Environmentally friendly means such as solar, hydro and geothermal may soon become the prime source of energy for the country’s power generation.

Newly appointed Minister for Communication, Information Technology & Energy, Sam Basil says the country’s geographical features provides great potential for this eco-friendly approach.

The three term parliamentarian has had experience in rolling out rural electrification projects in his electorate of Bulolo in the Morobe province.

This he hopes can be replicated throughout all districts in the country.

‘It is my intention to use that experience in rural electrification to address key issues in electricity,’ said Basil.

But while such a plan is in the pipeline for the Minister, a more pressing issue is on hand which he hopes to address soon.

The country currently does not have an Energy Policy to regulate the sector.

The Minister says he will open discussions with concerned statutory bodies to draw up the needed regulatory framework for the policy.

This country is long overdue for an Energy Policy to harness and maximise what we have, as well as what we need, from our development partners and investors,’ said Basil.

The innovative approach by the Minister, which will benefit the country in providing sufficient power generation, also meets the obligations set in the various international conventions that PNG is a part of.

The most recent being the Paris Agreement which was rectified by Parliament last year.
As a signatory to the convention the country has the responsibility to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions to help reduce the effects of global warming.

Such a green approach puts the country in good stead in meeting its international obligations and providing an effective service for the people.

With this great potential in the energy sector, Minister Basil says there are development partners that are ready to work with the state in achieving this target.

‘We have investors, development partners and expertise on standby to help us do this. The challenge is on us to harness all these, and other stakeholders, to work in a coordinated partnership approach to achieve this,’ said the Minister.

Source: Gregory Avira PNG TV October 24, 2017 at 12.02pm

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