Kuman Boasts Government’s Free Education Policy

The O’Neill/Dion Government’s Tuition Free Fee Policy (TFF) aims to promote sustainable education, says Education Minister Nick Kuman.

Minister Kuman explained on the Talk Back Show on FM 100 on Tuesday that the idea of the TFF Policy is for a better education for Papua New Guinea.

Kuman said the policy aims to deliver education to Papua New Guineans that is more compatible globally.

He said from the Alotau Accord, the Government aimed to at least look at the structure of education in the last 40 years and to see what can be done going forward.

He stressed that there were some deliberate policy decisions along the way after the formation of the Government in 2012 and that included the TFF policy.

The TFF policy is paying the school fees for all school aged children from elementary to grade 12.

“The policy gives the right to every school age child in the country to have accessibility to schools without any barrier at all.

“The policy is also aimed to relieve the parents off the burden of paying school fees,” Kuman said.

Kuman added that the Government has picked up over time and has seen some evidence of improvement within the delivery of education.

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