Eu Primary School in Huon-Gulf Congratulated by PM O’Neill for Delivering Quality Education – Highlights success of TFF

The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, has commended the Eu Primary School in the Huon-Gulf District of Morobe Province, as another example of free schooling advancing local communities.

PM O’Neill had been invited by the school to see for himself how his government’s Tuition Fee Free (TFF) Education policy is having a positive impact on many remote schools in the district and Morobe province as a whole.

“I am very proud to be here today in your beautiful school,” the Prime Minister said when meeting with teachers and students at Eu Primary.

“I want to thank the headmaster and staff, and the board of management of the Eu Primary School for their work to implement the Governments Tuition Fee Free Education Policy.

“Our TFF policy is working and benefiting many remote schools like Eu in the our Huon-Gulf District here in Morobe province and the country as a whole’’, he said.

“Through our free education policy there are more than one million additional children in schools.

“These are children who never had a chance for an education before, but now they are in school.

“The policy takes the burden from parents to pay school fees who can use that money to meet the needs of their families.

“To the critics, the proof of the success of TFF is evident in schools all around our country, like EU Primary School in the Huon-Gulf.

“To the complainers who want to stop free education, come to schools like this one, and take a look with your own eyes.

“If you are against free education it means you are against expanding the education of girls, and are ignorant of the educational demands of our nation as it grows.

“When we have an educated population, there will be a bright future for our country.

“Our country will grow and develop will be faster because we will have educated people with skills and knowledge to contribute to our country’s development.

“No one should try to deny our children’s right to free education, and our Government will ensure free education continues.

“When our Government won the mandate of the people after the 2012 National Elections, we made our policies very clear and everyone throughout the country know that very well.

“Many know the work we have done in the last five years, and what we want to do in the next five years.

“In areas such as education, expanding universal healthcare, improving law and order and rebuilding infrastructure, we have made major commitments and our Government is delivering for our people.”

PNC Ialibu-Pangia Peter O’Neill March 20, 2017 10.45 am

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