Provinces To Review Existing Disaster Management Systems

Imelda Wavik

​Participating provinces involved in the ‘Strengthening Disaster Risk Management in Papua New Guinea’ program will be assessing the existing Disaster Management (DRM) capacities.

This assessment will be to identify strengths, weakness, gaps and opportunities.

The assessment information will then be used to produce Capacity Development Plans for each province to assist in the use of available resources and focus on the areas where there are capacity challenges.

Each province involved will initiate development of their draft Disaster Management Plan, Standard Operating Procedures and a DRM Capacity Assessment.

There will also be follow up tasks that will be captured in an Action Plan, highlighting immediate, medium and long term priority matters to be addressed.

If this approach is successful in these pilot provinces, there is a potential to eventually expand the project to other regions in the country, in order to support other provinces improve their disaster management systems.

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