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Wereh: Road to be redesigned, reconstructed

October 20, 2017
Source: The National
WORKS Secretary David Wereh has clarified that the Chimbu section of the Highlands Highway, from Chuave to Munde at the border of Western Highlands, will be redesigned and reconstructed using advanced engineering technologies.
During a tour of the highway with Works Minister Michael Nali from Mount Hagen in the Western Highlands to Lae on Monday, Wereh highlighted that the Chimbu section was the worst part of the highway that experienced a lot of problems.
“This is the section that experiences a lot of problems of landslips and landslides; there are waterlogged areas that need advanced engineering designs and under the K3billion Asian Development Bank-funded project to rehabilitate the highway, we want to address these issues once and for all.
“Chimbu will be a separate section that will consume up to almost one third of the K3billion and we will be controlling water, far away from the roads, right up to the water sources.
“It will be a design and construction project to which advanced engineering technology will be applied to construct and once construction is completed, it will solve these issues of water coming onto the road and destroying the tar, creating potholes, the drainage, landslide or landslips will stop.
“We will do it properly and appropriately and I am appealing to the people of Chimbu to accept developments and stop unnecessary claims,” Wereh said.
He said Chimbu was renowned for claims and that practice must be stopped in order for change and developments to take place.
“I can say in the last Highlands Highway rehabilitation project, Chimbu has consumed and burned up a lot of money through claims for compensation.
“We need to stop that.” 

Review into rental market

Source: Loop PNG

By: Cedric Patjole


The Independent Consumer & Competition Commission (ICCC) will carry out a comprehensive review of the rental market in the country.


Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer, Charles Abel, said he has tasked the commission to carry out the review in a bid to fully understand the factors causing high rental costs.


Abel said while the government’s initiative to make housing more affordable though is First Home Ownership Scheme is still ongoing, there are still many who rely on rental accommodation.


Accompanied by his Vice Minister for Treasury, Win Daki, Abel visited the ICCC yesterday as part of a routine stopover at various government institutions.


During their visit, the Deputy Prime Minister, announced the inclusion of the rental markets review, among existing reviews the commission is undertaking.


Abel said the rental market may need intervention, however, that will be decided once the review is completed and presented to the government.


“Many of us rely on rental to put a roof over our heads and our families. And in a general sense we want to allow free market activity. But I think in selected areas maybe for interim arrangement we can come up with Government intervention.


“So in the first instance we have to have the correct facts and figures, and the ICCC I’ve asked the Commissioner to look at the rental markets starting in Port Moresby, and is it reasonable? Is the private sector imposing upon us and the citizens within the housing market rates that are at a fair profit margin? Or are they unfairly imposing rental costs on our citizens which transfer value unfairly to elements of the private sector,” he said.


Through his visit Abel also wanted to know about the status of the commission.


He also announced that his Vice Minister would directly be responsible for the affairs of the ICCC.


ICCC Commissioner and CEO, Paulus Ain, said once they receive the Terms of Reference from the Government they will begin the review.


The review will begin in Port Moresby.

Kerowagi To Have New Airstrip

October 18, 2017


Source: Post-Courier



The people of Kerowagi district in Chimbu Province will soon have access to a new airstrip after more than 70 years.

The last flight out of Kerowagi was in 1935 by an airplane run by the Lutheran Church.

Local MP and Vice Minister for Mining Bari Palma initiated the airstrip project as one of the major impact projects for the district.

“This project will become the major catalyst for the creation of a local based economy that will benefit the people in a big way.

“I’ve got bigger plans for the district. All I want is total cooperation from the landowners whose land will be affected by projects,” Mr Palma said.

“If we want more developments we need to free up land and allow contractors to mobilise their equipment and freely engage in the contracts awarded to them.” He said landownership issues have always remained a major hindrance to development.

The first phase of the 1.4km runway clearing has been completed last week and this week, the local contractor Kaiaworks Engineering Limited is into the second phase with gravelling and compacting.

Mr Palma said there are plans in place to open up the airstrip for both Simbu and neighboring Jiwaka provinces adding that would encourage business opportunities to thrive in the region.

“As part of my long term vision, I wish to open up Kerowagi as a central highlands economic hub by which the airstrip is seen as a focal point for all economic activities,” he said.

“There’s a MOU already in place with the Outback Aviation in Australia. The company will take Kerowaghi as its central area of business and further improvements will be done to the airstrip to make it reach the national standards to serve the people well.”

First Secretary David Dom and other support officers including Thomas Kela, Joseph Wamil and Kagl Kua said the project on the ground is within scope and well coordinated to meet the deadline requirements.

They said the people of Kerowaghi highly commended the MP for initiating such an impact project that will be of benefit to the general populace.

Meanwhile, the Kundiawa airport is currently not in use despite major rehabilitation work done by the National Airports Corporation (NAC).

Minister Calls On PMV Operators To Restore Services

Source: Post-Courier



Minister for Transport Wesly Nukudj is warning all PMV operators in NCD to refrain from going on strike or his department and the transport sector will take further action.

Mr Nukudj said the strike was unauthorised and all public motor vehicles (PMV’s) in the city are to know that this is going to be the first and last in the city.

