Sir Peter Ipatas: I am supporting O’Neill because he is a good Prime Minister

Governor-elect for Enga Sir Peter Ipatas has defended Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and appealed to all the leaders who say he is corrupt to provide evidence and look at themselves.
Sir Peter said that Mr O’Neill was a people’s leader and a good leader, and he put up his hand to make sure he returns as the Prime Minister because of the attention Enga has received in the last five years compared to the last 15 years.
“You see, I want to stress that no leader is perfect. When leaders make statements criticising another leader, you must also know that you are a leader, you must assess yourself first, you are a human being, along the line you can make mistake. So when you look at a leader, when you want to elect them, especially the office of the Prime Minister, which is a very powerful position, you have to look at the big picture and look at the pros and cons of the person, and then make a judgement on whether he will continue to serve the office of the Prime Minister,” he said.
“There has been a slogan for PNC, Peter O’Neill being corrupt, to this date, even my students at the University of Papua New Guinea, my Engan students who went out in full force to say that this government is corrupt, PNC is corrupt, have never come with evidence.
“I will give you an example. Sir Mekere is in, and some people in the country say he is the one who can save the country. But I tell you, why they dethroned him in 2002. I was part of his team, I was a member of PDM and then a member of the PNGP. There we had a good Prime Minister, but the University of Papua New Guinea students started a propaganda that Mekere’s Government was going to sell land to the World Bank. Obviously we know that in Papua New Guinea our land is our land. But this was a propaganda at election time in 2001. And there and then in 2002, we lost that government.
“I want to appeal to all young MPs who have just won, you have to know the man to make a judgment. I made the sacrifice and I have an impeccable track record serving my people. I will not throw this away, clearly for somebody just for Peter O’Neill being the Prime Minister. He has delivered to Enga, he has delivered to the rest of Papua New Guinea, he has delivered to the national capital. What else do you want? When you got the right government things are happening.
“He may have some issues, but that’s when we need to work with the Prime Minister to solve these issues. The issue of trying to make him and to suggest that he is corrupt, you got to back it up with evidence. I want to remind Sir Mekere that he has to remember how he was removed as Prime Minister. I am still there. I am one of his loyal MPs, I supported him because he was the Prime Minister. Today I am supporting O’Neill because he is a good Prime Minister. ”

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