Govt To Decide On Death Penalty Soon

THE Government is expected to make a decision soon on the death penalty while 12 people on death row continue to wait.
Justice Minister and Attorney-General Davis Steven said a decision would be made soon on the matter.
“I’ve got 12 people waiting to die. Do you think they are going to go away? I’m going to make a decision very shortly.
“The debate will continue. But as long as it’s law, somebody has got to enforce it,” he said.
He said the people would be given an opportunity to discuss the issue too.
Steven told The National that the previous government had allocated funds t

o ensure that all the different modes of execution and other issues were considered.
“Two things are clear. There is a death penalty imposed. And 12 of our citizens have been sentenced.
“They have been waiting while we have been meandering and creating all sorts of excuses.”

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