Ngangan says First TFF Already paid

The first K75m tuition fee free (TFF) for term one for all government schools has been paid and should be in school accounts, Finance secretary Dr Ken Ngangan confirmed yesterday.

And the remaining K75 million will be paid in the middle of term one. The full K150 million should be paid by end of April.

There are more than 13,441 schools with 2.2 million students throughout the country that come under the TFF Policy and should have received their funding allocations.

Secretary Ngangan told Post-Courier yesterday the first K20 million of the TFF was released when the school year officially opened and the next K55 million was collected early this week and paid to schools.

“We have already paid K75m year mark for first half of term one this year which has already been rolled out to all the schools throughout the country,” Ngangan said.

“The next K75 million should be paid by mid of the term, the government is paying K150 million every term,” he said.

Early this week Education Minister Nick Kuman also released the payment of K75 million which was already rolled out to all schools in the country, warning school boards and managements not to charge any extra fees from parents and students.

“We have made a decision in December 2016 as part of the new policy on how we can structure the TFF into our school system,” Mr Kuman said.

“That gave us a lot of re-structure and now we have to make sure that all the money that has been paid to the school has been received,” he said.

“Despite the cash flow situation in the country, the TFF has been given the number one priority for the country with the 2017 academic year already in full swing,” the Minister said.

Post-Courier Online Gorethy Kenneth February 20, 2017 2.41 am

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