Charles Abel Helps Complete 2nd Vital Provincial Road in Milne Bay

Good news for those in Milne Bay. The road connecting the Rabaraba coast to the rest of the Province has finally broken through. This has been an ongoing and challenging project undertaken by Minister Charles Abel several years ago.

The project had faced many large issues during its lifetime, including the very difficult terrain and months of terrible weather. Minister Abel explained to a member of our team that this is one of the most important developments he could bring to Milne Bay.

He took to Facebook to say, “Don’t know whether to laugh or cry.. when I think of the suffering of my people of Dawawa, Kakabai, Kanasi… Umanakaina, daga..”

He has previously made promises directly to those living in the remote villages this road will service, that he will personally ensure the project was completed in his term. The road will create massive new economic opportunities, as well as connecting people to a far higher standard of education and healthcare.

A commenter by the name of Benedict Jainona shared his thanks on the Minister’s post, “I can imagine the joy for many on the north coast, just like the feeling we had when Fife Bay was opened up a year ago. You have done it again member, for Rabaraba. Well done you know it that in doing so you have created opportunities for thousands. Many good stories will definitely follow as thousands take advantage of the road infrastructure you are putting in place now. The challenge now and into the future would be to maintain and upgrade these roads to make them become all weather roads

Last year Abel invited a member of the Breaking News team to visit Milne Bay with him. During this trip we were meant to accompany him in the first trip to Rabaraba using the road but several weeks of bad weather set the project back many months. It is fantastic to see that persistence saw this project through to completion.

Congratulations to the Minister and the people of Milne Bay. 

PNG Breaking News February 22, 2017 1.37 am

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