October 31st – Official Date for Manus Detention Centre to Stop Operating

Australian Prime Minister Michael Turnbull has commented that refugees in Manus will be removed lawfully by October 31st the official date for the detention to cease operation.

Mr. Turnbull said the Australian and Papua New Guinea Governments will work together to settle the refugees.

A first batch of 54 refugees from Manus were notified of their acceptance to the United States in September, with 24 already in the States, however hundreds remain in Manus.

The Australian Government said refugees refusing to leave will be forced to leave the shores of PNG to their country of origin.

The Australian Prime said the Federal Government has not categorically ruled out cutting off the water supply and sewerage to move detainees on.

Turnbull confirmed that the Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Service has already found alternative accommodation in Manus Province – the larger group of islands – for the detainees.

If they refuse to return, they will be forced to leave Papua New Guinea by the PNG government.

Source:  Jack Lapauve Jnr – EMTV Online

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