During his speech at the National Research Institute, the PM touched on Public Housing. He added that the walkabout sawmill model was the best model to adopt in the districts and ward levels of the country to improve our people’s standard of living.

“I just visited a village called Pau village at the Morobe patrol post. Where the local leadership was able to use the forest, use the walkabout sawmill to build houses for the public service and houses for their communities”

“It can be done and it has been done throughout the country,” Mr O’Neil said.
He said K10,000 funding per ward would continue over the next budget cycle under the national budget.

Ward funding will go to;

  • Public Housing
  • maintaining elementary schools
  • maintaining local aid posts

Staff housing

“This is how we are funding our local and remote communities.”

“Public housing is something that is not only going to improve standard of living but also health of our people and education of our children.

It is going to ensure that we deliver the basic services that our people truly deserve”, The PM stated.

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