The Hela Provincial Health Authority Welcomes A New Professional Team To Tari

Post Courier Author 

The Hela Provincial Health Authority Board (PHA) appointed Dr James Kintwa as the Acting Chief Executive Officer recently.

PHA Board also welcomed Dr Anthony Wal as the Director of Curative Services and engaged seven new doctors with skills across a broad range of medicine.

Hela PHA Chairman Peter Botten said recently that PHA was relying on volunteer doctors to provide essential health services to a population of over 300,000 people and he is pleased with the progress of having a highly skilled team to develop PHA.

“It was only 18 months ago that we were facing a crisis where we had no executive team, no systems and only one government funded medical officer.

After a short period of time we now have a highly capable executive team, strong governance systems and seven doctors funded from within PNG government systems including two female doctors. This is a great outcome for the people of Hela,” Mr Botten said.

He thanked Dr Robert Paralu who was the lone doctor at Tari for many months until others arrived to provide much needed support.

He said commend Oil Search Foundation for working in partnership with PHA in providing good package in attracting professionals over to Hela.

The Hela PHA team is also determined to provide a positive and fun working environment so that people enjoy their work and have opportunities for social engagement.

Gynecologist Dr Lissing Hames said that it has been a privilege to work at the Hela Provincial Hospital where “there is a positive team based approach, great support and the opportunity to learn and develop new skills”.

The new acting CEO, Dr Kintwa brings a wealth of health and leadership experience to Hela. Previously the CEO of the Mt Hagen Hospital and of the Western Highlands PHA, Dr Kintwa understands the challenges and opportunities in delivering health services across an entire province and has the experience to further develop Hela’s newly created PHA.

Meanwhile there is challenge in Hela rural Health service due to lack of funding with PHA undertaking a rural health audit to determine the highest priorities for health services and will work with Government to improve the flow of funding.

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