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Leo Dion nominates for ENB Regional

The Evergreen sleepy town of Kokopo in the East New Britain Province turned RED today!

Deputy Prime Minister and Governor for EastNew Britain today nominates and turned the streets RED with his Party PNC colours!

Hundreds of City Residents all turned up to show signs of support that they will bring him back for another term in the Parliament.




Highlands Highway rehabilitation continues

BY: Sally Pokiton

Local Communities in the Henganofi district of Eastern Highlands province have been called on to support the rehabilitation of the Highlands Highway in the district.

Police Minister and member for Henganofi Robert Atiafa said local participation is important in carrying out the project which will cost over K81 million.

The signing of the project took place in Port Moresby this morning at Government house, and will see the Highlands Highway section of the Henganofi district to Lampo undergo rehabilitation over the next two years.

The Asian Development Bank and the Government of PNG are partnering in the road rehabilitation project, at a total cost of K81, 691,247.

Works Secretary David Wereh said this is part of the government’s ongoing Highlands Core Road Network efforts in the 10 year Highlands Highway rehabilitation work under ADB and European Union funding.

He said since the inception of the 10 year program in 2007, and under first tranche of the project sealed the Mendi to Kandep road, and the Liagam-Pogera road.

Other projects on various sections of the highlands highway are still being carried out.

Deputy General Manager of China Wuyi Co Ltd, Ding Hong Liang said despite this being their first project in the country, they are ready and will work closely with the locals to deliver it on time.

No more Task Force Sweep team

BY: Sally Pokiton

Funding constraints over the past three years has seen Investigation body, Task Force Sweep withdraw its appeal in the Supreme Court today after a long court battle.

 A three-man Supreme Court bench this morning allowed the withdrawal of the appeal after leave was sought in the court by Sam Koim in his capacity as Chairman of the Investigation Task Force Sweep team.

This now means that the stay that was issued by the Supreme Court in February, allowing the work of the Task Force Sweep team to continue, while the Supreme Court deals with the appeal is discharged.

task force on hold

Koim asked the court this morning to allow him to withdraw the appeal which was filed challenging the decision of a Judicial Review in the National Court.

The Judicial Review on Dec 2,2016 upheld the NEC decision to disband the Task Force sweep in 2014 because the establishment of the Investigation Task Force Sweep team was as a result of an administrative NEC policy decision and the court has no jurisdiction to review an NEC decision.

Task Force Sweep has not received any funding since it was abolished on 18 June 2014 and Koim said although they maintained the office through the stay that was put in place by the courts, it was impossible for them to survive and sustain operations.

When asked by Loop PNG about the timing of the withdrawal of the appeal given nominations are on, Koim said he has no intentions to contest the elections.

“Its 24 hours before the nominations close, there’s nothing much we can do about it.

“We have made the decision to withdraw the proceeding for personal reasons, which does not include contesting the elections.

For now, the Task Force Sweep team is no longer in place until and unless the government decides.

Meanwhile retired judge, Graham Ellis is expected in the country this Friday, according to lawyer Tiffany Twivey in court today.

Retired Judge Ellis was appointed by NCE to head the new investigation body; Independent Commission Against Corruption.

It is a NEC decision and the bill for the establishment of ICAC is still before Parliament. It is yet to go for the third reading and the final vote.

PNG’s WTO Representation


PAPUA New Guinea is amongst other Pacific Island countries excluding Fiji and Solomon Islands to have permanent representation in the World Trade Organisation.
This was revealed by the Secretary for Trade Commerce and Industry John Andrias yesterday.

Mr Andrias said however some are still in the process of establishing representation with the WTO.

He said PNG made a conscious decision to join the WTO and be part of the Multilateral Trading System (MTS) because it believes that the system provides security and stability in trade for all its members even more so for the smallest and most vulnerable economies.

“We believe the system was developed with the purpose of promoting prosperity for all its members,” he stated.

