No Fees For NID Rollout: Adviser

There are no fees charged for the national identification (NID) services rollout in Morobe Province

This was revealed by Morobe province program adviser for Community Development Kiun Kimbing yesterday.

Mr Kimbing said as per the directives from National Civil and Identity Registry (NCIR), there wil be no fees charged or should be charged on clients wanting to access NID services.

“All NID applications, registrations and engagement of staff to provide NID services should be free,” he said.

He explained that for mobile kits registration to be conducted for a company or group, there should be an agreement established between those clients and the NCIR, which is then signed by NCIR registrar general and his officers in Port Moresby.

Based on the agreement, Mr. Kimbing said officers in the province will act on the directives given from the NCIR office.

“NID officers in the province are not supposed to go out doing group registration without approval from the NCIR,” he said.

Mr Kimbing urged clients who paid for NID services or witnessed an NID officer charging fees on clients, must report the officer involved to his office so they can deal with that officer concern.

He said all NID papers and processes are free.

“If you witness, experience or know any such officer, do report because that officer is already committing an offence without proper dialogue, agreement and discussion with his/her superiors,” Mr. Kimbing concludes.

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