PM O’Neill Launches K23 Million Agro-Farming

Enga Province celebrated another milestone achievement with the opening of one of the largest Agro farming operations in Enga Province.

Prime Minister Hon. Peter O’Neill opened the K23 million Innovative Agri Industrial centre at Surinki that will supply 200 tonnes of fresh produce for the both the local and international market.

An elated Governor Sir Peter lpatas, said Engans were known to turn disadvantages into advantages through education where prominent Engans led in all sectors of the nation and soon in Agriculture also.

In what was an abandoned agriculture station, riddled with tribal fights, stands today a modern agriculture industrial centre, built under a Public Private Partnership with Innovative Agro Industry.

The IAI centre will become the nucleus agro farm that will engage hundreds of local growers throughout the province. Governor Ipatas said the Innovative Agri Industrial centre would supply the nation with quality potatoes, onions, carrots and a variety of strawberries that will also be exported to overseas markets.

Amongst the many farmers engaged by the IAI centre, twelve young men and women underwent extensive academic and practical training in Israel to provide extension services to farmers in their communities.

PM O’Neill officially opened the farm, and presented K5 million to the Governor from the national government and congratulated the Governor, the people of Surinki for delivering the project ahead of schedule despite numerous challenges.

The PM said that such ventures were part and parcel of the policies delivered by the O’Neill-Dion Government that create opportunities for Papua New Guineans in rural areas. Executive Chairman Illan Weiss of the IAI centre said the project also included the 9 mile farm outside Port Moresby, Koroba and Tari Piwa farms in Hela and the soon to build, llimo Dairy Farm in Central Province.

He also said the SHP IAI centre and the development of agriculture in East Sepik are part of the development plans for the agriculture sector in the country.

Friday April 14 2017

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