Public Should not be Misled – Governor Parkop Warns Against Morauta Early Campaigning – Released by the Office of the Governor, National Capital District, Hon. Powes Parkop MP

As Governor of NCD, I welcome anyone who wishes to contest for the NCD seat this coming election together with me. This is a great nation, free country and gives opportunity for all to serve their people in their mandated electorate.

As Governor and as a proud Papua New Guinean, I also would like to remind our people not to be misled by intending candidates especially those who have been in power before and have nothing to show and are coming back to contest for elections for self gains and self interest. One such person is an intending candidate and failed former Prime Minister and Member for North West, Sir Mekere Morauta.

His desperate attempt to come back to politics is purely based on self-interest, and has nothing to do with the best interest of the people of Port Moresby.

Coming back into politics is his desperate attempt to protect his position in the PNG Sustainable Development Ltd that has become his personal cash cow. This is also to level out his personal feud with the Prime Minister, after PM O’Neill took him to court to put an end to Sir Mekere’s corrupt operation of PNG Sustainable Development Ltd.

This is a man who has enjoyed all the powers and privileges at both administrative and political level but left behind no benefit for the people. As a former Prime Minister, Opposition Leader, Minister, Chairman of NCD, Member for North West for 15 years, he has had so many opportunities to make a difference, but he has nothing to show that was his legacy or his success in delivering a vision for his people to carry on after 15 years of being in public office.

His failures are staggering and almost unbelievable. During his time in Government, he passed a law that gave immunity from prosecution to BHP so they do not have to comply with the Court Orders that landowners of OK Tedi and Fly River had taken out against BHP and Ok Tedi Mining to dredge the two rivers of sedimentation from the mine.

This is the same man, during his time as Prime Minister, students at UPNG were shot dead by police following the protest against the land mobilisation program.

It is obvious to anyone who has lived long enough, especially his voters who put him in power that Sir Mekere Morauta had all the opportunity to do all the things that he wants to do if elected again. Now, how you do things, is how you do things. If you failed miserably in the past when you had the chance, how do you expect that it will be any different now?

Why should PNG and Port Moresby believe in him again? We gave him 15 years. 15 years. How many more years does he need and how much more power does he need to achieve what he claims he will do? He didn’t do it in 15 years in power, achieved nothing to show or shout, please be honest and think, how will he be able to do it in next 5 years?

NCD residents, I urge you to vote wisely. Please note that as far as Sir Mekere is concerned, you all have given him a chance and he failed to deliver. Now he is trying to use you all again to pursue his personal agenda. He has no plan, no ideas, care and concern for the people of NCD. We will all just be pawns to feed his greed to get into power for his own gains. #VoteWisely #ItsTime 

Prime Minister’s Office PNG February 15, 2017 7.41 pm

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