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Former Inmates, Drug Addicts get Help for a New Start

Former marijuana addicts and former prison inmates in a village outside Mt Hagen city were recently given some assistance to start a new life.

The Kelua Drug and Crime Stoppers Association gave 26 of its members K1000 worth of materials each to help each one start a small business. Two received K2000 worth of trade store goods, nine were presented seedlings, fertilizers, pesticides and gardening tools worth K9000 and 15 received one box of chicks and seven bags of stock feed bags each to start poultry projects.
Association chairman Paul Kilt thanked local MP and Minister for State and Public Enterprises William Duma for giving K50,000 to the association early this year.
Kilt said that the association was formed nine years ago with the support of non-government organisations like the Melanesian Solidarity and the Catholic Church to minimise law and order issues in the area.

He said Kelua was known as “Sin City”.

Kilt said this had changed during the nine years when many, involved in criminal activities had quit their bad ways and were rehabilitated.

He said the association’s activities had helped cut down on criminal activities and smoking of marijuana, and restored peace and harmony in the community.

“We are now supporting the reformed drug addicts and criminals with K26,000 worth of materials.”

He said that after six months the youths will repay K500 to the association to help other members .

Those who repay K500 by March next year would be eligible for bigger funding to expand their projects or business activities but those who failed to repay would not be considered for future assistance, Kilt said.

The patron of the association, Robert Mek, said he was satisfied with the work of association so far.

He said the once no-go zone for outsiders was now becoming a peaceful place.

The National Newspaper August 23, 2017


Police Women Part of APEC Operations

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary Water Police has trained two policewomen to be part of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders’ Summit maritime security operations next year.

First Constable Michaelyne Dukur and Constable Mayble Mission are currently undergoing training and rehearsal along with their male counterparts.

These officers are being supervised by Australian Federal Police adviser Inspector Terence Deltion.

Inspector Deltion was the former commander of the Sydney Water Police during the 2017 APEC meeting Australia.

“Through the engagement of experienced officers from the AFP, we are able to acquire first-hand skills and techniques, and that gives us an appreciation of what APEC maritime security operations will require,” First Constable Dukur said.

The female officers have been attached with the water police for some years without specific maritime security training.

Through the APEC preparation training, they are now more confident of performing better in the field once dominated by their male colleagues.

The PNGC Water Police has already started routine patrols along the Motuan coast, including the proposed APEC house and cruise ship sites in Port Moresby.

They will continue to conduct training and rehearsals up until the APEC Leaders’ Summit in November next year.

Police Gets Support for APEC

​The PNG Water police is able and prepared for the coming APEC event says the Commissioner of Police Garry Baki.

This follows AUD 3 million (Australian Dollars) worth of facilities and equipment was handed over today at the water police HQ at Konedobu in the Nation’s capital.

COP Baki said this presentation is part of strengthening and preparing the Water police for the coming APEC summit.

He says because this event will see global leaders enter the country there is a need for an increase in security alertness and preparedness.

The equipment includes two boats, six jet skiis, two buoys, two vehicles and a warehouse to house the equipment.

Baki aslo reiterated that the presentation only strengthens the ongoing relationship between the AFP – Australian government and the RPNGC.

Present at the event was the commissioner, ACP operations Jim Andrews, ACP David Manning, representatives from the AFP and the Minister for Police Jelta Wong who officiated at the event.


Meantime, the commissioner pointed out that this boost in water policing will go a long way in addressing many of the issues that have been faced in the past, including water piracy and other crimes committed via sea.

LOOP PNG Imelda Wavik August 23, 2017 at 6.52 pm

MAF Offers Flight Training in PNG

The Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) will again offer flight training for Papua New Guineans.

With a ‘One Training Centre – Two Campuses’ approach, the two training campuses are Mount Hagen, Western Highlands and Mareeba, Queensland, Australia.


MAF is planning two intakes each year, with the opportunity for up to four PNG students to begin training at each intake.

Within two years, the MAF Training Centre (TC) aims to produce professional and competent pilots with relevant licenses, ratings and approximately 240 hours flying experience.

With over 65 years of experience in providing essential flight services to many of the most isolated communities in PNG, MAF’s training curriculum will provide a focus on safety and remote area operations as modelled by MAF.

With the two campuses’ integrated approach, students will get exposure to both the Australian and Papua New Guinean flying environments.

Each campus will work to a common curriculum, built on a competency-based training philosophy and compliant with the curriculum required by CASA PNG and CASA Australia.

Training will be delivered by experienced instructors with significant industry expertise and cross-cultural experience.

The Mareeba Campus will deliver the foundational training to student pilots – covering Private Pilot’s licence, Night Flying rating and Instrument Flight rating.

Students will attend the Mount Hagen Campus to apply newly developed flight skills and knowledge in the PNG context, developing planning and navigation expertise, and the right attitude for safe remote operations.

This part of the course will cover cross-country navigation, operations on non-paved airstrips, and competencies required for Commercial Pilot’s licence training.

Flight costs are subject to change and could increase if student progress is slower than average.

Typically, the total two-year training costs for students enrolling during 2017 comes to A$107,500 with students gaining 240 flight hours.

Prerequisites for entry include a Grade 12 high school (or higher) graduation certificate with “High Pass” marks in English, Maths and Physics, good physical and mental health.