Therefore, Mr Andrias said Fiji and Solomon islands have a permanent representation in Geneva to help them so they have a mission.

PNG is represented from its Brussels mission and due to the distance they are not there on a day to day basis to attend to all the negotiations taking place in Geneva.

“We have done some submissions over the last three years, we have NEC endorsement but to date we are still looking at ways to get a mission established in Geneva because Geneva is a strategic location where you have the UN missions like WTO, ILO there so it will not be a mistake to have a permanent representation in Geneva where we will be able to safe guard our interests and also to look at ways to get more benefits and developments.

The rest of us who are members of WTO, rely on Pacific Islands Secretariat through Madam Mere Falemaka to represent us,” he said.

Mr Andrias said there is a small dedicated team in Geneva that monitors all the negotiations on all areas including export or fisheries subsidies issues which were not discussed or on the table over the last 16 years.

“So for us as a country and a region that that is dependent on fisheries, we are to ensure that there are proper rules and policies for us.

“Our interest is to be accommodated so we have to be in there to ensure that our interest in terms of policies and development aspirations are
all captured in the export subsidy rules that will be negotiated and accepted by all members once everyone agrees to it,” he said.

Judiciary launches online case listings

BY: Sally Pokiton

Court users who don’t have access to emailed copies of the National and Supreme Court diary can now access that online on the PNG Judiciary website.

Chief Justice Sir Salamo has launched the online Case Docketing System (CDS) for Court Listings via the PNG Judiciary website and is encouraging court users to make use of the online listing services to improve on their case preparations and attendance in court.

He said online posting of the cases lists for both the National and Supreme Court is the first step the Judiciary is taking in introducing the e-filing which the Supreme Court will introduce later this year.


The PNG case list contains cases that are progressively listed before judges in both the National and Supreme Court for hearing on a daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly basis.

Basic and necessary information concerning each case such as parties, lawyers representing the parties, type of matter set down for hearing, the presiding judge, date, time and location of the hearing will be on the case list.

Sir Salamo said this is a step taken to modernise the judiciary’s case management system where technology is important in helping improving the efficiency of court case management systems.

“It’s a first time we done this by posting our case list online and we are quite pleased to achieve that,” he said.

“Posting of the case listings online is part of the court’s program to modernize the courts so that court services and court information are readily accessible to our court users.

“It gives us the opportunity also to build up our staff capacity and to train our staff to be able to make the necessary input of data and the technical requirements that go with it to be able to these products,” The Chief Justice added.

A third court, which is the Court of Appeals case listings will be included online too as and when the Appeal Court bill is passed by Parliament.

“We will upgrade the technical requirements and the data base so that the court of appeals can be included for its case listings,” Sir Salamo further added.

This Bill will see the Court of Appeals come between the National and Supreme Court. The third and final reading of the Bill was supposed to have gone through in the last sitting of Parliament however that was not done.  It remains on parliament’s list of unfinished business.



NAQIA Warns Of Tougher Panelities

THE National Agriculture Quarantine Inspection Authority has warned of tougher penalties when its regulations are amended.

The warning was sounded by NAQIA officials last Friday in Port Moresby when announcing the detention of a large quantity of powdered kava that had been shipped in from Fiji, bypassing import protocols.


The 11 cartons were impounded by NAQIA officials over a week ago at Jackson International Airport. A notice of detention was subsequently issued to a Port Moresby-based Fijian clothing company, Jacks.
NAQIA boss Joel Alu said the goods would be destroyed by incineration.
Investigations would be carried out as to how the goods were landed without following proper protocols.
“Under the existing laws they can be charged up to K4000.
“This is not the first time we have confiscated items.
“We have in the past impounded things like fresh poultry from the US, Indonesia’ even rice from China.
“Despite our surveillance efforts, people are still bringing stuff in illegally.
“This is concerning because it poses a biosecurity threat to our country but more importantly our local industry,” Mr Alu said.

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