Secretary Morola is APEC Labor & Social Protection Network Coordinator

Secretary Mary Morola, of the Department of Labour has now joined a group of elite Papua New Guineans to either co-chair or chair an APEC for a meeting. Mrs Morola’s participation and professionalism has been rewarded with her appointment as the APEC Human Resources Development Working Group – Labor and Social Protection Network (HRDWG-LSPN) Meeting Coordinator, thus, signaling a growth of substantive participation by Papua New Guineans since the announcement by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill during the APEC Leaders’ Summit in Bali, Indonesia in 2013.

Secretary Morola has indepth knowledge in this field and will give her insights which is a luxury for such a person to chair such a meeting.

Mrs Morola is the third female and the sixth Papua New Guinean to be appointment to such a role. She joins a very exclusive group of Papua New Guneans in the likes of Mr Clarence Hoot (APEC Investments Experts’ Group Convenor), Dr Billy Manoka (Chairmanship of the Friends of the Chair on Competition Policy), Mr Kila Gulo Viu (APEC Telecommunication working Group Deputy Convenor), Dr Ruth Turia (Experts Group on Illegal Logging and Associated Trade Chairperson) and Ms Alcinda Trawen (Deputy Lead Sherperd Tourism Working Group. This is another huge accomplishment for the PNG Policy Team.

Pictures and words by PNGAS 

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