New System To Lift Performance


Personnel Management Secretary, John Kali has revealed plans to introduce a system which will allow the Government to better monitor the performance and productivity of all public servants.

Mr Kali said that such measures needed to be taken to address the chronic issues of productivity within the public service mechanism.
He said that public servants have become notorious in recent years, for receiving pay while not showing up for work.

Although requests for funding of the system have already been put forward by Mr Kali to the Department of Treasury, these have yet to be heeded.

“We are asking for some money from treasury and I’ve been asking for that for some time now. If they can give us K500,000, I will introduce this timing attendance system so people get paid for being at work.

And if people do not come to work, you’ve got the evidence right there to terminate them,” he said.

Mr Kali said that there was a need for stronger discipline in all departments of the public service, with emphasis on productivity and accountability.
“We need to impose strong discipline by public service leaders on those people who are unproductive. Those who are getting paid and who are not coming to work should be terminated on disciplinary grounds,” Mr Kali said.

“The system will monitor their performance as well as encourage people to come to work, because if they know that they’re only going to be paid for coming to work, they will come to work. At the moment, public servants are probably coming to work, but again we need supervision and leadership to make sure they are at the workplace.”

Mr Kali said the proposed system to monitor performance was part of an initiative to reduce excessive government expenditure on unproductive components of the public service.

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