National forum to provide avenue for children to speak

BY: Quintina Naime

The first ever Papua New Guinea National Children’s Forum will be held on November 30 in Port Moresby.

The forum will provide an avenue for children to air their views on issues affecting them.

It will be hosted by the Department for Community Development, Youth and Religion and will involve children from all 22 provinces.

Children in PNG are faced with many issues like violence and different forms of child abuse.

The forum is a time for children to speak out about how they think these issues can be addressed, says Minister for Community Development Delilah Gore.

This is in line with the Lukautim Pikinini Act Section 14 Sub Section F which calls for a Bi- Annual Forum for children to meet to discuss issues that affect them.

Gore said many times decision makers including the Government and partner agencies don’t listen to the children and their concerns.


“We don’t give chance to the children to speak for themselves so we’re looking forward to it because we want the children to come and tell us what they want for themselves.

“We need to listen to the children because we must include their voices when writing up laws that concern them.

“We must listen to children so that they can help us to make legislations and policies that can really benefit them,” she said.

Gore added that children have the right to speak, be educated and live a happy life.

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