Board approved correctly: MP

Minister for Provincial and Local Level Government (LLG) Kevin Isufu says correct processes were followed when the department approved the appointment of the Hides special purpose authority board.
Commenting on the claims by leaders from the PDL 7 area that board members were not representatives of landowners, Isufu said that the only way was to seek legal advice on the issue.
“My department is responsible for assisting and establishing and setting up of the board following their respective constitutions,” Isufu said.
“In line with the LLG Act, my department uses the Act in line with their constitution to set up landowner associations.
Team leader plant facilities and well-head owners of PDL 7, Paul Peter, said the board members were not the right ones, based in Port Moresby.
Peter called on Isufu to revoke the appointment of the board of directors and proper process be followed.

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