Mr Nukudj urged all PMV bus owners and operators to continue their normal PMV services today, to provide the much needed service to the people.

He questioned that if there was an issue with only one bus, then what was the point for all the PMVs to go on strike.

“If the strike continues and people, especially students, continue to suffer from this unauthorised bus strike, then all PMV operators licenses will be removed, and I will make sure this will happen,” said Mr Nukudj.

“We have bigger events coming up such as the APEC and grade 12 national exams, and PMV services must be provided at all times.”

Meanwhile, Road Traffic Authority (RTA) chief executive officer Nelson Terema has also called on all PMV operators to refrain from the unauthorised bus strike.

Mr Terema said if there is an issue with PMV operators in the city, they must take the responsibility to report to the PMV Committee to properly address the matter raised.

“We have the PMV Board of Committees here to attend to any PMV issues in the city and immediately respond to because these issues need to be addressed as soon as possible,” Mr Terema said.

Mr Terema said the RTA is now carrying out studies focussed on the demand and supply of PMV services in the city. Therefore any PMV buses not carrying passengers will be tracked down for questioning. If you don’t want to operate PMV-bus services in the city then your PMV licences will be taken and given to other operators who are willing to provide quality services to the people,” Mr Terema said.

Meanwhile the authorities are calling on the PMV operators to meet with the PMV Board of Committees to address their issue and let normal services prevail for the benefit of everyone in the city.

Desalination awareness starts in Central

Source: Loop PNG

(Pictured is the plant installed in Manus)

Author: Sally Pokiton

Awareness and survey has started in the National Capital District and Central Province by the salt water desalination team from the Department of National Planning.


The awareness began after the formal handing over of the pilot project in three islands in Manus.


Fisherman Island outside Port Moresby was the first area visited by the team.


Hula village in Central Province was also visited on Friday.


National project coordinator, Tom Anayabere, said after the awareness program, the team will later prepare and test a portable desalination plant in the area as a formal technical demonstration.


Other areas that will be visited by the team include Ihu in Gulf Province, Milne Bay, Northern and Western provinces.


The First-Hoisting Ceremony for the Commencement of Construction Phase of the New Butuka School

A proud day indeed for the people of Moresby South as Construction phase begins at the New Butuka School.

This gift from the people of Shenzhen City, in the Peoples Republic of China is a ‘breath of fresh air’ for Kirakira, Joyce Bay, Sabama and surrounding area.

Butuka is a timely investment, especially along National Governments Education policy.
Facilities will include brand new classrooms to accommodate a total of 3000 students in both Elementary, Primary and Secondary, with high standard sports facilities, teachers apartments and amenities.

This huge investment by the the People’s Republic of China through Shenzhen City will impact the lives of so many children, who will in turn make a difference for themselves, their families, communities and the country as a whole.

Opportunities like this come once in a while, and I owe great gratitude to the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) and Governor Powes Parkop for the vote of confidence in ensuring that this investment was accorded to the people of Moresby South through Butuka.

China’s investment into Papua New Guinea, especially through Education and Health partnerships over the past years have come with great impact for our people, and for this we are grateful to the people of China.

Shenzhen Sez Construction and Development Group Co. Ltd in cooperation with China Construction Steel Structure Corp. Ltd are reputable construction specialists in China and around the world, and we look forward to the new school.

With a reputation that includes the successful construction of over 200 steel structured projects over 30 cities in China and throughout the world, there are high expectations for standards in Butuka.

The High standards and Technical requirements set for Butuka make this investment another monument of China-Papua New Guinea relationships.


Source: Hon. Justin Tkatchenko MP October 17, 2017 at 12.51pm

UN Launches a Plan for an Office Complex in the Government Precinct

A new office complex for the United Nations (UN) agencies in Papua New Guinea (PNG) will be built in Waigani within the National Government’s office precinct as a joint project between the UN and the Government of PNG.

Demonstrating its commitment, the Government of PNG has allocated land within the Waigani precinct, next to the Morauta Haus, to further strengthen the partnership between UN agencies and the Government, as the country works together to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the national development goals.

Last Thursday [October 5, 2017] at the proposed site, a ceremony was attended by the Chief Secretary and other Government officials as well as Heads of UN agencies to mark the plot where the UN Haus will be built.

During his visit to the country, the UN Assistant Secretary-General, the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) Assistant Administrator and Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific, Mr Haoliang Xu, thanked the Chief Secretary, Ambassador Isaac Lupari:

“Establishing a central location for all the UN agencies will have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the work of the UN in PNG. We are grateful to the Government of PNG for allocating this land for the UN Haus for UN agencies based in Papua New Guinea.”

The final design for the UN Haus is being drafted. It will be a modern office complex that will house the UN agencies and include features such as a:

o   Conference Centre (seating 150)

o   Catering and Dining Facilities

o   Meeting Rooms

o   Data and Media Centre

o   Supplies Storage

o   Emergency Operations Centre

Discussions for the UN Haus between the UN and the Government of PNG began in 2010 and its land was allocated in 2014. Construction is expected to be completed by the mid-2019.

Source: United Nations in Papua New Guinea October 5, 2017

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