Sixty nine thousand Grade 10 students will be expected to sit the Grade 10 Written Expression Examination in 301 Provincial High Schools and Secondary Schools nationwide on Thursday, 8 June, 2017.

The Secretary for Education, Dr Uke Kombra made this announcement today (31 May).

“All the Provincial Education Advisers, Provincial Examination Supervisors, Senior Secondary Schools’ Standards Officers, Guidance Officers, Principals, Head Teachers of all Provincial High Schools and Secondary Schools must be vigilant and security conscious of the confidentiality of the examination paper to avoid any form of malpractice that may compromise the examination results”, urged the Secretary for Education.

The Secretary appealed to the parents and guardians to pay extra attention to their children and support them in their studies because of the election related activities going on and is already affecting the attendance of many students and teachers.

Meanwhile, Dr Kombra wished the Grade 10 students in the country all the very best in their examination.

Post-Courier Newspaper May 31, 2017

Tertiary Students to borrow money [Interest-Free ] Themselves to Pay their School Fees

A tertiary education assistance fund will be established to support students whose parents are unable to pay for their tuition fees.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said his People’s National Congress Party will push for the funds establishment if it forms government in September.

He said the fund will be built on the Free Education Policy the Government has funded in the last 6 years.

“Also, we want to expand the program up to the tertiary education, we cannot only educate our kids up to year 12 and allow them to run around and do their own thing, which is what our system has been doing in the last 40 plus years,” O’Neill said on FM 100 Talk Back show on Thursday.

“So what we have to do is expand on it, and we have our team to look at some of the examples around the world, and we have come up with a new issue of establishing a ‘Government Endeavour Fund’.”

O’Neill side the fund will be independently managed and will be self-financing.

“If parents are unable to afford to send their kids to universities or technical colleges, their children can borrow the money themselves and will be interest free, and most flexible repayment term when they start working and earning income over their life time,” PM said.

“This means that they repay the original amount of money back to the fund and the fund will be able to educate future kids because the funds money are not been depleted.”

Loop PNG Charles Yapumi May 26, 2017 at 12.12 pm


O’Neill: Multi-million Kina TFF Policy has Improved Education and Should be Pushed to Greater Heights

*** Keep It, Don’t Kick It ***

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has challenged his critics to come up with a better policy on education.

He also announced plans for tertiary education help for financially-strapped students. The Prime Minister said his government’s education policy has been praised by a United Nations report and most people liked it.

Speaking at Keapara village, Central Province, last weekend, Mr O’Neill said that free education should be pushed to greater heights not kicked out as suggested by his critics without offering workable alternatives. Opposition Leader Don Polye has suggested that a government he leads would introduce a user pay policy in which parents would have to pay for their children’s education.

However, Mr O’Neill said that in the past five years the Government had taken great strides in improving its education.

“There are challenges there that we understand but instead of trying to get rid of free education policy they (the critics) should aspire to improve on it and not try to kick children out of school because their parents cannot afford to pay for it. That is the challenge we are committed to doing.”

The Government’s multi-million kina tuition fee free (TFF) policy has come under severe criticisms from all sectors of society mainly for slowness in delivery of money to schools accounts, and schools not getting their fair share of promised allocations.

Mr O’Neill said achieving and ensuring that every child attained some level of education had been the achievement and legacy the People’s National Congress-led Government wanted to remain in the country.

“This is why we have already tabled – a government fund that is with Cabinet to look at to allow for the repayment of funds made available to students after they leave tertiary education,” he announced.

“The human mind from one person to the next is different, not everyone has the same learning capacity as the next person. That does not mean everyone is unable to learn, that is why we have picked out this cases and ensured education is the cornerstone and it is not cheap but we must continue to give each and everyone education,” Mr O’Neill said.

“Papua New Guineans must stand up to a vision of every child in this country having a decent education.”

“We must have a meaningful life in the future.”

Post-Courier Miriam Zarriga May 22, 2017

Juffa Backs TFF, Says It Needs Improvement.


Leader of Peoples Movement for Change Party and Oro governor Gary Juffa says he supports free education, but this policy needs a review for improvement to match world education standards.

“I support the Tuition Fee Free (TFF) policy, but it needs significant improvement. It was never properly designed and never took into consideration the need for additional supporting infrastructure such as classrooms for additional children and additional teacher’s houses for additional teachers.”

Mr Juffa said the constant delays in the funding had caused much misery in learning for children and a general decline in quality of education.

“Our children are poorly educated and our teachers treated terribly.”

“PMFC shall improve on the TFF policy by conducting reviews and designing it to be world class in quality.

“Schools need science laboratories and e-libraries. Teachers need world-class training and a significant improvement in their welfare. They are very important aspect of nation building, and this government has totally forgotten them. We won’t,” Mr Juffa said.

He was responding to a challenge made by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to his critics to come up with a better policy on education.

Mr O’Neill has said in Keapara at the heads of departments meeting that free education should be pushed to greater heights and not kicked out as suggested by his critics.

The only other critic is Opposition Leader and THE Party leader Don Polye, who claimed that the free education policy under the current government was not working and wanted a subsidised scheme for parents to share some fees from primary to Grade 12, and government to pay for tertiary and higher education.

Graduates’ network to host election march

BY: Annette Kora

A tertiary graduates’ network in Port Moresby is organising a march to spread the word to PNG citizens to make wise decisions when voting in the elections.

This will be a first-of-its-kind event for the PNG Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship Graduates Network (PNG TSCFGN), Port Moresby Chapter.

Chairman of the Port Moresby Chapter, Conrad Kumul, said the main aim of the march is to emphasise the importance of this election, to educate and encourage the citizens not to just pray and stay away but take action by voting.

“It is also for the churches in the city to take a stand and to inform the general public to be patriotic and vote with a good, clear conscience.”

PNG TSCFGN will be hosting a press conference today at the PNG Bible Translation Association, located at Waigani, where the organising committee will officially announce the purpose of the of the White Shirt march that will take place on Saturday, 27th May, 2017.

“Our vision is to positively influence Papua New Guinea and beyond through an effective Christian professional network that strictly forbids politics and its association,” stated Kumul.

(Waigani, Port Moresby)

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