Minister Calls On PMV Operators To Restore Services

Source: Post-Courier



Minister for Transport Wesly Nukudj is warning all PMV operators in NCD to refrain from going on strike or his department and the transport sector will take further action.

Mr Nukudj said the strike was unauthorised and all public motor vehicles (PMV’s) in the city are to know that this is going to be the first and last in the city.

Mr Nukudj urged all PMV bus owners and operators to continue their normal PMV services today, to provide the much needed service to the people.

He questioned that if there was an issue with only one bus, then what was the point for all the PMVs to go on strike.

“If the strike continues and people, especially students, continue to suffer from this unauthorised bus strike, then all PMV operators licenses will be removed, and I will make sure this will happen,” said Mr Nukudj.

“We have bigger events coming up such as the APEC and grade 12 national exams, and PMV services must be provided at all times.”

Meanwhile, Road Traffic Authority (RTA) chief executive officer Nelson Terema has also called on all PMV operators to refrain from the unauthorised bus strike.

Mr Terema said if there is an issue with PMV operators in the city, they must take the responsibility to report to the PMV Committee to properly address the matter raised.

“We have the PMV Board of Committees here to attend to any PMV issues in the city and immediately respond to because these issues need to be addressed as soon as possible,” Mr Terema said.

Mr Terema said the RTA is now carrying out studies focussed on the demand and supply of PMV services in the city. Therefore any PMV buses not carrying passengers will be tracked down for questioning. If you don’t want to operate PMV-bus services in the city then your PMV licences will be taken and given to other operators who are willing to provide quality services to the people,” Mr Terema said.

Meanwhile the authorities are calling on the PMV operators to meet with the PMV Board of Committees to address their issue and let normal services prevail for the benefit of everyone in the city.

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