Blue Birth Certificates Outdated

The old blue birth certificates are already obsolete and cannot be used anymore, according to national registrar general Dickson Kiragi.

The current National Civil Registration System is phased out by the new PNG Civil and Identity Registration System.

Mr Kiragi said the new system is based on trustworthiness, completeness, timeliness and accuracy.

“It will ensure all individual citizens registering their identity and changes in civil status have proof of claim to identity and civil status,” he added.

Further, there is an appeal out again to all government agencies, private institution and all users of identity documents to refrain from accepting this old blue birth certificate.

The PNG NID office will be releasing updated statistics and database on the number of cards issued so far in the country.

Currently, the PNGNID registration was not only restricted to Port Moresby, but 12 other provincial registries that are operational which are Madang Morobe, Western Highlands, Eastern Highlands, Southern Highlands, Central, Northern, Milne Bay, Gulf, New Ireland and West New Britain.

Mr Kiragi said that all applicants who are lodging their blue birth certificate for any services are required to contact PNG CIR for their certificates to be replaced.

This issue has popped up after a refugee from the Manus regional processing centre Loghman Sawari travelled to Fiji using a PNG passport fraudulently acquired with falsified documents and a blue birth certificate.

Mr Kiragi said that following a ministerial circular advise in 2015 the issuing of old blue certificate was phased out in provinces connected to the new PNG Civil and Identity Registration System.

In the same advice, entities requiring their clients’ birth certificates were asked to advise their clients to re-register and obtain new birth certificate with NID card for adults and birth children up to 17 years old. Since then, a number of entities have implemented these requirements.

“The process of obtaining an identity document through the PNG CIRS system has significantly been improved since the launch of the system in 2015, making the old system NCRS obsolete,” Mr Kiragi said.

Post-Courier Online Gorethy Kenneth February 13, 2017, 1.58 am  

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