FREE EDUCATION – Peter O’Neill’s Speech at National Research Institute – April 6, 2017

“Our government has taken a drastic decision to put funding where it matters most.”

He said the National Government put K5 billion into the communities over the last four years and achieved 90 percent of goals and visions signed and agreed to in the Alotau Accord.
He added that starting in 2018 education would be compulsory to all children in the country.

“We have never defaulted in repaying our loans despite our critics,” he said.

Mr O’Neill added that over the next 5 years it was paramount to maintain our education system.

“A better population is an educated population and we are going ensure TFF is maintained at the education level,” he said.

He said the PNC led government will continue to maintain a responsible debt level whilst continuing to pay our teachers, doctors and public servants.

SUB ZERO April 7, 2017 11.57 am

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