3rd November 2017

The acting Chief Migration Officer Solomon Kantha returned from Manus island yesterday(Wednesday,1st November) after a brief visit to the island province to see first hand the situation surrounding the movement of refugees from the regional processing centre.

The authorities have urged some 600 men at the processing centre to voluntarily move to the new location.

The PNG Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority have assured the residents full services including their safety at the new location, after some 600 men have refused to move to the new location in fear of their security and safety.

Solomon Kantha told NBC News, the new transit at Loreangau have necessary services such as water, electricity, food and medical services.


He said it is for their own security and safety to move immediately to the new locations as PNG Immigration will not be responsible for their well being at the old processing enter.

Mr Kantha said for those who wish to stay at Lombrum will subject themselves to a situation where they will not have any services. 


He said buses will be made available every day to transport those that want to move to the new locations. 

So far a few have expressed interest to move and PNG Immigration will make transportation available for them.

Anyone that leaves the Lombrum Naval Base will not be allowed to return. 

Kantha said, PNG ICSA is monitoring the situation closely.

Meantime, Minister for Immigration and Boarder Protection Petrus Thomas is expected to give a formal update and PNG standpoint regarding the relocation of the Regional Processing Center issues at hand anytime today.

-NBC News- Rose Amos-

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