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Help PNG, a non-government organisation that concentrates on marine environmental conservation, protection and development, is undertaking a number of projects in Papua New Guinea to contribute to a cleaner environment.

Based in Port Moresby, Help PNG wants to develop marine resources but at the same time protect them from exploitation or damage.

Help PNG chief executive officer Frank Butler said one of the NGO projects will see old tyres being used to build a reef system.

“Our main focus is a rubber-reef project where we take used car tyres, clean them up and connect them together using a special system that we’ve developed and then place them in the ocean,” Mr Butler said.

“So we are talking about thousands of tyres which normally will go to landfill. But in this instance, they are going to go and create a rubber reef. Now that will be the structure that marine animals will use as a habitat and as a feeding ground.”

Mr Butler said the rubber-reef project is in development and “is not a done deal” as they are looking at ways on how best to attach, secure and deploy the contraption.

He added that the biggest challenge is getting enough funding for training of locals and implementation of the project and is urging organisations or companies to assist Help PNG. Mr Butler said when the rubber-reef project is properly developed; it will be piloted in Bootless Bay in Central Province.

Help PNG’s other programs include harbour clean up, proper and sustainable ways of disposing aluminum cans and plastic bags, education awareness on impacts of littering. “Part of the program is to teach people not to litter,” Mr Butler said. “When it comes to littering and cleaning rubbish, people think it is somebody else’s problem. So we have an issue with ownership and taking care of the environment.”

Mr Butler and staff from Help PNG, JICA and Conservation and Environment Protection Authority recently participated in a clean up at Tubusereia village in Central Province.

A clean up program is planned for Hanuabada village in NCD next month.

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