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Dynamite Decapitates Fisherman

Imelda Wavik


​A man is dead, after his head was blown off in a freak dynamite accident last Saturday in Porebada, Central province.

According to Central police commander, Laimo Asi, the deceased was on a fishing trip with his friends when they set off illegal faulty dynamite, that didn’t explode on time.

The deceased decided to dive into the sea to check after a few minutes just as the dynamite went off; police reported that the body of the deceased drifted up minutes later, missing his head.

PPC Asi said this that while this is a sad situation it could have been avoided if the men had not resorted to illegal fishing.

Asi is saddened at the incident which caused the death of the man but urged the people to be mindful, and use the right and safe methods for fishing.

Snake Bite Awareness Vital

Post Courier Author 


St John Ambulance PNG is looking at focusing its emergency medical technician (EMT) and ambulance operator team training to deal with snakebites.

According to St John Ambulance PNGs’ chief staff officer, Matthew Cannon, the prevalence of snakebite related deaths in PNG is extremely high and warranted greater attention.

“On average, about three people in PNG die of snake bites everyday, which is equivalent to about 1000 a year. In Australia they only get one snake bite related death a year. That is equal to about 1000 times the snakebite related deaths for a population that is about 33 times smaller,” he said.

Statistics have indicated a higher occurrence of poisonous snake bites along the coastal regions of PNG, especially along the Papuan coast.

Gapi Mala, a 56 year-old from Kore village in Rigo was bitten by a death adder a month ago while working in his garden.

According to Mr Mala, he had not felt the bite, but realized something was wrong when he started coughing up blood.

The prompt actions of his family members who took him to Kwikila station hospital and then to Port Moresby general hospital saved his life.

According to Mr Cannon there needs to be awareness of how to deal with snakebites.

“We need to dispel some rumors; firstly, sucking the venom out of the bite wound doesn’t work and in some cases may even make things worse. Cutting the wound also and tying off the limbs to restrict blood flow doesn’t work.”

“The first thing you should always do is call an ambulance. After that, you need to put a compression bandage on the wound and try not to move the patient around as much as possible. This can increase blood flow, causing the venom to spread much faster through the body. If the patient starts experiencing nausea, vomiting or drooping eyelids, put them on their side to clear their airways,” he said.

Mr Cannon said it was important to identify the type of snake that bit you, as some snakes have a dry bite and are not venomous.

“It is helpful if you can take a photo of the snake to help identify it, but about 90 per cent of all snakebite cases we deal with are caused by the Papuan Taipan or Papuan Black. We deal with several snakebite cases in a week in Port Moresby.”

Lae death toll increases to 7

BY: Bustin Anzu

The death toll in Lae’s tragic road accident has risen to 7.

The latest victim died at the Angau Memorial Hospital after being admitted yesterday.

Six passengers, including two children, had died instantly after a 25-seater PMV bus plunged into a drain at Six-Mile yesterday afternoon.

He was reportedly one of the survivors who were thrown out of the bus before it nosedived into the drain. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries last night.

Eyewitnesses claimed the bus was travelling at high speed towards Nadzab when it came upon another vehicle in front. The driver tried to veer away from it when he lost control.

Residents have described it as one of the first nasty accidents along the newly built four-lane highway between Lae and Nine-Mile.

Police have already conducted an investigation into the incident, however, the crew is yet to be interviewed.

The other passengers are still nursing their injuries.

Meanwhile, a number of commuters have raised concern that the road has not been officially opened yet but accidents have already occurred.

“We have not done the grand opening of the multi-million kina highway but we have already had deaths along the highway and it’s very sad,” Marcus Gene, a Two-Mile resident, stated.


Jiwaka’s Domil People in Need of Relief Supplies after Being Hit by Hail Storm

 The people of Domil in Jiwaka Province need relief supplies after being hit by a hail storm last December.



Three people are currently receiving medical treatment at the hospital after being hit by a fallen tree.

The winter storm has injured five people and killed plants and frozen food crops.

 January 17, 2017

Oro accident victims to be buried


ALL post mortem on the 13 that perished in the Northern Province road accident last Monday have been completed and results are expected to be ready this week.

According to Popondetta Hospital CEO Dr Ganzee Gawin, the post mortem has been completed and the victims will be laid to rest tomorrow.


                                                                                                                                               Picture by Loop PNG

Dr Gawin said, of the 16 survivors that were hospitalised, six were discharged last week while 10 remain in the ward and are stable and doing well.

Last week, the general manager for Higaturu Oil Palm, Mike Jackson received a petition from families of the deceased who have demanded K50 million from the company for the recent road accident that claimed the 13 lives and 15 other accidents, allegedly caused by the company’s fruit trucks in the past.

Last Monday, a PMV from Timbeki and Barevaturu villages, travelling into Popondetta town collided into an oil palm fruit truck, belonging to Higaturu Oil Palm at East Ambogo. Of the 29 passengers on board, 13, including two children were killed and 16 survived. Provincial authorities claimed this has been the worst road accident in recent times.


Popondetta hospital update

HELP has come to the Popondetta General Hospital after 13 people lost their lives in what has been described as the province’s worst road accident.

As of Monday midnight, the Provincial Disaster Office and Swire Shipping came to the hospital’s aid with a freezer after the hospital morgue could not hold more than 12 extra bodies.


Photo courtesy of Loop News


The morgue’s current capacity is 12 but since the accident, the number of dead bodies rose over 20. “This will relieve our problems,“ hospital CEO Dr Ganzee Gawin said.

Also yesterday afternoon, the updated figure confirmed by the CEO was 29 passengers in the PMV that collided with  Higaturu Oil Palm fruit truck at Pekuma Corner, East Ambogo. Dr Gawin said the 16 survivors are stable and doing well.