Expat Woman To Be Deported


Just before Boroko District Court was served a motion of notice filed in National Court yesterday to restrain the deportation of a Malaysian woman, she was assaulted with her lawyer and taken to Bomana to await deportation.

Anita Ting Mee Siong who was charged for allegedly living illegally in the country and in possession of dangerous drugs and phonographic materials, was to stand trial yesterday at Boroko District Court, but the prosecutor was advised that her case was dismissed pending her deportation.

Song’s lawyer Paul Amaiu rushed to the National Court to file a motion notice to restrain the deportation but on returning to report to the district court was caught in the commotion.

Police and immigration officers converged on Siong and threw her in a waiting police vehicle that rushed away.

In the event of commotion that happened outside the precinct of the Boroko Court House, a Post-Courier reporter at the scene was assaulted by police.

Siong, 40, was charged for possession of dangerous drugs and pornographic items in December 10, 2016. She was also charged under the Immigrations laws for over staying her visa. Siong was slapped for possessing of dangerous drugs in August 2 and made an appearance at Boroko district court last August 24.

She also appeared before a different magistrate on August 24 to stand trial for the two charges relating to drugs and phonographic items. A letter of her deportation from the minister for Immigrations and Border Security was presented to the court and magistrate adjourned to yesterday for her lawyer to tell the court if the letter was fraudulent. The lawyer had disputed the authenticity of the letter.

On June 22, Waigani Grade Five Court dismissed the criminal case against Siong.



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