2017 Academic Year A Success

Source: Post-Courier


Education secretary Dr Uke Kombra says the 2017 academic year has ended successfully despite big challenges like the national election, economic tough times and students’ behaviour.

Dr Kombra said this when addressing the Grade 11 selectors meeting last week.

He pointed out some of the successes over the year and those include 42,000 teachers’ positions advertised in 2011 with results pending.

This year, saw a total of 2500 teacher graduates.

Dr Kombra said there were no reports of cheating during the examination.

This was the result of a tough stance by the Education Minister Nick Kuman to initiate an examination cheating review to the old system which implemented changes.

He said the completion of standard based curriculum this year will see printing of those curriculum (tool kits) for grade one, two and three and the teacher training for 2018.

“No parent wants to see their children fail,” he said.

“That is why the system will continue to address challenges in order to provide quality education for students.”

Photo Credit: The National Online

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