Government supports Manus fish cannery

Source: Loop PNG

Author: Freddy Mou

The Government will support the proposed tuna cannery processing plant that will be built in Lorengau, Manus Province.

Minister for Fisheries, Patrick Basa, said the Government welcomed the idea which was raised in Parliament by Planning Minister, Richard Maru.



The question was raised by Manus Governor, Charlie Benjamin, during the last session of Parliament on what plan the Government have to sustain the economy of Manus after the closure of the Asylum processing center.


Maru in a response said the Government has plans and one of them is to establish a fish cannery that will employ more than a thousand people and bring revenue to the province.



Minister for Fisheries, Patrick Basa, when presenting a dividend of K60 million to the Government as dividend payment, said the Government is always having an open dialogue with coastal provinces in helping them with projects.



He added that the establishment of the fish cannery in Manus will boost the province and the country in terms of revenue generation.



However, Minister Maru, in the last session of parliament also called on the provincial Government to have plans to help their people rather than depending on the Government.


The Asylum processing center will be close effective as of October 31st 2017.

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