Chinese assistance to PNG increases


THE Chinese interest and strong desire to engage in multi-million kina projects and partnerships within Papua New Guinea has increased.

PNG projects funded by the Chinese Government including loans for Port Moresby roads $102 million (K257m), National Broadband Network $67 million (K169m), National Identity Card register $63 million (K159m), Government Information Systems $60 million (K151m), Kokopo town sewage $28 million (K71m), and Pacific Marine Industrial Zone $14 million (K33m).


This is an achievement, satisfaction and legacy the outgoing Chinese Ambassador Li Ruiyou leaves PNG with.

Governor-General Bob Dadae yesterday bid him farewell. Mr Ruiyou has served as ambassador of China to PNG for the past three years.

Mr Dadae highlighted close economic and bilateral relations shared between PNG and China as well as increased trade and investment from China. Ambassador Ruiyou also shared and highlighted the achievements and partnership both governments have bilaterally and financially.

“Papua New Guinea appreciates the assistance the Chinese government provides towards the development aspirations of our nation not only through grants, soft loans and investments but, also through aid and education scholarships you provide for our students. “I also want to commend you for your personal involvement in representing China in PNG. Your presence, commitment and involvement contributed to the strengthening of relations between our two countries,” Mr Dadae said.

Mr Ruiyou said, he appreciated the support he received from the PNG government, leaders and officials and in particular the people he came into contact with during his travels throughout the country.

“It was a great pleasure working here and witnessing your progress in infrastructure development, increased standard of living and economic development. There was a lot of progress in the last few years.

The Chinese government attaches great importance to infrastructure development in PNG as you can see in the number of Chinese companies involved in building infrastructure here. PNG is a lovely country, rich in resources and nice ecosystem and there is potential for further co-operation between our countries,” he said.

The Chinese Government has provided the PNG with significant loans to construct roads and urban infrastructure in Port Moresby, to create a high-speed broadband network, and also to create a national identity card system.

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    I believe all this money has been taken as loan which has interests that accompanies it and none of this money is coming in as a free aid from the Chinese government. This is apart from number of loans worth billions of Kina owed the government to various banks, lending firms and government from various countries. It saddens me to say that, we are selling our country to them so that our children will be their slaves to repay the debts incurred to them by the current government.
    Just a food for thought.

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