PM Hails Partnership

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says he is impressed with the partnership that James Cook University in Townsville has with the University of Papua New Guinea and other institutions in the country.

James Cook University is located in the suburb of Douglas, in a 386ha natural bush and parkland setting, 13km from the central business district of Townsville. O’Neill said he hoped the partnership would continue in the future.

“They (James Cook University) are starting to do another one at the University of Technology and the relationship that they have with the Institute of medical research up in Goroka,” O’Neill said.

“I was pleased with the way the university staff have been working with them (PNG institutions) for over 30 years in developing some of the most unique and ground breaking medical research globally.

“These are some things that we should be very proud of. This is an institution that Papua New Guineans are studying.”

O’Neill said he was fortunate to meet Papua New Guineans who were studying at the university. He told them that PNG had a bright future.

“I know many of you are going to graduate very soon and some of you will come back and join our workforce,” O’Neill said.

“Our country needs you. We cannot do it alone.”

A twinning project between the University of PNG and James Cook is aimed at building teaching capacity and supporting collaborative research capability in Australia, PNG and the Asia Pacific.

The project which started in July 2015 is funded by the Australian government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

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