Tomuriesa: We Hope to Win our Seats and Come Back and Continue the Programs.

*** Tomuriesa Wishes his Fellow Candidates Well ***


Minister for Forest and Kiriwina-Goodenough MP Douglas Tomuriesa has extended his well wishes to candidates and incumbent Members of Parliaments as the country heads into the elections.

“This is the time of elections and I’d like to also take this opportunity to wish all other candidates and Ministers and Members of Parliament who are out there campaigning, the best,” he said on Monday.

Mr Tomuriesa said it is the hope for current parliamentarians to continue various development programs if they do retain their seats.

“We hope to win our seats and come back and continue the programs.

“But if we do not win our seats and come back, we would like to say that we’ve done what we have done and we can allow others to come and continue the programs that we have,” he said.


Post-Courier Annette Kora May 22, 2017 4.15 pm

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