Australia Vows to Help PNG Deliver APEC, says Tkatchenko

Minister for National Events, Sport and APEC, Justin Tkatchenko says the Australian government vows to make APEC in 2008 a success for PNG and for the region in the pacific.

Tkatchenko made this statement to Loop PNG at the recent annual Papua New Guinea-Australia 25th Ministerial Forum held in Madang Resort Hotel.

The Forum provides an avenue for on-going dialogue on current or emerging bilateral issue of mutual interests and also to maintain a strong and strategic partnership.Tkatchenko said, the Australian government has confirmed to fund the security and logistics prior to APEC in 2018.

“Australia will play a major role in assisting PNG in logistics, ensuring our international visitors and friends coming for the APEC are safe,” he said.

He said Australia will be liaising with other countries like the United States of America to ensure security facilities is ready before APEC next year.

He said Australia and PNG have a fantastic relationship in all aspects not only in security but other areas too.

“They also have a strong and dynamic relationship based on close historical, economic and geographic ties.”

Tkatchenko told Loop PNG that one of the agendas discussed in the forum was about Australian Aid and how it goes to the future and where it supports.

“We would like to see AusAid budgetary support in national budget and there must be proper acquittals and must be accounted for making sure these funds Australia give to PNG must meet its intended purpose to benefit PNG as a whole.

“The budgetary support will assist the programme that the government trying to achieve such as in health, education and other activities that comes under PNG government radar.”

Loop PNG Elliot Dawea March 18, 2017 10.56 am

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