The Police Association of PNG, its Executives and its 3000 plus strong members nationwide strongly condemn Sir Mekere Morauta’s criticism of the current government not paying police personnel’s salaries on time (the national, 14/02/2017). We do not have such problem and are paid regularly every fortnight.

Our members prefer to maintain impartiality in their conduct, hence would not want to be used to promote such gibberish political propaganda in any circumstances.

The current government is adequately addressing all welfare and employment issues within the police force and these includes; the massive police modernization program funding in collaboration with the Australian Government worth millions of Kina, provision and funding for Life and Medical Insurance Cover worth K5million, consecutive and sustained pay rise for the police officers, funding of the public servants home ownership scheme which all police officers are eligible to participate, elevation and upgrade of Bomana Police College to the Centre of Excellence, re-establishment of the Joint Forces Academy in Lae and many others that critics like Sir Mekere have to step out of their comfort zones, travel to PNG and see for themselves.


In fact, the O’Neill and the Somare government had given more industrial awards worth millions of kina to all the public servants in the country than when Sir Mekere was the Prime Minister. We do not intend to politicize this but Sir Mekere’s current media outburst provokes the police personnel’s nightmares, when young UPNG students protested the unpopular land mobilization policy in 1996, these youths became so emotional when they learned that their birth right, customary land, was about to be sold off by Sir Mekere and therefore, confronted the police. Innocent student died.

Sir Mekere, as you have stated in the media, please enjoy your retirement, your re-appearance in the political scene won’t affect the phase of development that is being experienced throughout the country by all citizens under the current government. All eligible voters in this country have reached certain level of intellectual consciousness, thus they will clearly judge all the candidates, political parties and their leaders in the coming elections based on their performances, achievements in the past four years and standing in the society.

Do not use the workers in all sectors of the public service to gain political milestone. All police personnel and their families throughout the country have had enough of these planning rhetoric, academia criticism and analysis, economic text book literature used to measure and compare PNG Economy with other economies of the world, these bring nil to none tangible or radical economic benefits. Five solid years in office can be expedited worthlessly dreaming of a utopia that PNG will never become.

Our members have expressed their desire for radical, guided and sustained infrastructure development to drive the economy that will change the mindset of the all the citizens, embrace change in all aspects of their lives and eventually with such positive perspectives, there will be obvious reduction in crime, whereby police officers will work in harmony with the people.

Finally, police officers in NCD are very critical that in the past when Sir Mekere was an MP for Moresby North West, he was very hard to reach when he was holed up in his Ivory Towers at Touaguba hill. People in this electorate couldn’t have any opportunity for an audience with their MP to air their needs for services, etc. for the ten years he was in office. Therefore, it is incumbent for tangible developments taking place in the city under the O’Neill government. They want this trend of service delivery to continue for the next five to ten years, not for Port Moresby only but for the entire country.



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