Telikom on Strike; 7 Days No Work

Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari and his Team arrived at Telikom HQ to receive the petition from Communication Workers Union and Telikom Staff, backed by Energy Workers Union Executives, PPL & Air Niugini Limited.

7 Days no work.

Further details will be updated soon.


Updates on the Telikom Strike: February 21, 2017 – The National Newspaper


The Government will look into a list of grievances submitted by a trade union representing Kumul Telikom employees, which includes the sacking of the board chairman and managing director.

Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari yesterday assured members of the PNG Communication Workers’ Union and Kumul Telikom staff in Port Moresby that their grievances addressed to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill would be looked into.

The petition included the termination of Kumul Telikom board chairman Mahesh Patel and managing director John Mangos.

Accompanying Lupari was Kumul Consolidated Holdings acting managing director Thomas Abe.

Lupari told the union members that he came on behalf of O’Neill who the petition was addressed to.

“As the chief secretary to the Government, it is only proper that I come and receive this petition,” he said.

“What I can say is that the acting managing director (Abe) and I will look into the issues you have raised and we will advise the Government accordingly.

“What I can assure you today (yesterday) is that the prime minister will look at the petition and give a feedback to the union and employees.”

Lupari said Telikom had an important mandate to provide services to the country.

“I commend you for your approach in delivering this petition and will convey it to the prime minister,” he said.

Lupari thanked the union for raising all matters with his office.

He thanked union president Nun Mamtirin and his executive for recognising issues in the telecommunications industry, particularly Telikom, and airing their grievances “in a proper way”.

“I commend you for this because this is the way to do things,” Lupari said.

“This is the way to do things in Papua New Guinea and within the law.”

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