LOOP PNG Freddy Mou August 22, 2017 at 12.33 pm


Police Commissioner Baki to Invite PM for Interview

Thursday August 10th, 2017

The Waigani National Court refused to entertain an application for an extension on the stay order on the warrant of arrest for the Prime Minister, Honourable Peter O’Neill on Tuesday this week.

Since then there has been numerous comments made by people from all facets of the PNG community, both in the mainstream as well as social media.

Most are asking what action the police will take and when.

As Commissioner of Police I welcome the decision of the court as it now paves the way for us to move forward on this matter.

Since the Court decision I have had consultations with my senior officers on the case. I want the people of Papua New Guinea to appreciate that this is a very sensitive and delicate matter involving the Prime Minister of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea. It comes during the formation of the government and amid election related clashes in at least three highland provinces which has left more than 10 people dead so far.

Against this background there is a need to thread carefully.

That being said, by way of background, a warrant of arrest was issued for Prime Minister O’Neill in 2014. A Judicial Review was sought on two grounds, that the Chief Magistrate when issuing the Warrant of Arrest acted without or in excess of her jurisdiction when no information was laid, and that the warrant also did not disclose an offence known in law and departs from elements of offence of official corruption prescribed by Section 87 of the Criminal Code.

However, the Court in its ruling on Tuesday rejected these grounds of review and dismissed the proceedings as an abuse of process.

The option now open in this matter is for the Commissioner of Police, myself, to invite the Prime Minister to come in for an interview. This is not a requirement by law but an existing and established protocol the Constabulary has engaged over the years for leaders and high profile people. After all, the premise is that everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and so leaders with standing in the society must be respectfully dealt with.

I have had an executive brief on the case made available to me by Director Fraud and Anti Corruption Chief Superintendent Mathew Damaru through Assistant Commissioner Crimes Victor Isouve.

It must be appreciated that actions on this investigation leading up to the issuance of the warrant of arrest were taken prior to my appointment as Police Commissioner. In fact I am the second Commissioner in office after the warrant of arrest was issued for the Prime Minister. However, neither myself, nor the previous Police Commissioner have been made privy to or have had an appreciation of the investigation.

I will now be engaging my Assistant Commissioner Crimes and Director Fraud and his team to assist me to fully appreciate the case after which I will invite the Prime Minister to come in for the interview.

Thank you.

Gari L. Baki, CBE, CStJ, DPS, QPM
Commissioner of Police
Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary

PM Respects National Court Decisions

Mathew Damaru, the director of the Office of the National Fraud and Anti- Corruption Directorate, said there is no time frame given for the arrest warrant order on O’Neill.

He said currently an invitation letter for the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to go in for questioning is being prepared and they will deliver the letter anytime soon.

Mr. Damaru said the Prime Minister will be formally invited for questioning first.

This follows Tuesday’s court ruling dismissing Police Commissioner Gari Baki’s judicial review application by the National Court.

Meantime, both NCD/Central Commander Sylvester Kalaut and NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi say the onus is now on the police Commissioner to execute the arrest warrant.

The urgent application to review on Tuesday’s decision was filed yesterday morning and Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia is expected to give a time and date for it to be heard.

An interim order will be sought immediately to prevent the execution of the arrest warrant until the appeal is determined.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill in a press statement yesterday afternoon said he respects the National Court’s decision.

O’Neill affirmed, he will appeal the court decision due to various inconsistencies with previous rulings and established precedence.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said he will exercise his legal right to appeal to a higher court.

“It is incumbent upon me to protect the integrity of the Office of the Prime Minister, and ensure that these allegations are properly tested in court.
“We must establish a clear set of legal precedents so that this dangerous political tactic cannot be used again in the future as a means to attempt to undermine future Governments.”

New Ministers and Ministerial Responsibilities 2017

The O’Neill-Abel Government Ministers and their responsible departments:

  1. Peter O’Neill – PM, NEC, Sports and APEC
  2. Charles Abel – DPM & Treasury
  3. Kevin Isifu – Inter-Government Relations
  4. James Marape – Finance & Rural Development
  5. Richard Maru – National Planning and Monitoring
  6. Elias Kapavore – Public Service
  7. Fabian Pok – Petroleum & Energy
  8. Wera Mori – Commerce & Industry
  9. John Pundari – Environment, Conservation & Climate Change
  10. Benny Allen – Agriculture & Livestock
  11. Wesley Nukundj – Transport
  12. Merrah Kipefa – Labour & Industrial Relations
  13.  Francis Maneke – Communication & Information Technology
  14. Soroi Eoe – Religion, Youth & Community Development
  15. Justin Tkatchenko – Lands & Physical Planing
  16. Sir Puka Temu – Health & HIV/AIDS
  17. Rimbink Pato – Foreign Affairs & Trade
  18. Nick Kuman – Education
  19. Pila Niningi – Higher Education, Science, Research & Technology
  20. Patrick Basa – Fisheries
  21. Jelta Wong – Police
  22. Roy Biyama – Correctional Services
  23. John Kaupa – Housing & Urbanization
  24. Emil Tammur – Culture & Tourism
  25. Fr. Simon Dumarinu – Bougainville Affairs
  26. Alfred Manase – Civil Aviation
  27. Johnson Tuke – Mining
  28. Davis Steven – Justice & Attorney General
  29. William Duma – Public Enterprise and State Investments
  30. Solan Mirisim – Defence
  31. Douglas Tumuriesa – Forestry
  32. Michael Nali – Works & Implementation
  33. Petrus Thomas – Immigration & Border Security 
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